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AmEx Offer: Spend $400 Get $120 Statement Credit @ Hilton Hotels & Resorts Australia & New Zealand


Save offer to Card, book directly with Hilton Portfolio Hotels and Resorts, spend $400 or more, in one or more transactions at hotel checkout for stays in Australia & New Zealand by 31/01/2018 to get a $120 credit. Limit of 50,000 Cards. Enjoy :)

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  • +14

    Suite deal :)

    • +6

      I can't wait hotel all my friends about it

      • +7

        I heard the staff are inn-experienced.

    • +11

      Do we really need to Resort to this?

      • +11

        Perhaps you should Lodge a complaint.

        • +7

          Did you talk to them? They should really try to Accommodate your needs.

    • +6

      I have reservations about staying at the Hilton

    • +2

      too much. not on board with this

      • +3

        perhaps Half Board, then?

      • +3

        exactly must retreat from here..

    • now stop over thinking the simple life with Hilton.

  • +1

    As of the end of July 2017, the Hilton South Wharf in Melbourne became a Pan Pacific so won't be eligible in case you're looking.

    • +1

      Cheers. I'll leave this one for other Amex users.

  • Already purchased a non-refundable booking :(

    • +8

      Reported to the mods.

    • +2

      You should still save the offer to your card and be eligible.

      I had booked Hilton last week, for a stay in mid-October, non refundable like you.

      However I have just checked my AMEX statement, and they have not yet debited my card. It looks like they take your card details as security only when you make the booking, but the debit to your card only happens after the stay.

      • What, so they will only charge your card when you stay, even though it's a non-refundable booking?

        I was thinking to book a non-refundable for stay in April.

        • +1

          They take your c/c details at the booking stage but do not actually debit your card at that time.

          If you fail to show up for your booking, then they will have the ability to debit your card anyway.

      • Try ringing the front desk. Check your booking is in the system. Ask them to debit it during the phone call. Have done this successfully last time this promotion was on.

  • Can I split the payment over three different platinum edge cards and get triple the cash back ?

    • +2

      Not if you book online. You can though do what I did last year and purchase one night per card and just make sure you spend some dinners etc to top it up to the $400 mark. This Hilton deal is harder to work with compared to last years one as it used to be $300 spend to get (I think) $100 back.
      Make sure you pay for your room service or hotel restaurant meals on checkout and it is there you can split the payments to top up your individual Amex cards to hit the $400 mark.

    • +3

      You should be promoted to Power User, wouldn't surprise me if the mods are talking about you right now.

      • That was his first comment too.

    • Yes. Just book a rate that isn't pay now. Then at checkout, split the payment accordingly. At the time of booking they'll take a card to hold the booking but it won't be charged until checkout. In-hotel dining etc is usually pretty poor value so weigh up if its worth topping up to $400 to trigger another cashback. Parking is another cost that may be considered.

      Last year was $300/$150, so this offer is not nearly as attractive.

  • -1

    Could this be combined with the Bookings.com cashback if you choose the book now, pay later option and pay for your stay at the hotel?

  • Since ANZ dropped its AMEX's I have been AMEXless. Which AMEX should I go?

    • +5

      I must say that this question has been asked a lot of times in other Amex offer posts. I think it kind of depends on your individual financial situation as well as preferences such as whether or not you value bonus points vs yearly fee or a combination of both.
      I think the Amex owned discovery type cards have been positively spruiked a lot but the deals seem to change ever other month so I would recommend you go to a site like Point Hacks to judge for yourself.
      As for BANK issued Amex cards, I like NAB right now as you can also get supplementary cards which have a different number on it. Westpac and ANZ use the same number.
      Whatever you decide, I suggest you do your own research to judge the best options for your unique circumstances. I have provided some broad strokes above but without much else to go on, that is all I can really suggest.

      • Thanks for the info and I'll check out the link

      • We use the Qantas Amex card. Works well if you love frequent flyer points. We're going to New Zealand from just our groceries and Amex offers.

  • +1

    Hopefully that Hilton 50% off Sale happens again soon. Last year I used that +Amex credit to stay a night in the South Melbourne top floor king suite for ~$200

    • Hopefully you had some good company and made it a night to remember!

    • hilton sth wharf is no longer sorry to say. only hilton in melb is a double tree on flinders st and it is very average. no exec lounge and rooms small.

  • I love a good TightEx deal ;)

  • Anyone receive their confirmation emails from Amex yet? I usually get it within a minute of registration but nothing so far.

  • Here's hoping they provide one for the Marriott.

  • +1

    I got this deal and the Langham deal last year. I, like many others, just went in and got vouchers which then allows you to buy something whoever you want. Plus, I even got to split the Langham vouchers I half to use across an afternoon tea visit and then a massage for my wife on different dates.

    • Does Hilton sells giftcards and can you use those giftcards to pay for hotels overseas?

  • -1

    Hilton is hardly a bargain. to spend 400 you would have one ridiculously expensive night or 2 nights at 300 plus. no thanks. much better hotels around these days.

  • Will this work for buying Hilton Honors Points?

    • no. as points are processed by 3rd party and not hilton

  • Just booked on this one :) Excited!

  • +1

    Need advice - under the terms and agreements it says that it excludes 'prepaid online bookings.'

    Are the 'advance purchase' option the so-called 'non-refundable' stays where you pay at check out or do you pay online then and there?

    To sum up - can I take advantage of the 'ADVANCE PURCHASE' with this cashback deal?

    • Wondering the same

    • Anyone knows the answer to this?

    • I had a chat with Hilton rep, she confirmed advance purchase usually the cheapest rate, which is why I am interested, has to charged to your card upon booking. In theory, this means it's not eligible. Unless someone tried it and got the cash back still?

    • Hi mate, have you got the answer?

  • I made a booking on Sunday.
    Realized funds had been deducted from my Amex on Tuesday.
    I booked the same hotel and room again (not advance payment this time; but with free cancellation)
    Phoned up today (Wednesday) and they were not able to do a refund.
    Got transferred 4 times to 4 different people.
    In the end, I settled having them agree to a full refund direct to my credit card upon checkout.

  • For this deal, can you book consecutive nights at the same hotel through different amex cards, and combine the bookings? Anyone tried this?

    • Why not make the same booking with free cancelation and split the card payments on check out/in

  • Does anyone know which Hilton Hotels in Melbourne (part of the Hilton Portfolio Hotels and Resorts) we can use this deal on?

  • I am planning to stay at Hilton in cairns from 3-rd - 7th feb. I called Hilton today and they are offering me a good rate (above $400) only if I pay today. Considering this deal doesn't end till 31/01, would I still be eligible for the $120 amex offer?

    • Yes you should get the credit, I am pretty sure it is the payment date not the date you are staying at Hilton. Btw I am planning to stay at Hilton Cairns during the Australia Day weekend.

      • Good one, will catch-up for a beer or two if you are still around on 3rd, otherwise I will have a drink for this deal at Hilton in Cairns :)

        • Hey dk69 - did your cashback come through successfully?

        • @kcbworth:

          Yo man, took 3-4 days though.

  • I will be at Cairns from 25/01/18 till 29/01/18 or else will be good to catch up.

  • +1

    Prepaid through Amex and I have received a confirmation email from Amex acknowledging the sale, so hopefully $120 is not far away :)

    • Any update on this? I have a stay I'd like to make just after the cutoff date but if the cashback is processed immediately if prepaid online this could still be a winner

      • Money received, had to prepay :)

        • Prepaid via american express travel, or called up hotel and prepaid?

        • +1

          Called up the hotel and gave the CC details over the phone. As it was a prepaid deal, the money got deducted by Hilton so I got $120 reverted back to my CC after 3-4 days.

    • Great thinking! I did the same and am hopeful I will get the same outcome as dK69

  • Anyone know if $120 is paid for hilton outside of Australia and new zealand?

  • Help: I need to make a $110 purchase to get the $120 back today or tomorrow. Any suggestions?

    • Book a night in the future but pay straight away?
      If you are in Sydney you could pop into the restaurant and enjoy a nice meal there or join that gym there?

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