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TPG Naked ADSL2+ - Unlimited Plan for $69.99 Per Month


New Naked Plan released very recently - finally an unlimited Naked Service from tpg

I emailed them last week and the said no plans were in the pipeline only to check this morning and the plan is available

30 mins later i have now been swapped to new unlimited plan

Naked ADSL2+ Plans
6 Month Contract - Setup $129.95
18 Month Contract - Setup $79.95

Not all exchanges are available, but online home phone validation will outline whether its is or not

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    um.. why would you get that when you can get this for $10 less?

    ADSL2+ Unlimited 24x7 $29.99
    TPG Home Phone Line Rental $30
    Total Monthly Charge: $59.99

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      Some people prefer to be Naked…

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        Apparel, eh? :)

    • I second the question, I am looking into signing up with TPG today and am currently deciding between the two?
      Do I get better internet speeds/quality by not having the interference of a phone?

      • I would not sign up with TPG phone.
        When you sign the contract you agree to waive the service guarantee on the phone line so if your phone stops working for a while you can not do anything about it.

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          Yeah, but if it is cheaper than naked and I don't intend to actually use the phone, I can't see any reason not to choose Phone + ADSL2+ over Naked.

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          If you dont want the phone then ignore what i said (I am sure that TPG home phone is not that bad but i just do not like the idea of waiving the service guarantee)

          I think the only difference is on naked you do not need any line filters for the connected phones.
          If you went with TPG home phone you would need to buy/use line filters for any phone connected.

        • That's a good warning, thanks for that as I wasn't aware of this. I'm intending to sign up with them soon.. but surely they can't just say "Your home phone's not working? Not my problem, see ya later!"

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          Yeah, it's a good point. Didn't really think that a company like TPG will put such conditions on their T&Cs.

          As a service provider, if you are waiving your service guarantee, what does that makes you? o_O
          Kind of like saying: We have this computer for sale, buy it. But we don't care if it is working or not.

    • If you already are on Naked ADSL2+, will there be less downtime and startup fees with Naked ADSL2+ from TPG (compared to bundle phone/internet plans)?

  • just a question. what's the difference between "naked" and "off-net" that tpg offers?

    • Naked has no phone service so you cannot use your phone line to make any calls.

      Off net uses telstra equipment (not TPG equipment) to provide ADSL service.
      Off net is not naked.

  • Exactly… and therefore Off-Net plans will require you to pay a line rental fee to someone.

    The reason Naked is offered is because as I understand it, some exchanges are not "Home Phone" enabled, so your only choice is to go Naked.

    That being said if you can get home phone, why not get it and pay $10 less.

    • I've never heard of that being the case. I always thought it was for people who do not want a phone line, and do not want to pay line rental.

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    The previous post with $59.99 pretty much covers anything

    besides you can get a line rental + unlimited ADSL 2 for $69.99

    so not that much of a bargain & I'd say it's almost a dupe post :P

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      I guess this guy is one of the Australians that can't read?

  • Still a good option to upgrade for those already on TPG naked plans I suppose?
    Cancelling the current naked plan then sign up again for the cheaper bundled one is just too much pain.