This was posted 4 years 4 months 11 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Telstra iPhone SE 32GB (Space Grey) - $399 @ Target/Officeworks/Harvey Norman


Update 14/9

Sold out at Target. Still available at Officeworks.
Available online or in store.
Free delivery or Click & Collect.

Possible price beat at Officeworks. Now $399 at Officeworks also

Buy Target e-Gift Cards at a 7.5% discount via RACQ

Update 18/9

$399 again @ Harvey Norman
Previous $399 deal @ Harvey Norman/Officeworks

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  • +7

    Wonder if they drop more after tomorrow

    • Probably, last ditch attempt at selling them at a normalish price

      • Android price?

    • Or what about next year?

    • What's happening tomorrow?

      • Well actually Wednesday here.

        Apple Special Event
        Join us here September 12 at 10 a.m. PDT to watch the keynote, the first-ever event at the Steve Jobs Theater.

        • +2

          They removed the headphone jack last time. What will they be brave and remove this time? The screen?

        • @syousef: It wont be too long until others do the same.

        • +1


          I'm still not going to cheer it on.

          There is a lot of stupid design out there lately. I'm getting damn cranky as I get older.

          Like the removal of the keypad on microwaves. I don't want to play the up down digits game just to warm some food.

          With a keypad:
          1 press = 1 minute
          4 press = anything up to 9 min 99 seconds
          5 press = any meal

          With a modern microwave, press and hold…oh crap gone too far, single press the other… Damn can't pick an exact time….oh well close enough…..oh look the food is cooked - I know because instead of beeping it's playing a tune that makes me want to throw the thing out the window.

        • @syousef: nah mate, they removed the home button xD

        • @HuskyActual:

          So you mean if you buy this thing, you can never go home? They took away my family!? Nooooo!!!!!! On the other hand those that don't like their spouses… haha

  • +2

    Under $400 for an iOS 11 (and likely iOS 12) capable device is pretty good.

    Even when the new iPhone gets announced there would still be a demand for the smaller form factor but with decent specs. If they were to put iPhone 7 internals inside an SE2 that would be even more amazing.

    • -5

      "decent specs"

      I guess you only mean compared to other iPhones.

      • +2

        And Alcatel's

        • +1

          Shots fired.

      • +1

        Compared with other smartphones can run apps smoothly regardless the brands or operating systems.

    • -2

      Why does a 640p screen require the internals of the current model? This is sub-HD. Even 2011 had 720p screens.

      • PowerVR GPU is just one part of iPhone internals. I'd say IP67 was most distinguished feature of 7.

        • The 7 processor can handle 1080p and 1536p. And whatever res the iPad Pro 12.9 uses. I'm sure a 6S can handle the games at 640p just fine. Wasn't that also used in iPads of its time?

        • @lostn:

          IP67 is internals of iPhone but nothing to do with CPU, GPU, screen or games.

    • +7

      So you want an iphone 6s+?

  • get ow to price match, bring it down further

  • -1

    This would have to be 3 years old by now?

    • +1

      Two-ish. Has the internals of a 6s.

    • +6

      Only came out 1.5 years ago (March 2016). It's a fantastic phone for those of us who like easy one handed use (like myself).
      Runs everything blazing fast still, runs current iOS and would be shocked if it didn't support the next iOS - it's running with the internals of an iPhone 6S after all.

      • +5

        Agreed. I bought one about a month ago after using the Apple 5 since Jan 2013. Very happy with it.

        • +3

          Same, can't believe the diff. Battery life is crazy good on this. I cant believe I almost bought a 7+, whew!
          BTW I respect everyone's needs are different, I need a phone to be a phone and a tablet to be a tablet. I also carry ipad pro 10.5.

      • Ah, for some reason I thought it was based on the 5s

        • They used the 5s shell with newer internals :P Cost saving = lower price point for the phone

        • SE is 5S shell with 6S internals but without 3D touch and bigger screen.

  • +1

    It also has amazing battery life

  • +1

    Beware - We had a problem where we tried to purchase 5 and there must have been a restriction on the number of devices you could order as the system sent us an order rejection. The system still charged us for the 5 devices, but didn't automatically return the funds. Target couldn't send an invoice as the order was cancelled. They couldn't send us a credit note for the same reason. It's been about 3 weeks now and we're still out about $2,500. We're going to have to take it up with the bank. Nowhere on the site does it mention a limit per customer.

    • +4

      Call me unsympathetic but serves you right for trying to buy commercial quantities of a sale item. Better luck next time though Broden…

      • +1

        He just got served a dish of cosmic justice.

        Except he paid $500 for each evn though it's $400.

        • It was when they were for sale @ $499.

      • +6

        There were no restrictions listed on the site. Why should I be penalised for taking advantage of a sale price? It's not like I'm reselling them on eBay for a jacked up price, they're being bought for use within a business while we wait for our telco to get their arses into gear so that we can buy phones through them properly.

      • +2

        I think your treating skegger a little unfairly. 500 isnt a great price and 5 isnt even that many. The five couldve been gifts for relatives etc (even though theyve listed their reason above).

        To say it serves them right is harsh as theyve come and tried to let others know of an issue with their purchase.

        • -4

          Woah! So many words being put in and around my mouth! Settle down :)

        • @jackary: I think you should read your original comment and you'll see that you put the words there yourself

        • @ENZA DENINO: Lol I know what I said, spare me

    • Thanks for the warning presented in good faith and the time taken to do so, and sorry for the negative comments.

  • Any reason to get this instead of a Mi A1?

    • +2

      Local support and warranty.

      Higher build quality.

      Faster updates.

      • -2

        Local support and warranty.

        Never used support or warranty for a mobile phone so not too worried.

        Higher build quality.

        Not sure what this one means.

        Faster updates.

        Android don't do fast updates?

        • +6

          Higher build quality.

          Not sure what this one means.

          It means better quality construction.

        • +1


          the better build quality and materials used feels nicer, lasts longer and looks better.. those are the reasons to get it over the mi A1

        • -2

          @hixx101: How could you possibly know that? You're just guessing or you have actual specifications that are different? Thought it was a pretty simple question…

    • -2

      The only reason is if you have to have IOS and you find a couple of weeks required to learn Android as too much trouble.

      • 'Learn android'

        It seems like you're presuming people choose their OS based on what they're able to use and not what they prefer

        You must have very little to be proud of if you're smug over being able to use a phone

        • You read far too much into my comment. Have a nice day.

    • If you don't want to be spied by a Chinese company but would like to be spied by apple instead. ;)

  • Telstra locked of course

    • Free unlock with Telstra chat, did it two weeks ago with the Officeworks deal. Fantastic phone.

      • Does it come with the $30 starter credit?

        • +3

          If you price match @ Officeworks you can get it for $379.05 + $30 Credit. Not a bad deal.

        • Note: Just received an SMS from Tel$tra that they are ending Google Play billing (for Long Life) by 13/09/2017 (non-inclusive). Essentially 11/09 and 12/09 are the last 2 days where you can use Tel$tra prepaid credit to pay for Google Play. I suspect Simplicity plan will have the same fate.

        • @netsurfer:

          Damn :(

          KNew the day had to change me eventually.

        • @netsurfer: Received an SMS also. Can confirm Google Play billing will also end on Simplicity at the same time.

      • +1

        Do you have to be a Telstra customer with current plan or they will just unlock it for anyone?

        • I'm not a Telstra customer, just straight up asked them (nicely) to unlock it. Took two attempts but they were quick and helpful. Just have IMEI ready. I got the $30 starter credit too.

        • Literally took 5 mins on online chat and unlocked.

    • I bought the Harvey Norman version of this a couple of weeks ago. Stated it was Telstra locked but it was unlocked straight out of the box. Used 24/7 chat and they said they have been unlocked starting since iPhone 5 onwards.

  • +2

    Perfect for a backup tinder/bumble profile

  • +3

    Switched from a 7 to an SE. No noticeable difference in responsiveness/loading times. Love the form factor. I've put the Mophie Juice Pack Plus on it, so battery lasts 3 days of light use and then some.

    • Did the exact same, couldn't be happier. Keeping this phone till it dies now and I don't worry so much about treating it rough in the workshop.

  • +1

    I wish SE was available in 256 GB.

  • +2

    I really hope one day Apple allows Australia to be on par with the US for iPhone pricing. They can get this phone for ~$175AUD from Best Buy. Classic Australia tax.

    • Australia tax sucks but i think that this price means you are locked to at&t and cannot unlock until you have used it with them for 6 months. All of the mobile phone prices that look really cheap generally are locked to carriers in US

    • Interesting.

      I don't really envy them though. With new phones that we get for "free" with plans, they normally have to pay $200 US up front.

  • Website also shows iPhone 6 32GB for $449 for those interested.

    • SE has more power, faster processor.
      6 has a bigger screen.

  • I got the same deal and got unlocked from Telstra. SE is a great phone.

  • -1

    I'm guessing it will be called iPhone X

  • Unlikely there'll be new SE2 coming 12-sep announcement from Apple..

  • Gah, got s Shopmonk one only a week ago for #379 :/

  • How much would you be paying for a similar samsung?

  • +1

    Target sold out instore and online.

  • After a long wait for a decent small Android phone (I owned an S5 Mini and Z3 Compacts) and with much trepidation, I just picked up one of these from Officeworks. I hope my journey to the Apple Garden will be pleasant and joyful :)

  • Is it locked as a prepaid one?

    • Mine was locked but I got it unlocked using Telstra chat, they were very helpful (and I'm not a Telstra mobile customer) and it took less than 5 mins.

      • Picked one up this morning and I unlocked mine on the Telstra website. Works fine with my Optus sim.

  • +1
  • +2

    Picked one up from Alexander officeworks today paid $379. They had 16 left.

    Plunked the imei into the telstra unlock site. tested with optus and telstra sims, didn't seem to be locked

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