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2-for-1:5-Star Cunard Cruise + Complimentary Dinner: 15nt Sydney to Osaka $4629, 22nt Sydney to Hong Kong $7149 via Travelzoo


This is our top clicking deal from today's Top 20 email so far. It's limited availability, so thought I'd circulate it here too.

Five-star cruise line Cunard is hosting a "let your guest be our guest" sale — where the second guest cruise fare is free — across a range of selected voyages in 2018. To make this sale even more exciting, CruiseAway is offering a complimentary dinner for two in the Veranda Restaurant, exclusive for Travelzoo members only.

Our favourite picks are:

Sydney to Osaka
$4629 for two for a 15-night cruise on board Queen Elizabeth
Departs 28 February 2018

Sydney to Hong Kong
$7149 for two for a 22-night cruise on board Queen Mary 2
Departs 9 March 2018

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  • Need prices and locations

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    This is a Cun of a deal…

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    This site is BS, needing to sign up to see the deal pfft.

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        Sorry, but that sounds like a typical marketing speech and it is heard a lot and not well taken here at OzBargain. If you were upfront with your post, saying that the company had a sale and that TravelZoo would add paying for the cover charge to one of their restaurants on top of it, it would have been much better.

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      I agree Willyhitch, this is not a deal. It should be compulsory for post like these to disclose how much commission they make.

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        to disclose how much commission they make.

        I don't think this is a fair comment to make.

        Do you disclose how much you or your boss makes out of a job/product? When you buy something at the supermarket, do you demand to know how much the shop gets? Do you ask how much extra cashrewards makes on every deal?

        • See the rules:

          Declare upfront if you will benefit from the posting or if someone asked you to post here.

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          @ ATD you are not comparing apples with apples in your examples. I get a fixed salary from my boss. Did you even consider that when a person is paid a commission, a conflict of interest may arise? And that disclosure of their commission is a way of mitigating the conflict of interest.

          Besides the one 1 free dinner, has the op really posted a genuine promotion considering that we can get the same 2 for 1 special on the Cunard website, or are they just interested in getting their commission? (hoping that we would not discover the same special was available on the Cunard website?)

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          @wl au: To clarify (once again) the reason I posted this was because it was our top clicking deal from today's email and I thought because of this some people would be interested in it. No sinister intentions, no commissions - if people like great travel deals, then they should become a Travelzoo member - because we have them in spades. If you don't like the deal, don't take it. But it is a legitimate deal :-)

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          @wl au: apples with apples you say….

          OK, IWTF deals, do you challenge them to disclose how much commission they get every time they post?

          I just think your position is unreasonable and you seem to be overly emotional with this particular OP to argue a big issue that is applicable to many other posters on here. I think common sense tells you any commercial enterprise will receive a benefit in what they do - ask your boss :)

        • @ ATD, once again, you are not comparing apples with apples. With IWTF, I don't need to mention their name to get the special, ie IWTF simply notify us of the specials available. With Travel Zoo I need to mention their name to get the special. You need to think thoroughly about your examples regarding the conflict of interest issue.

        • @wl au: Actually buddy, I really couldn't be bothered getting into it with you about what you claim to be "conflict of interest" which is really just you saying it - nothing more. I think you need to get a reality check - maybe give up you PAYE job and try your luck at being an entrepreneur.

        • @ ATD

          You have completely failed to present any logical counter argument on the topic.

          Instead, you have resorted to making emotional and unreasonable suggestions.

          I am building a business on top of my day job. I work many late nights and weekends doing sales, marketing, accounting, BAS', procement, IT and dealing with HR issues. So you should really reframe from making emotional suggestions without knowing other people’s circumstances, because you are the one that needs a reality check buddy!

        • @wl au: LOL - really, you don't have any argument, maybe one day you will realise that. I've learnt a long time ago not to enter into logical discussion with illogical people and this keyboard warrior stuff has zero interest for me.

          What I'm really interested in is how you intend to "build a business" when you believe there is an inherent "conflict of interest" in doing so. What's good for the OP is good for you right…or are you a practicing philosophical hypocrite?

          How do you intend to go about telling all your customer/clients how much money you are making on each transaction. Really…REALLY…interested in how that business model works - please tell!

          BTW - thanks for the prestigious imitation - love it!

        • @ ATD

          Once again, you are unable to compare apples with apples.

          The facts are:

          If I was promoting my products on Ozbargain; AND
          If I was gaining a benefit, ie a commission as a result of members buying my product;

          then, yes, I should be disclosing any commission I receive. BUT;

          I am not promoting any product on Ozbargain; AND
          My business is not based on commission, it is based on a fixed price

          So, I am not obliged to answer your questions. You really need to carefully think through the facts to ensure you present a logical argument.

          Also, do you understand the difference between fixed pricing and a commission based payment system and the impact on consumers?

          If you don't appreciate the disclosure of a commision payment, that is fine. But you certainly have no rights to discourage other Ozbargain members from questioning if a commission is being paid.

        • @wl au: Buddy, its just getting embarrassing now to keep replying in this thread. Just take it up in PM if you want continue with it. Have you worked out the irony yet in your continual posts??

        • @ ATD, once again you have completely failed to raise any reasonable and logical arguments on the issue. Resorting to emotional wording is just really weak!

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      It's not rocket science to sign up to travel zoo.

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    Same price by booking directly with Cunard, they have a 2 for 1 promotion. Here is the direct link for the Sydney to Osaka one

    No deal.

    • Our members also get dinner for 2. That's an exclusive aspect of our deal

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        Not exactly an amazing bargain… but its something I guess.

        Ozbargain normally expects a bigger bargain then that, hence the name.

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        Well, according to this, they don't charge for dinner at the Verandah, only a cover charge… bit misleading…

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          Cover charge is the price, eg $99 a person cover charge. I just went on a p&o cruise and the Salt restaurant was a $49 cover charge.

          Agree that this is no real deal, a free meal on a $4k trip is nothing.

        • @PVA: Thanks for clarifying! I've never been on a cruise and I just assumed that you just paid by item when you went to a restaurant not included in your program.

          Still, we agree there is no real deal, hehe.

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          @Nachotroncoso: yeah, cover charge sounds like an entrance fee to a nightclub.
          I think it's cruise term for extra cost.

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    Only good intentions here guys! We thought 50% off the regular price (albeit as part of a sale), plus an exclusive dinner is a pretty great deal for people looking to take a luxury Cunard cruise. It's the best deal in the market and the top clicker in our Newsletter today, so I wanted to share it. Next time we'll focus on more tangible savings message :-)

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      Yes, tangible savings, like maybe rebating us 50% on any commission you receive.

  • The price is for a very tiny inside cabin, the cabin with a window is $4419 , a little cheaper and bigger. What's the difference in these rooms , deal wise please.
    Cruises are very hard to decipher what's included, what's a good deal etc 🙁

    Any idea of what extras cost, like alcoholic drinks, gratuities?


    • It should be all on the Cunard website, but yeah it can be confusing. Generally, cruises from Australia do not have gratuities any more. Alcohol is almost always extra unless you get one of the more expensive staterooms (sometimes it's thrown in as a freebie by the agent). Note that the QE is no longer considered as being even close to be best ships by the cruising community. $150 pppd is not really a bargain for an inside room.

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    Great price for that quality of ship & whilst it is the same as the Cunard sale (aside from the Dinner), I wouldn't have heard about it if the rep hadn't posted this.

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    Thanks for letting us know about this QE deal.

    I don't know why people are complaining - it is worth knowing about this deal anyway!!

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      Thanks very much. To clarify the reason I posted this was because it was our top clicking deal from today's email and I thought because of this some people would be interested in it. No sinister intentions, no commissions - if people like great travel deals, then they should become a Travelzoo member - because we have them in spades. If they don't like the deal, don't take it - but it is the best in the market :-)

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    Travelzoo have some amazing deals and are well worth signing up for… geeze guys cut the OP some slack here… its a good deal and well worth posting.

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