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Nintendo Switch (Console Only) $380.15 Delivered @ EB Games eBay


Nintendo Switch deal is back but without any bonus game. I believe it's still a good deal.

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20/9: Back in Stock

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  • $375.20 with code exclu any post if any - Would put that in the description if you can.

  • I just wished it didn't take them so long to be delivered. Longer than it takes for some stuff to arrive from overseas.

  • Thx. 1st time post

  • I think I'll wait till these are down to $299

    • See you next year.

      • Bought one at $400 and not for a second have I regretted it :)

        • what games you playing? 2d indie games? Where are all the AAA titles? dont include games on other consoles.

        • @chingy213:

          Mario + Rabbids is pretty fun! Some of the party titles are good, however they are available on other formats.

          Mario Kart is a classic, and Zelda was good while it lasted.

          I don't play it everyday, however I've had it for about 3 months now and I've been quite content with the selection. However the selection is only just enough to keep you going until the next title.

          If you don't play with Friends locally/Multiplayer I could see it wearing out faster than not.

        • @chingy213:

          Can't answer for willyhitch and am not sure why games not exclusively on the switch should be excluded from a list of games being played on it.

          For me it's been BOTW, Snipperclips, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Arms, Splatoon 2, Mario + Rabbids.

          I also liked Shovel Knight Treasure Trove (available on other consoles).

          I am looking forward to FIFA 2K18, Skyrim, Odyssey and Xenoblade 2 for the rest of this year.

          I haven't finished the games I already have, so not sure I will get through the rest of the games at this rate.

        • Bought mine at midnight launch and no regret in the slightest.

        • Shadowing everyone else here about the positives but just wanted to point out the type of exclusive titles coming to the switch before the end of the year, Like Mario Odyssey (that is seriously setup to be one of the greats like mario 64) plus the new Yoshi platformer.. Nintendo has.. Nintendo built characters up its sleeve and to many gamers that's all they need.

        • +1 vote

          Got ours slightly cheaper than this deal with extras, solid buy. its console quality games .. mobile ^.^

        • @Kiminoth:

          I said dont include games on other consoles.

          So all you have for me a is Mario + Rabbids…

          The switch is by far the most over rated over hyped console to ever be released.

        • @chingy213:

          If you cannot afford one its all good, we understand. r u gud bro?

        • @chingy213: Congratulations on your misanthropy…meanwhile Switch sales are fantastic and everyone else is having a lot of fun. Whenever you want to leave that special corner, and jump in with us plebs, do, you might gasp have some fun!

      • Have fun playing skyrim (again) in the meantime

    • $81.15 to have fun now (or $0.75 per day until 2018).
      if you are getting one do it now.

      also the resell value shouldn't be too bad next year…

  • When will they port tropical freeze! it's such a shame so many people missed out on such an awesome game due to the wii u flop.

    • Wow, I have a Wii U and missed this.
      Now my weekend is sorted, cheers!

    • +1.

      I have it on the Wii U, brilliant game

      • hard as shit. i gave up.

        • keep trying. it's very satisfying to finish parts that get you stuck. practice on earlier levels. dkc returns frustrated me when I first tried it, I hadn't played a platformer for years and was out of practice. but I can play it to completion now.


      Find the devs and tell them!
      You be surprised how easy it is to influence what devs work on, if you just tell them what you actually like, instead of only giving neg feedback when you do feedback. I bitched to some industry frineds about Abes Odessy not being available anywhere anymore, not long later, it came out as a steam port.

  • Very promising news for the console that ID just announced Doom and Wolfenstein 2 will be coming to the switch.

  • I want the Odyssey bundle for $399

  • Still a good price. Mine is coming in tomorrow. We need that Gamesmen Zelda + MK8D combo again.

  • Any recommendations on case ? I bought the spigen screen protector- hope it will be good

    • Spigen or Tagg protector is great, have heard the Spigen is slightly better fit but very happy with my Tagg.

      Case wise the RDS Deluxe Travel Case is most peoples pick. I bit bulky but real protection. Comes with game cases and a little pouch that for me holds a screen cloth and the Joy Con straps. $25 from Big W

      • Can you play while it is in the case? Or do you need to take it out for it to be comfortable?

        • Take it out. There are some available online that are almost like a tablet case. ie, clip onto the back and flip over the front of the screen. But these don't give you any joy con protection.

          There is a thread on reddit if i can find it from someone who paired the case with joy con grips that gave some protection and also had game cart storage in them.

      • Look nice. Thanks will buy it

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    aaaaand its gone

  • just came back up here

    EDIT: gone again

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