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Sony Xperia XA Smartphone $99 @ Woolworths (Selected Stores)


Saw this deal on here for $129 at coles and woolworths have it even cheaper. Reviews are good for the phone but pick one it's battery life and release price of $499 over here. At this price even if you need to unlock it, it makes for a cheap buy.

Main specs are:

  • 720p screen
  • 16gig storage
  • 4g
  • edge to edge screen if that's your thing
  • nfc (cheapest nfc phone afaik)

Only black is available when i asked the person at my woolworths (ballarat Sebastopol)

Also unlocking appears to be free
edit i just unlocked my phone for free using that link. Its a rev 1 on the bottom if that means anything. Seems random if it works?

Mod: Stores with possible stock reported:

Palmyra WA Sold out
Innaloo WA Sold out
Mornington VIC Details
Capalaba QLD Details
Point Cook VIC Sold out

See comments for stores confirmed not having stock before checking your local.

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    • There was at least two left in Sebastopol, Ballarat VIC, and I had rung Lucas, Ballarat VIC and they had stock too (I didn't ask how many though).

      Some people have been saying even with it at $129 it still scanned at $99. Their normal price seems to be $199 (you can see on the receipt I "saved" $100)

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    NFC is strange on a cheap Android like this. This phone could be good for imprinting nfc tags with Amiibo (though a second hand Nexus 7 kit-kat gen would be better).

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      You do realise that this is a Sony Xperia XA?. The regular unlocked Sony Xperia XA goes for $299 so it's not normally not cheap. The only reason this is cheap because it's carrier locked in the firmware.

      • +1

        Compared to the phones I'm used to these are all as cheap as each other. Whether a $99 cheap Android phone has a 720p screen or a $299 cheap Android phone has a 720p screen, neither surprises me.

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          Well,…you did say "NFC is strange on a cheap Android." Strange and surprise kind of fit together don't you think.

          720p on a 5" screen is still ok for the ballance between definition, performance, battery stamina, weight and size.

          Good for you if you can have/use much better/more expensive phones than this $99 to $299+ price range. As long as it's a bargain or good value for you.

        • +1

          I'm just explaining that to some people there is little difference between a cheap and a lower mid tier phone. I've been looking at the cheapest and cheaper androids and NFC is indeed strange/unusual/surprising, whatever you want to call it (I have a thesaurus somewhere I can look up some more 😂), because NFC is typically available on the cheapest Androids. I've been wanting another cheap android to control my lights with, but not quite this cheap. But it could suit some.

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          @AustriaBargain: the last phone to break 99 bucks that was Vodafone locked was the Huawei y6 elite, a good budget phone but this is significantly ahead in the areas of build, nfc, cores, storage, and ram at least. It's a huge leap and if phones like this remain available at this price a true paradigm shift.

        • @Jackson:


          Could not agree more :-)

  • Guys, if you own the phone can you please check for me if amongst the languages POLSKI is there as well? Thank you.

    • +4

      Hey 7, yes Polski is there in the languages on the Sony Xperia XA I bought.

      • Polski not goneski

      • +1

        Thank you! Much appreciated.

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    Called my local store and confirmed they're half price, yeah. 99. Had two in stock, so I got them to put one aside for me for tomorrow.

    …gotta try and return the one I got at Coles first!

    • Which store is that?

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  • Can't find any in Toowoomba…. People are saying they've never stocked them?

  • +1

    got one from Capalaba QLD($99), $30 included bonus
    $50 to unlock Voda!!!

  • +1

    Is this any good with emulators?

    Just looking to play some snes on the go but I own an iPhone so I can't use that :/

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    Got mine price matched at Big-W using superroach picture. Thank you. Might be worth a try.

    • Not sure if srs, like someone already pointed out - pic only shows $99 but no item name. So it could be anything.

  • Is it worth picking up one of these to use/play with a Sony tv ? When we were setting up our TV for the first time (X9000E) it was asking if we had anything android (phone/tablet) and we didn't have anything to use.. but made me wonder if that opened up other remote control facilities or apps..

    • Can't comment on Sony but Panasonic has an Android app however if you already have your remote it's not that useful, although it's good for when you misplace it or you need a keyboars

  • Was still advertised at $199 on the counter at the Woolworths I checked today (Bakewell, NT). Possibly just a Darwin/NT fail?

    • +5

      Dispplayed as $199 but scans as $99.

      • Really? Are you in Darwin? Where'd you pick yours up from?

        • +1

          He's just saying, ask them to scan to be sure. Often tickets are not current correct price.

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    Can any of the lucky ducks who got it for $99 upload a clearer image pls, might try my luck at my local Big W / Woolies.

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    took the punt and tried a few wollies before scoring one at Point cook VIC(last one). it was base price $199 and advertised as $129 but scanned at $99. nice little phone for my dad recently broke his telstra buzz. no stock at williams landing, hoppers crossing or weribee plaza.

    • +1

      Have you tried unlocking it? Does it say Rev1 or Rev2 anywhere on the packaging?

      • +2

        yes. but no luck asks for $50. thinking of getting a kogan SIM for the old man

        • Damn, doesn't it come with $30 vodafone credit with a sim anyway though?

          *nvm you wanted kogan. Might be able to unlock it with using the $30 credit similar to Telstra.

  • yeah but that will probably get us a month or so.. after that it is too expensive.

    • Not if you get some Voda sims for $3/$5 from the Harvey Norman deal and some Optus $30 starter sims for $10 on sale. Then port away :-)

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    I got this phone last year for $299 with $100 cash back at Harvey Norman thinking it was a decent phone. But with in a week i got a full refund. The battery life was horrible. It went from 100% to 20-30% overnight. Settings: Power Saving mode + Airplane mode. I test this for a week on various settings and results the same. Horrible battery life. I wouldn't use if I was given it for free…

    I wouldn't recommend it…unless of course I got a faulty handset but reviews on the internet seems to be consistent with my issue.

  • Thanks got one for $94.05 with 5% staff discount.

    • +1

      Is this 'staff' thing something we can sign up for, get the discount and then unsubscribe from?

      • +3

        You can get 5% Wish Cards through Cash Rewards, ends up being the same price as the staff discount.

        • +1

          Nope staff still get 5%, so it is 5% staff + 5% egift card for staff

        • +1


          Whoops, I meant just for the non-staff people it would work out being the same price :)

        • +2

          @frewer: hmmm, the ozbargain in me tells me to apply for a job, get staff rates, buy phone, then quit.

  • +12


    Well, got myself one as a 4g backup, someone else had called up and reserved the 2nd one they had, he came in as I was finishing paying and I said, ozbargainer aswell? He looked at me weird for 5 seconds and then said what the hell is an ozbargain. >.>

    Damn normies..

    EDIT Second edit, it turns out this phone does have a line each side of the screen like 6mm from the side, unless I have 2 uniform lines of faults in mirrored areas of the screen >.> (Okay no this has to be a fault its too annoying). Looks like Ill get a refund and cross my fingers I find another woolies with one tomorrow.
    Could I possibly get anyone to confirm their screen doesn't have very small lines through it on the sides?

    • +1

      I don't think its a fault. Look at video reviews of the phone and compare.

    • +2

      check Sonys site, The screen pretty much goes to the edge

      Infinite viewing

      Xperia XA’s display stretches the full width of the phone so there’s barely a frame visible. This means the screen is maximized without having to make the phone any bigger.


      • Oh, wow, this is how its meant to be. If you go to the first link you gave me and look up near the Back Button at the top of the screen (<-) you can see one of these lines im talking about, its like a small mirrored dead pixel line, just slightly visible in the photo, it has it on each side about 6mm before the actual end of the screen.
        Thanks for showing me though, PVA.

        Well, if anyone's from WA, In a panic about the screen I just called 5 stores and sourced another one, if your south of the river and want it, let me know and I'll let you know what name they have it held for.

        • +1

          hey that is no where near 6mm. that is not a fault nor a problem.

          Have a look at an iphone - now thats bad https://store.storeimages.cdn-apple.com/8750/as-images.apple...

          hang on - do you mean the navigation home keys? Thats how Google wants android to be, it pops up when need and you apps it goes away for full screen, again, not a problem it is just Android and works well.

        • Sorry for the shitty image, doing a bunch of things at the same time and phone is still in its plastic.

          Here's what I'm talking about for clarification. https://i.imgur.com/0A0euMt.jpg

        • @dfaktz:

          wait until you set it all up.

        • @PVA: Okay, will report back. I have been extra jumpy tonight, I will admit.

        • @dfaktz:
          it may be just start up screens etc. check the camera screen etc like sonys site.

          also , remember its $99

        • @PVA: Oh, definitely, I'd be one of the first to back up the value for money the phone gives and I can live with the lines. It's more that I would obviously want the lines gone if that wasn't how they were meant to be. But we'll see, I've got a backup woolies anyway so nothing is really an issue at this stage.

        • @dfaktz:

          Looks like a faulty screen to me. Return if you get another one.

        • @ozhunter68: Yeah, have setup phone, checked all settings, nothing is changing it. Do you have one? It would be almost instant to make sure if someone with an XA could reply! :P

        • +1


          Yep, have one of these ( one of over ten phones in the house $40 to $4oo ) and none have anything like yours. I just noticed one dead pixel on my trusty Huawei Y6 Elite, but can live with that for $49 lol.

          I could see that line(s) fairly well in your photo. Get other one first, then return for refund. If backup is gone, get Woolies to source another one from somewhere for a swap next week.

        • +1

          @ozhunter68: Ah, thanks for that and yeah, that's my intention.

        • +2

          i have one, i think what you're seeing may be the edges of the plastic screen protector unless you've already peeled it off. Beware that the glass on this phone is extremely brittle so the film would offer a somewhat protection, i strongly recommended a case for this phone, i cracked mine from a mere 40cm drop

        • @bonz:

          Good advice, sorry for your broken screen. Can you pick another up for $99 or even $129 maybe?

        • @ozhunter68:
          for $99 yes, $129 i personally don't think it's worth it for its short comings, not sure if mine is faulty in the way i have to shake it so very rigorously in the Hungry Jacks 'shake n win' app, as well as its inherently weak reception design flaw. My problem is no stores near me have one

        • @bonz: ROFL, omg.. you are right, my god, in my defense I got it during the night and took it out during the night, I just took my original back and came here to post an angry message about how all of them are the same but I read your comment, looked to my side and to my suprise saw a tiny bevel on the screen for the pre-made protector on there..

          Well, atleast now I have 2 $30 starter packs for vodaphone.

        • +1

          @dfaktz: haha i had the same thought as you when i first turned it on, but found the culprit when i ran my finger near the screen edge. You owe me a starter pack now LOL

        • @bonz: Hahah, I do, honestly, if not only for the hilarity of the situation, though you're only able to redeem my IOU on one of the deals!

      • Did your box have Rev1 or Rev2 written on it?

        • Rev 1

  • +1

    My Xperia review compared to Note 4X:
    Screen is dull and underwhelming.
    Performance no where near the Note 4X.
    Camera is meh, and even more so compared to the HDR+ mod on the Note 4X
    Battery is shiite.
    Band 28 and NFC are a plus.
    Local warranty is convenient.
    All in all, its worth no more than $99 unlocked at best. I'm not at all wowed. I now have even more respect for the Note 4X after using this.
    For those regretting missing out on this, don't. This phone is cheap for a reason. Go invest in a Note 4X, which I scored for a bargain price of $135 from Shopmonk. Put a cheap bumper case and a screen protector from AliExpress for a total of $2.50 and enjoy.

    • Would agree with you if you could get the N4X for $135 or even under $160 and you can wait for around two weeks and more for case/protectors.

      The Sony is certainly not good value at $399 or even $299 outright, but if you can get one unlocked free for below $160 or so you could do a lot worse. Just Force Stop and Disable the Sony Bloat Apps etc, and update to Nougat and enjoy.

  • Anybody in Sydney get this?

    • Yes i got one from Mortdale last night.
      They had a few left.

  • +1

    So why are some people saying its free unlock yet others are saying its $50?

    • +3

      Don't know. Seems to be based on when it was made, some are, some are not - and again that is a guess

    • +1

      The earlier batches are probably leftovers from post paid/outright devices, so they were marked as free to unlock in their system.

      The later batches are dedicated prepaid devices and marked accordingly.

      • -1

        Yes, marked as REV1 or REV2. Should be able to unlock REV1 for free.

        • +2

          Mine is Rev1 and would cost 50 to unlock, so I don't think that's it.

        • +1


          Its more that revision 1 would be the older stock, so more likily to be left overs.

          While revision 2 is guarranteed to be new prepaid specific stock.

          So revision 1 means you have a chance of getting the earlier consignments (within that revision) where they were marked as postpid, revisions 2 a big nope.

        • No joy with my Rev 1 unfortunately.

          Took me to the'unlocking fees' page and asked for $50.

        • @garratt torlesse:

          Got one of the last $99 specials today in my area and after reading advice on here to read box first re-Rev1 or Rev2 and checking with the Vodafone website first before paying, this time it came up as $25 charge, so not for new phone charge but unlocking fee instead of 25 + 25.

          So one more possible outcome. After taking my possible faulty original XA in for repair at Target ( weak reception radio pick up ), was keen to test how another same model should function.

          New phone has a bit better reception, but still pretty weak compared to other phones I tested.
          Make a decent gift for someone if Sony manages to repair/replace my original Unlocked ( was free after multiple attempts after a few months ).

  • Does anyone know if this is this better than the Moto E4?

    Also is there Rev 1 written on the box?

    • +1

      E4 is wider and heavier, you lose NFC and band 28 and the CPU is slower (not sure if we get the snapdragon in Australia). E4 has a bigger battery and comes with a fingerprint scanner. Also the E4 will probably get Oreo, no chance for the XA.

      • The Australian version of the Moto E4 ( latest 4th gen ) has B28 and B5 both desirable for better 4G for all 3 telco's.

        Your correct as in thicker, heavier, no NFC and slightly slower CPU ( MT6737 ), but has bigger battery, fingerprint sensor, closer to stock Android and probably slightly more memory space due to lack of Sony bloat Apps on the XA, and unfortunately No Notifications LED.


  • +3

    Not for sale in Woden, Weston or Majura Park stores in Canberra :(

    • Belconnen?

      • +2

        Not them either. It looks like no Canberra Woolworths stores sell Xperia phones at all.

    • +1

      Correct, that's why I said, its not a deal.

    • +2

      they have stock at tuggeranong hyperdome but they scanned as $199. thanks a lot canberra.

  • Parramatta - Gone
    Merrylands - Gone
    Rockdale - Gone

  • Sent a friend over to Matraville to pick u the last one. Met up with them later and was sold to them open box, charger unravelled, and no Vodafone sim card, but phone in good condition so they took it. Got it home and it's got a screen lock on it. When I look up hard resetting, if I hold power and up the phone vibrates once, then 3 times, and doesn't go into any menu for factory resetting like I thought it would.

    Anyone have any quick and easy method to do with without flashing the phone from a computer? I am so not up for that.

    • Lodge a warranty claim with Sony?

      • Pretty sure they wouldn't accept it, however Vodafone shop told me that if I return it to place of purchase and show them the return receipt they would honour the price on a new one so will do that. They wouldn't take it for warranty on the grounds that it shouldn't have been sold like that in the first place, and the authorised dealer (non Vodafone owned) store offered nothing did at all. Still a lot of mucking around for a phone

        • Nice

    • How did you end up with that locked phone, any luck?

      • +1

        I had to take it back, and despite getting the return receipt I have forgotten to claim the other one every day this week, hopefully next week

  • BigW will not match the price unless there is stock at Woolworth in the same shopping mall,what a crap

    • +1

      Got one eventually but unlocking fee is $25, have to wait for a few months ….

  • anyone know if any Woolies in Western Suburbs Melbourne have it? I have checked both in Melton and both in Taylors Lakes and nothing.

  • Can someone who owns this device confirm it takes a nano sim?

    • +1

      Yep nano sim - same sim the s7 edge used as i tested it with one of them.

      • Great, thank you!

  • Got one. Requires $25 unlock service fee. (No new phone fee).

    • +2

      Could save $3 ( unlike me as saw this too late ) and try Matt ( Bagman )


      • Did contact bagman but his decoding hadn't been working for the last few weeks. Might give it a try anyway.
        Wondering if it might be free in a few months anyway as I can wait.

        • Oh, that's not good then. Somehow, sounds like Vodafone has got it together now with these XA's and either $25 or $50 depending on models.

          Don't want to sound negative, but don't like to get hopes up too much for free unlocks after showing a fee, but unless you need it unlocked, worth trying again later like I did, then bingo.

          I paid $25 today for the second XA ( first off to Sony for repair/replacement ), before they change their mind and charge me $50 ( need it unlocked ).

  • +1

    Picked up the final one at a store today. Vodafone wanted $50 for unlocking so I went with Bagman instead for $22. So far so good, feels and looks really premium. Currently updating to Nougat.

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