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Kapture KPT-850 in-Car Discreet Dash Cam with Wi-Fi & Super Capacitor $99 JB Hi-Fi Was $248


Was looking at the Kapture 820 for $99 then i noticed this had been changed to the same price, i think it is a mistake, but i have already ordered mine. So get in while the getting is good.

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    Thought it was expired, but looks like jbhifi doesn't allow access from overseas. How stupid. I so much of my shopping while on holiday.

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  • 152 is not that wide.. I have a blackvue and 170 wide :)

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      What model? I have the DR650S-2CH and both front and rear is 129 wide. So much for a $500 dash cam lol

      • Mine is just over 2 Years old, while they are expensive unit's they are good to have =)

        I have mine hard wired so it records while parking which is great, and being 2 channel I get front and rear

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          I have the same setup, records 24hrs with the powermagic pro kit. Hotspot feature is great too, worth every dollar :)

        • @koalafied: How much did you endup paying for BlackVue 2 Ch one and from where? I am looking for one too but still couldn't find a good price.

        • @rmamila: I paid $499 for my kit, however plenty of eBay deals be on the look out :)

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          I paid $533.25 from Automotive Superstore. Coupon was expired a long time ago but still worked at time of purchase. Came with front/rear cam (64gb) and powermagic pro.

          Installation was $50 (per cam) $100 for both through Sound Pro Installations in Keysborough VIC. Took a bit over an hour to install but no hanging cables, nice discreet camera overall.

          No issues so far with both cams -knock on wood-

          Only issue was that the courier or AusPost dropped the package on my doorstep instead of ringing doorbell, if I wasn't home $500 would have gone down the drain. Surprised signature on delivery wasn't offered for a product of such price.

        • @koalafied: Thanks for the information. I can see in Amazon with good price but they don't deliver here. Will keep an eye on ebay deals. Waiting till it drops to $500 with power magic pro + SD card.

      • Did your blackvue overheat and blur out under the sun? I’m so pissed with mine.

        • nope, but if yours is speak with the blackbox guys they replaced mine when I had it restarting randomly :)

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          One of the car shop mods in my area (Carbon Car Systems) stopped supplying and installing Blackvue for this very reason. High failure rate in hot temps.

        • @ntb Mine used to do that and after changing the SD card to a slower one which the unit could keep up with has helped it stop overheating.

          Good read here link, and which SD cards to get. I got the lexar 300x one and works perfectly.

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      too wide gives it a fish-eye effect too. It has its + & -

      • eek it's actually 129 wide! Got that majorly wrong =p DR650 2-CH

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    here is some sample footage tho https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RN3uwHkjG5E

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      can't really see most of the numberplates….

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        Yep, the bitrate looks to be too low to get the detail reqiured.

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          probably should give this one a miss then

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          Yep, something many overlook. 1080P, 720P, 4K, 576i, whatever, it means nothing if the bitrate is too low.

        • Looks fine for capturing cool stuff for live leak though.

        • @snuke:

          what's the best on the market atm?

        • @quappz:

          Stuffed if I know.

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      Same car, daylight footage. Still can't see most of the numbers. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7XmoUVqE3NE

      • on the raw footage from mine i can see plates pretty clear across multiple lanes - much better than the YT footage, often involves a hit of the pause button to grab some of them, but you can certainly make most out pretty easily.

        • If you have to go back to raw that isn't that good quality. How are you supposed to email that to your insurance company

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        • @asa79: remember we're talking cameras here that at most are a few hundred bucks, not recording a hollywood movie. Hit pause at the right time during playback and you can identify plates without too much fuss to identify without a problem, that's all an insurance company will need if you are trying to get a plate, any other regular accident footage doesn't need to be blu-ray quality to make out what happened.

      • This guy drives like a grandma

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      Important part in description:

      Note that quality is lost when converting for YouTube. Best viewed in 1080p.

      These videos uploaded to YT are to show a basic sample of quality, not to investigate a car collision etc.

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      Videos uploaded to youtube always look crappy. The specs on this make it a steal for $99 imho (and I have the blackvue 650)

    • night footage seems okay. But day footage is terrible.

  • The KPT-900 which they sold for $137 a while ago is a better deal for a little bit extra IMO. It has parking mode, lane departure and a few other features. Parking mode is a great thing to have on a dash cam.

    • but KPT-900 RRP is $299

      KPT-850 RRP is $249

      KPT-850 higher % discount from RRP, "feel" more of a bargain.

    • Is parking mode the fact that it keeps running even after you park? If so is it always on or triggered in some way like motion, sound, vibration? And if so does it cut out when it detects your car battery might be getting low? Thanks all

      • Sorry just found answers to this and more here: http://www.dashcamownersaus.com.au/buying/buying-guides/park...

        In summary, yes that is parking mode, yes can be triggered in a number of ways, yes it can cut out if battery power dips. There are a few caveats worth reading at the link, including need to hardware in some cases.

  • Just bought 2 of these.
    Thanks OP, great find!
    I notice that the KPT-850 and KPT-820 are the same price from JB Hi-Fi.
    Make sure you get the right one!

    • I initially thought it was the 820 which has been on their landing page for a few days
      I ended up getting a delivery of a Viofo A119S today but it was between that and the 820 at the time.

      Good thing about the Kapture is it can take the extreme heat (or so they say)

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    Bugger just got a A119 from the ebay sales…

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      x2 but i think the A119 has the edge with parking mode if directly wired (Unless this does the same ??)

    • I did too! The A119 records at 1440p vs this at 1080 so there is 1 more upside

  • It requires a data connection to connect to the smart phone or Bluetooth??

    • cant see any mention of B/tooth on their website


      Once you have downloaded the KPT-850 app onto your smartphone, you will be
      ready to connect to your KPT-850 via a WiFi connection. A WiFi connection from
      your barrel camera and your mobile phone must be established first to access
      media from the barrel camera.
      1. To connect to your KPT-850, power up the device with it plugged into your
      vehicles power and your vehicles accessory power on.
      2. Wait for approx. 30 seconds for the KPT-850 to start up and go into your
      smartphones WiFi setting.
      3. Once in your phones WiFi settings, connect to the KPT-850’s WiFi SSID titled
      KPT850-xxxxx (Refer to FIG 2.9.2)
      4. Use the password 12345678 then press connect. (Refer to FIG 2.9.3)
      5. Wait for the phone to connect to the Barrel camera, a successful connection is
      established when connected is seen on the KPT850-xxxxx’s SSID (Refer to FIG
      6. Once connected, open the KPT-850 App.

  • no free shipping ?

  • Thanks Op, just ordered one.

  • Anyone know if can use this with power magic pro

    • The output of power magic pro is a 12v cigarette port so yes you can use most car accessories with it.

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    Would anyone consider this an upgrade to a functional G1WC in terms of day/night recording quality?

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      I really doubt it. Local stock you are generally looking at $300+ for the same quality.

  • Any good at night? hows it compare to the a119s

    • after watching the footage above, night seems good, but day is no where near.

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    I actually posted the last deal for the 820. To be honest, I prefer the 820, it supports memory up to 64GB instead of 32GB, has exactly the same specs, except for the GPS playback.

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      Agree. Although this 850 represents a greater saving (thanks OP for posting), for me personally, GPS is unnecessary and little more than a novelty (except for time update, maybe) and is just another dongle that has to be stuck on the windscreen, also, imho parking mode is almost useless in many cases, unless the culprit drives directly in front of you and gets out and waves at the cam…still doesn't prove anything without a witness.
      Hopefully the 820 now gets an extra price drop :).

  • difference between 820 and 850?

    • Just look one post above

    • At least make an effort to look first instead of just asking

      From the official site - http://www.kapturecam.com.au/in-car-dash-cameras.html?limit=...

      Kapture KPT-850 Discreet Dash Cam 1080P with GPS Wifi & Super Capacitor

      The Kapture KPT-850 kaptures every detail of your journey including your speed and location using the built in GPS. The KPT-850 Kaptures 1080P full high definition footage through its 152° ultra-wide angle lens giving you razor sharp footage. The KPT-850 app allows you to instantly play back your footage alongside your GPS tracking on your smart device without needing to connect either your smart device or the camera to a computer. The KPT-850’s built in super capacitor is designed to withstand the hottest summers giving you unbroken recording rain or shine.
      RRP $249.95

      Kapture KPT-820 Discreet Dash Cam 1080P with Wifi & Super Capacitor

      The Kapture KPT-820 captures razor sharp 1080P full high definition through its 152° ultra-wide angle lens ensuring that no detail on the road is left unrecorded. Using the KPT-820 app and built in WiFi, you can connect your iOS or Android device to the KPT-820 allowing you to playback and transfer your recorded footage to your smart device on the fly. The KPT-820’s built in super capacitor is designed to withstand the hottest summers giving you unbroken recording rain or shine. Activate a snapshot in a heartbeat by waving your hand under the gesture sensor under the camera, protecting the footage from being recorded over
      RRP $199.95

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    Can anyone pls suggest is this better than Viofo A119S with gps as i will be buying dash cam for the first time

  • Is it me, the video quality seems just HORRIBLE, even worse than $50 cheapies from Chinese online shops. I have a 4 year old $100 model bought from China, it does 1440P and the picture is razor sharp.

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      The footage that I'm seeing on youtube must be compressed as the raw footage I have directly off the memory card on my 820 looks fine and can easily read number plates… or maybe the uploader hasn't removed the plastic film off the front lens, I almost forgot myself as well. or maaaybe they don't have the picture quality set to high in the settings, either way, my footage doesn't look all pixelated like the youtube sample

      • The ones from chinese dash cameras are compressed via youtube as well

    • Kind enough to share which model is that? I'm not interested in increasing jbhifi share prices.

  • This is from the Kapture website and it states 64GB. I've seen other specs at 32GB. Does anyone know for sure which it is?

    Technical Specifications KPT-850 Discreet Dash Cam 1080P with WiFi & Super Capacitor
    MAX VIDEO RESOLUTION [email protected] mp4
    AUDIO INFORMATION 8KHz, 2 channels, AAC
    LENS 6-glasses 152° Field of view, F1.8
    STORAGE MEDIA Class 10 Micro SD Card (TF) up to 64GB

  • How long does it record in 32 GB memory?

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      I think a previous poster said 190Mb = 3 minutes so I make that about 8 hours. I could be wrong though.

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        A bit less than 8 hours for data overhead

  • Does anyone know id this memory card would be any good with this dash cam?

    Micro SD Card Extreme Pro 32GB 64GB 16GB Kingston GoPro Action Dash Cam Drone U3

    • If it's a SanDisk, it should be fine.

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        It's a Kingston. I thought I read that SanDisk were no good for dash cams. I must have got that wrong.

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          Samsung EVO Plus 32gb should work out to be about $18 delivered.

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          No you are not wrong. Sandisk are not recommended for use in dashcams. A lot of reports of failure of Sandisk Ultra memory cards if used in dashcams. Sandisk also says you will void your warranty if you use it in a dashcam. They have a "High Endurance" line of memory cards for dashcams.

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          Thanks for the tip on price. I got it for $17.90.

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        Unless it's a SanDisk High Endurance card do NOT get SanDisk!

        A Samsung or good Lexar card should work well also.

        • Thanks heaps for that. I was looking at the Samsung but was concerned that they were more for mobile phones. Silly, I know.

        • @Cheapskate Paul:

          No problem, I never considered the Samsung cards either when I got my first dash cam and ended up getting a SanDisk ultra card… it lasted two months until it died.

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    Oops, mistake post.

  • Thanks op, let's hope it's not a pricing error

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    Just got home from picking mine up from in store, they still had it marked as $249 in store. Will set it up tonight to see how i go.

    • Did you have any problems getting the price down or did it just scan at $99?

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        he ordered/paid by click & collect.

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        Click and collect, so i had already paid and just picked it up no issues

  • Thanks OP. I got one but had to pay delivery (a very reasonable $4.95). When I first looked my local store had stock available for pick-up, then I went off to research memory cards, bought one, went back to JB, and my local store is out of stock.

    Such is life. Bloody OzBargain! I'm actually happy to pay and not have to go to the store, but if I had the option I would have picked it up to save the five bucks. I'm happy.

  • Got one! :)
    I'm in Newcastle & need to know where to go to find someone to do a reasonable installation for me… Any recommendations?

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    This thing seemed awfully familiar and some futher digging revealed it is. Will dig up the info from the original tests I did with one.. Had a neato gesture mode for taking pics and the app seemed to be focused on "blogging" a drive. The generic model name was Mehome MC6, the same as: https://www.gearbest.com/car-dvr/pp_606846.html by the looks of it. I liked the video quality personally. Uses a Panasonic sensor I recall with auto WDR that did a decent job. The GPS is in the cable, good for getting better reception but some find it annoying. I might consider getting one, even just as a rear cam.

    Disclaimer: the product specs may have changed from the original time I experienced it.

    • bah, why the hell did they put gps in the cable, i plugged in using my old dashcam cable and no wonder didn't get any gps data

  • Thanks OP, just ordered 2

  • My VIOFO A119S died while on holidays earlier this month, will give this one a go and see how it goes.

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      Sorry to hear that… I hope it took out travel insurance.

  • Thanks OP, seems like a decent unit for a great price. Ordered one.

  • I was sitting on JB HiFi gift cards for the last 18 months wondering what to buy before they expire early next year. finally found something worth using the gift cards for.

    Just bought one (delivered) at Tuesday 0815 AEST

    thanks op

  • 🚫 Expired 10:03 AEST

  • Ahh got a call from local jb and said I have to wait 2 weeks or donno when lmao.. anyone else?

    • Yes, same here. They called and said no stocks atm, will wait for their orders and get back. They tried around too.
      Will be in their store and check.

  • Sigh, chose pickup from Garden City and just received a text with the following: "Your order has been delayed. We will notify you when it arrives. RE: expect delivery friday".

    That doesn't sound like a backorder, but its a shame as I was hoping to use it tomorrow during a day trip.

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      I picked up the 850 at Garden City at 9.30am today, there were three left. Marked at $249, had to show the online price to get it at $99.

      Now installed and running well!

      • Did you do the installation yourself?

        • Yes, very easy. Doesn't have to be hard wired. I installed as per the instructions and routed the cable under the hood lining, down to the dash and under dashboard to accessory socket.

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