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Sony Xperia XA Smartphone $99 @ Woolworths (Selected Stores)


Saw this deal on here for $129 at coles and woolworths have it even cheaper. Reviews are good for the phone but pick one it's battery life and release price of $499 over here. At this price even if you need to unlock it, it makes for a cheap buy.

Main specs are:

  • 720p screen
  • 16gig storage
  • 4g
  • edge to edge screen if that's your thing
  • nfc (cheapest nfc phone afaik)

Only black is available when i asked the person at my woolworths (ballarat Sebastopol)

Also unlocking appears to be free
edit i just unlocked my phone for free using that link. Its a rev 1 on the bottom if that means anything. Seems random if it works?

Mod: Stores with possible stock reported:

Palmyra WA Sold out
Innaloo WA Sold out
Mornington VIC Details
Capalaba QLD Details
Point Cook VIC Sold out

See comments for stores confirmed not having stock before checking your local.

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  • how much to unlock ?

    does bagman ebay able to unlock for cheap ?

    EDIT: saw the updated post

    let us know if you're able to unlock for free

    • I just unlocked using the link for free, woohoo! Doesnt seem to be the case for everyonw though. I said it was from vodafone, and it didn't load in firefox, but loaded in chrome.

  • That is XA or XA1 model? The latter is more recent and has better specs. The picture shows XA.

  • +5

    Those who just paid $129 today from Coles are going to be mad seeing this deal here.

    • +1

      I paid $149 several days ago at BigW

      • +16

        You may be feeling mad then.

        • +11

          if symptoms persist, go purchase a bargain promptly

        • +3

          @bargainconnoisseur: I feel mad most days as I never win the lotto. Need to buy another xa but then they will mark them down to $50.

        • -1


          Could be worse. Bought mine back in January from Target for lowest price then ( $169 ) but have not used it as a phone as looks like I got a lemon with really weak reception. Although I got mine unlocked free after couple of months, phone been sitting in draw not getting used. Now keen to get it repaired/replaced.

        • @ozhunter68:

          I get a really weak reception at home with 1 bar on my Xperia XA Ultra but if i walk 3km down the road then i find the reception is full on 4 bars. Go figure. I think it's just poor reception via your phone carrier where you are in a black spot.

        • @hollykryten: its been reported to be a known issue, but you guys don't have a colourbond roof by any chance?

        • @bargainconnoisseur:

          As it turns out I do have colourbond roof. Does it matter? Does not effect my many other phones I test with same sim here under roof, outside, in park, next town, and so on. I mean it's weaker everywhere compared to other phones.

        • @ozhunter68: Its just one of my conspiracy theories I have. Seems like you have tested more thoroughly then me and must just be a sony xperia xa issue then. I had the same issue with a lumia 640.

        • @bargainconnoisseur:

          I just might have a lemon, maybe like your Lumia 640.

          My Lumia 640 ( Optus prepaid ) has great reception in all places the Sony does not, seriousely.

          If only it was Android and unlocked, maybe I'll try my luck now with Optus as it's close/over a year :-)

        • +1

          @ozhunter68: Myth busted then. I don't live there anymore, so problem no more.

          My 640 was a Optus one to, just chat with them online and say you need to unlock it to use overseas. Usual procedure of providing the IMEI. I did this a couple of years ago, so don't remember exactly what was said.

          If only you were in Perth, I'll take it of your hands. Cracked the screen on my 640, so considering trying to pick up this Sony to try the maps/navigation on a Android.

        • @bargainconnoisseur:

          No. Corrugated roof.

  • +8

    One of the cheapest phones with NFC

  • +3

    Good price for this phone, although I must admit the 720p screen is kind of a dealbreaker but at least it's 4G and feels premium in hand.

    Probably can't find another phone of such value for this price though…

    • +4

      That's pretty much it. 16gig at this price point is rare too.

      • +4

        Screen seems ok to me. 16 GB rom and 2GB ram with P10 for this price only usually new direct from China ( not Sony ).

        Also rare to get the full 3G/4G band support for all telco's ( both B5 and B28 ).

    • +5

      I must admit the 720p screen is kind of a dealbreaker

      I recall the ancient days of 2010 when people were calling Samsung crazy for using 1280x800 on a 5.3 inch screen. Back in the ancient days of 2010 people also thought a 5.3 inch screen was crazy as well :p

    • +23

      The 720p screen resolution is just shy of the 750p screen on the revolutionary iPhone 8 :/

      • really, Is that the resolution of the new iphone 8? pretty poor then.

        • +2

          But good enough for anyone with eyes

        • @Jackson:
          yep, good enough for a cheap phone, not good enough for something marketed as high end.

        • +1

          @Jackson: apple eyes that is

  • +2

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      • +1

        Maybe not:

        Woolworths Rewards
        to get started SMS the word 'JOIN' to 0437 079 484
        and follow the prompts. Offer ends 31/01/18.

        • Good work

  • +1

    perfect companion for this deal https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/333595

  • +1

    Can you post a clearer shot of the receipt. Thank you for the deal :)

    • It's not discounted as such as a time limited deal. Won't have access to it for a bit as i bought it for someone else. If i do get it is there any info i should blur out?

      • Not sure tbh I'll check my local woolies and
        Demand it for the price haha.

        • +1

          You'll have no trouble! There are big $99 stickers on the box.

        • +1

          @superroach: Hopefully it's the same in WA. I need a cheap and a not bad phone to "upgrade" from my dying 5s… so this one should do. Fingers crossed I somehow get it unlocked for free haha

        • @Lockster:
          Google "Vodaphone unlock" and throw the IMEI into the website - then click "Yes" when it asks if it was purchased from a Voda store.
          You'll then get the unlock code if it's unlockable for free. Then, if you so choose, you can remove the Voda firmware and put on stock Sony firmware.

          If it's not unlockable, ask them if they have other boxes you can try on as the locked phone is useless to you.

          Source: I did it at Target last year at ~$150.

        • @promethbastard: Where abouts is the IMEI on the box. Also is battery pretty good? Would it be a upgrade from a 5s?

  • THe receipt does not show what you buy. Which state and store you buy it. I see in Parramatta woolworth the price tag is $129 too, but I did not ask them this morning.

  • My Galaxy s3 is on its last legs. Should i buy this or spend more and get the s8+? I don't use my phone much besides texting and calling.

    • +17

      Nokia 3210 will be fine for you mate. Anything else and it will be overkill for your use

      • +2

        Hell yeah

      • +1

        if only… 2G phones are unusable in Aus now. Only the Aus Telecommunications industry could break a 3210

      • except it wont work in Aus.

      • At least the Nokia 3310 is coming to Australia now. So sad when it was only going to be 2G.

    • Where can you get an s8+ for $129?

      • +3

        or spend more and get the s8+

        • For some reason I read that as spend a bit more, clearly I imagined that word :)

    • +1

      get this $99 sony.

  • How would this compare to a xiaomi note 4x, apart from the screen resolution and battery life.. ?

    • -2

      the xa is probably a bit snappy

      • +2

        Xiaomi is Much MUCH snappier

        • +3

          Get a Xiaomi with a Qualcomm Snapdragon for maximum snappiness.

        • +1


          And custom rom support.

    • i used to be [now am again] an apple user

      tried the Xiaomi Note 2 to try my hand at android- amazing phone not one problem, except over time the side power button stopped working, so decided to go an aus delivered cheapy android and got the XA - biggest peice of rubbish EVER. Rubbish enough to make me fix my iphone 6 screen and go back to apple. glitchy, non responsive, terrible reception, think ill stick to the chinese phones lol.

      my partner has the X and he has not had an issue - go the proper version of the phones, these chopped down XA's are no good at all.

      • I know a few XA users and they're all happy with theirs, at least since the battery drain issue was fixed with the Nougat update.

        Having said that, it's not quite fair to compare what is essentially last year's lower-midrange phone (currently selling for ultra-budget money) with a flagship 3 year old iPhone. The Sony Xperia Z3 or Z3 Compact (superb phones btw) would be much better comparison.

        Btw, I also have the X and love it - can't say anything bad about it.

        • i wasn't comparing it with the iPhone, if anything i was comparing a sub 200$ Aussie android handset with a sub 200$ chinese android, and there is absolutely no comparison, the Chinese hardware wins easily.

          i have compared the X and the XA, they are nowhere near close either, but look at the price difference.

          The XA is just not a good handset. Maybe mine was glitchy, i dunno, but i wont go near that phone ever again.

  • Serious question, is this phone better than SG S5?

    • +1


    • +2

      In terms of CPU - my wife's S5 is better. In terms of battery drain my XA has improved a lot since nougat update. Normally I only need to charge it once. That update also brought better performance of the camera which is better than S5 both front and back cameras. Missing gyro may stop some people from using it.

    • yes

      • 2 x no and 1 x yes so basically they are the same $h!#

        • +2

          It's more like 3x no, 1x yes and 3x maybe.

          mlburnian's "no" comment got 2 + votes. the - vote doesn't count because it was by me lol.
          My "yes" comment is the only "yes".
          Ultraviolet says the CPU is better on the Samsung, the camera is better on the Sony, and 2 people + voted this. Looks like a 'depends'

          Jokes aside; as someone who owns neither phone, I would recommend the Sony, simply because it has Android 7, while the Samsung only has Android 6.
          If it were up to me, Android handsets would have 'best before' dates on them.

          Generally, I've owned 2 Samsung phones and 3 Sony phones, and both Samsung were bloated and buggy. Sony have less bloatware and a more responsive interface.

        • @idonotknowwhy:
          I will give you + review for your lengthy review.

    • yeah wondering the same thing cause the S5 is mine (3.5 years) and the lowlight camera performance is what spoils it for me these days as most of my shots are indoors at family events.

      I'll save my 100 bucks and keep looking I think.

  • The only sony product that is not overpriced but best value.

    • That's an understatement. Thus has set a new benchmark for what can be expected from a $100 phone.

      • Or for most a $129 to $199 prepaid phone you might be able to get unlocked, or maybe $50 extra lol.

  • +7

    Everyone asking if its better than 'x' - feel free to use gsmarena's very good comparison pages.
    Just add the phone(s) you want to check in the 2nd/3rd slot.

    Also, does anyone have an idea of just how fast the battery drains in real world use? Considering it as a backup for my Nexus 5X that is now needing to be smashed on a desk bi-weekly to have its sim card reader work!

    • Got one for my 14 year old. No problems with it, does her a full day easily and she's forever texting it seems.

      • +8

        Your 14 year old is functioning normally.

        • +4

          daughter.exe stopped responding

        • +2

          Be wary if she ever makes this noise.

  • Sweet

  • +4

    Went to my local Woolworths and they said the price is $129 and the one you bought is most likely a store deal. Was anyone else able to get the phone at this price?

    • +3

      Went to three woolworths store in craigieburn ,no one even has this cell. all said we dont have it…

    • When i rang up and asked to put one on hold I was told it was $99

  • Im based at VIC. Checked one in my local area selling for 199 locked to Vodafone

    • +2

      its $99

        • +6

          @hawkeye10: I'll say after I've picked it up tomorrow night

  • +3

    Dont know how this guy got it for 99.
    Must be a store clearance special

    • +3

      yes this deal is targeted , wanted to vote this deal negative but waited for few more comments . wasted time going to three woolies at craigieburn

      • +1

        how much is for this phone at your woollies?

      • Not targeted, got one from my local in SA.

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