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Coles Elsternwick VIC Locals - Triple Flybuys Points Plus Free Coles Online Delivery ($30 Min Spend) until 30th September 2019


Coles Elsternwick will be temporarily closing on Tuesday 3rd October 2017 for up to two years while we build your brand new store.

During this time, we're committed to helping Elsternwick locals with a range of ways to make shopping easier.

FREE Coles Online delivery for Elsternwick locals until 30th September 2019. Offer only available to residents in Elsternwick, Balaclava, Ripponlea, Elwood, Gardenvale and Caulfield. No mention of a minimum spend in the offer.

Enjoy TRIPLE POINTS on all Coles and Coles online purchases $30 and over from Tue 3 Oct 2017 to Mon 30 Sep 2019.* Look for your targeted email to activate this offer.

There is also a free bus service from Glen Huntly Road to Coles Brighton and Coles Balaclava from 9am till 6pm daily.

TRIPLE POINTS for Elsternwick locals

*Offer valid only at Coles and Coles online (excludes Coles Express). flybuys card must be presented at the time of purchase. Offer valid for flybuys members that are currently living in the following suburbs according to the information provided on their flybuys account: Elsternwick, Balaclava, Ripponlea, Elwood, Gardenvale & Caulfield. Offer valid on every shop $30 and over between Tue 3 Oct 2017 and Mon 30 Sep 2019 and for Coles online orders delivered from Tue 3 Oct 2017 and Mon 30 Sep 2019. Triple flybuys points equals 1 standard flybuys point and 2 BONUS POINTS per $1 spent, no TRIPLE POINTS on individual BONUS POINTS offers. This offer is not transferable. Points awarded after savings, discounts and vouchers (excludes all gift cards, iTunes cards and smoking/tobacco product purchases).

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  • Talk about desperation not to lose customers to Woolies! Anyway, it'll be a shame to see yet another open outdoor supermarket car park being replaced with a dark, cramped underground multi-level.

    • +1

      You obviously don't live in the area. That car park is a nightmare.

      Wonder what level of service the free delivery will entail?

      • +1

        I'm familiar with the area, yes the car park is terrible but that's partly down to it's poor design. They could easily fix it, but it would probably result in fewer spaces.

  • Smart move, Woolies are going to break ground soonish in Gordon Street, so they may well both open at around the same time

    ALDI should beat them all if it can find a bit of dirt/shop to open a store.

    Coles Elsti. was c/rap, should have done this years ago, most likely would never have done it if Woolied did not buy the ABC land

  • OMG, special bonus points to combining the words "temporarily closing" with
    "for up to two years" lol

  • Beware! FlyBuys are doing everything they can to get out of this triple points deal for Elsternwick area for two years.
    Check to see if you actually get the points.
    They are not awarding points to many eligible members, and the call centre makes up excuses and fobs you off.
    Don't fall for the excuse that you had to activate the deal via an email link sent to you. That is NOT required.
    see the website Coles Elsternwick
    So far have not been able to get them for any eligible purchase.

    • I activated the offer in my targetted email back in September and the offer sits in my Activated Offers when I log into my Flybuys account. I've been receiving triple points on every shop over $30 since the promotion began and it can be combined with other triple point docket or online offers.

  • The offer is sitting in my activated offer as well but have received nothing so far. When I called them they said I had to shop at Elsternwick to get it but I pointed out that Elsternwick is the store that closed. They have no idea!

    • Are you spending the minimum $30 each shop and scanning your Flybuys card? Where you shop is irrelevant. Definitely take a screenshot of the offer and follow it up again. The Flybuys customer service personnel can be vague, depends who you talk to.