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10ft Swimming pool from ALDI SALE starts 4th NOV $149


SALE starts 4th NOV

Swimming Pool 10ft
$ 149 *

  • Steel framed circular outdoor pool
  • Made from heavy duty PVC
  • Water capacity: 4678L
  • Includes filter pump, instructional DVD and repair patch

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  • Price in title please.

  • just check new pool fencing laws before buyimg it.

    Here's Victorias


  • I recently bought a similar pool and was looking at fencing requirements. I understand any new pool has more than 30cm depth requires fencing in NSW. Penalty of not complying is upto $5000. So I think I'll return mine.

    However, if I remember correctly it says somewhere in the Act you have 6 months to build the fence from the pool's construction date. I don't know how this applies to portable,inflatable pools considering you only use them for less than 6 months every year.

    • i guess you could de-construct them at the end of summer ?

    • I'll look into this for you via BCA (building code of Australia) I suspect you might be actually ok as the walls of the pool act as a fence. In most cases 'above ground' pools are ok. If it is over 1000mm tall you are completely in the clear… perhaps build a mound under it to get it up to 1000mm? (as long as the dirt drops away at the edge of the pool of course).

      Then again it is for your kids safety so ymmv

      • I would imagine it does need a fence, given the information on the link provided by mikafamily:

        "Safety barrier" refers to a fence, wall, gate or screen, and includes gates, windows, locks, latches, hinges and self-closing devices attached to them. Safety barriers are required for in-ground swimming pools, jacuzzis, indoor swimming pools, above-ground swimming pools and spas. This includes inflatable and portable units that are capable of holding water greater than 30cm (300mm) in depth.

        Given diameter = 10 feet, and volume = ~4700L, I'd expect the sides to be about 65-70cm tall.

  • Deleted comment embarrassing myself!!!!!

  • yes if you do not comply they will fine you and they find out by sending a helicopter over the area and looking around peoples backyard my friend got fined in the mail because her pool was not cleaned and was green. dont bother disputing coz they send you a photo

    ill get this but ill keep it in my garage, that way i can avoid sunburn too.

    you can try to put up a shade cover to avoid being seen. but if you have children please just get a fence. my best friends son died at 2 years old from falling in a pool and its horrifying. it doesnt take long, he sneaked out of site for 2 minutes and couldnt be rescucitated. her life has been destroyed you dont even need 30cm to drown so please consider the fact that a life is worth more than the cost of a fence, its just not worth being cheap when it comes to safety like that