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Motorola MOTO G5 Plus Grey 16GB $239.20 (C&C) @ The Good Guys eBay


Take advantage of the 20% the good guys store on eBay ! Bringing it down to $239.20 from their advertised special price of $299.

Get your order ready for tomorrow and hope they don’t jack their price up

Probably need no introduction for this android phone ;) enjoy

Original PULL20 deal

Update : it is possible that they may increase the price after 11 oct according to their website https://www.thegoodguys.com.au/motorola-moto-g5-plus---grey-... thanks MaxPower for pointing this out .

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        • @tryagain:
          Ah okay - I had been looking for an option saying "Buy now pay later."

          I don't want to mess this up, I stop on the page that asks for the voucher code - where it says, "Confirm and Pay"?

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    get the lenovo p2 its a far superior phone for only $20 more https://www.gearbest.com/cell-phones/pp_658920.html?wid=4

    • +1

      Screen is too big for some people 5.5 vs 5.2

    • Great specs for price, the P2, but would not say far superior as same CPU and same res on larger screen. Has more Ram and 64 GB rom, but lack of both B28 and B5 would really throttle speeds/reception for many.

      Both super good phones for $, just get what ticks the right boxes for you.

  • So for click and collect it has to be in stock at that store, they don't send it out?

    Also website shows in stock but ebay out of stock.

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    Just got one. Thanks OP.

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    Just purchased on Ebay $239.20. Done and dusted.

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    Got one thanks op, had to pay shipping but as all stores apparently out of stock for cc.

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    Stock levels aren't the same as the website… Might have to fork out the $8.

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    I thought I had two in my basket for pickup from Tempe but seems my Buy Now Pay Later trick didn't work for me.

    Chose a new pickup point supposedly in stock but got this after Confirm and Pay stage:
    "Order service temporarily unavailable or invalid parameters in the request URL."

    Repeated the procees and may or may not have four phones pending payment.


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    I have been an android and Apple user at the same time and I have to say this is one of the best phone for its price.
    I have only got this at $299 from OW due to my Nexus 5x going into bootloop. As I got it in a rush I just expected a working phone.

    I was pleasantly surprised. Comparing the 5x which is at similar price point, battery lasts longer, supports micro sd and dual sim.
    Also its fast and responsive. I could play games on and off during a day and it would still last until bedtime.

    Saw a lot of people holding back because of the camera, i went out just last weekend to the beach and got some photos. Panaroma function works great and the lighting comes out natural. there's also professional mode which you can adjust the lighting and various other stuff.

    I would highly recommend this phone, especially at this price.

  • Wow, I can't buy it.

    "Something went wrong. Please try to check out again."

    • Yup,.. have trid 3 times, same result - was seeing a couple of the order attempts showing in myebay as "pending payment" and "order being prepared" but then they disappeared so looks like they're not going through / being cancelled…

      • This has been happening to me for the past 15 mins :(

        Just had successfully placed order, but had to pay postage - despite the click and collect option still showing as available.

    • I had this too.. but then I changed to Postage (instead of C&C) and it worked.

  • I bought the Huawei Y7 instead :)

    • Can I ask the reasons you prefer Huawei Y7 than Motor G5 plus? Any cons of Y7 than G5 plus?

      • I would have preferred the Moto but I needed a phone today as my main one died

  • Getting the same errors as above for Artarmon.

    • +1

      I got the error, removed from cart (beecause I added it last night?) and then added it back in and it worked. Hope that helps you? But I did pay the $8 postage too.

  • +1

    Crazy guys , 70 sold less than 20 mins :p good job!

    • my local is out of stock now. Is this AU stock? Does this come with NFC? If you need to claim TRS, what would you guys recommend buying to bump it onto the $300 category.

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        Just simply buy something in store for $1 or more , you can combine multiple tax invoices from the same businesss(same abn) to make up $300

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    My order history shows several listings for this item in Returned and Cancelled Items section. Next to it says: Your order is being prepared.
    Your payment didn't go through, so the order was cancelled. Please pay for this item again.

    Funnily there wasn't a problem with my payment once I selected postage.

  • +1

    Bought one few seconds ago , i didn’t need the phone until I saw so many bargainers going for it , herd mentality I guess…

  • Did anyone have any luck with the "Buy Now Pay Later" scheme?

    I had item in my basket with click and collect at Tempe I clicked Confirm and Pay as soon as the voucher went live (which was almost a minute late!) but failed.
    I immediately tried Artamon which was shoeing stock and got the "Something went wrong" message.

  • +1

    Just got a Paypal email saying a C&C for Artarmon went through. Worried now as I tried about 10 times when I was getting errors. Did I just buy 10 G5s?
    Nothing in My eBay Summary though.

    Update: Just checked Paypal site and it was refunded. Damn.

    All of Sydney out of stock.

    • That sucks! I didn't even get a successful email in my C&C attempts.

      • I wonder if they will redistribute stock across stores during the week?

        • +1

          Got a "successful" message when ordered with postage.
          Just got a Good Guys email that a store has been allocated to despatch item.

  • Code showing invalid for me? Can anyone tell me if I am entering it in the right place - Add vouchers?

    • +2

      Make sure payment method is PayPal , and make sure it’s pull20 instead of push20 :p

      • Thanks demoiree i have paypal method but wont work saying this code cant be applied to your order

        • Suggest ringing up ebay .

    • I've read in the past that the PayPal and Ebay accounts have to be in the same name too - but I can't verify that myself.

      • Correct. Also both need to be accounts registered with Australian address I think too from memory.

  • +1

    For those having issues buying on the eBay site with "something went wrong" messages etc. I found that doing the transaction on my phone worked first time after several failed attempts on laptop.

    Of course, this may be a paradox for some!

    Thanks OP.

  • +1

    just picked this up for the gf, sold out every where so I couldn't do click and collect, so $247.20 delivered :)

  • +2

    Good phone, camera, processor, memory, sd card slot for added 64Gb, bought.
    $1000 phones? Forget it.

  • +2

    Good job fellow bargainers , listing ended ! Hopefully they restock soon

    • +1

      Made it by a few minutes, lucky day :))

    • +1

      They'll probably restock at a higher price lol, in all seriousness though since it is end of line model maybe they won't.

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    Anyone got a call from their C&C store? I got a call from Thomastown Vic ,apparently they run out of stock , will be placed on back order , no firm date when they can fulfil the order ! asking if I want a refund or wait…

  • do'h was watching all morning and doing my research - popped out at lunch to play with a physical model, all happy and them bam! expired deal!!

    • Just hang in there, might come back later today or tonight. As it's now becoming a clearance line for some stores, more deals will come up, for around $250 grab it.

      Took me at least 3 deals before I got mine after doing lot's of research and hands on testing and stuttering lol. In the end, well worth it :-)

      Grabbed another one now at this new low price for family member.

    • +3

      Back again :) New link added.

  • Yes - I got one once they had restocked - but had to pay for postage. No longer available for click and collect.

    • never have.. only able to deliver with this item

      • When I looked at 7am I could click and collect from Osborne Park. Didn't buy then as I had already used up the $1,000 on the LG OLED.
        Once I got the wife to try they were gone. When they became available again I got the wife to buy but no click and collect.

  • +1

    Thanks guys scored one and is already shipped.

  • Out of stock again :-(

  • +4

    I bought one with plenty of stock remaining in the ebay ad, only to get a phone call today to be told they will be refunding the payment as they are out of stock. I already bought the phone case and screen protector, so will be out of pocket by about $27. I will give Good Guys a big fat negative when I get the chance. In the meantime, does anyone know of any other places where I can buy this phone cheaply?

    • That is pretty form of TGG. I am now getting a bit nervous. Still have not yet received confirmation that my order has been shipped.

      • I have confirmation email from auspost confirming my good week arrive this Friday

        • Expecting mine next Tuesday - not sure why it takes that long but I suppose I should be grateful it's on it's why at all!

  • Got an out of stock email offering refund or a wait of 1-2 Business weeks. I can wait as long as 1-2 doesn't become 12…

  • Mine not sent yet let's see.

    Agree any back down with out of stock excuse is very poor form and deserves ebay negative feedback.

    They sold out yesterday then they turned around, added a new listing to sell a heap more.

  • +1

    Purchase the phone on Tuesday morning and received it Wednesday afternoon via Fastway Couriers.Very happy :)

    • so jelly..

  • very unhappy, i ordered one but no stock in sydney, no C&C so had to pay $8 for post, being shipped from store an hour away even thought theres a store 5 mins from me, and theyre out of stock. Dont know when its being shipped. Ive cancelled the order but now will have a negative ebay comment against me.
    Why does Goodguys sell stuff out of stock? isnt that bait selling?
    Whats even more frustrating is that my TGG store has a JB HiFi next door and theyre in stock but wont give TGG one! eeeech.
    A waste of 4 hours of my time !!!

    • Wtf ? Did they leave you negative feedback ? I’d suggest you escalate this to eBay as they can look at the case and retract the negative feedback . Totally not your fault .

      • It was only suggested that if you cancel you MAY get negative feedback. I havent checked to see if this is true. But I shouldn't have all these problems.
        I dont understand why TGG bother with Ebay when it has its own online site anyway. Just an added layer of confusion.
        The main point is dont sell stuff if it doesnt exist, and dont say C&C if thats not possible! or at least refund the $8 delivery and give an ETA!

        • Unless ebay have changed their terms again, a seller can't give a buyer Negative feedback.

          Sellers aren't able to leave negative or neutral Feedback for buyers. That means sellers need other tools that will protect them against unfair treatment from buyers and bring those buyers to eBay's attention.

          From: http://pages.ebay.com/services/forum/sellerprotection.html

          They can report you to ebay as an upaid buyer but they really don't have a leg to stand on since, by their own admission, they have no stock.

          FWIW, I've cancelled orders, most recently a Moto G5+ from DWI when they incorrectly advertised their product, (4GB RAM i.l.o. 3GB), it's still shown as an upaid order in my list - there was no problem.

          Just make sure that all communication goes via ebay so they can review it if it comes to that.

    • +1

      Yes and by the way JB HiFi owns The Good Guys.

      So they should make you good otherwise it's a Customer Care fail.

      Edit: Mine's out of stock too. Will give negative feedback - very poor result from this so called "powerseller".

      • I was about to ask, "Why would JB Hi-Fi provide a competitor to their phoen unless they sold it at an extremely marked up price?"

        But you've answered it.. and I completely forgot about that. LOL

  • Ordered Tuesday morning and now it's Thursday and no response from TGG. Paid by Paypal so money has been taken but no indication if it's going to be delivered, cancelled or back ordered. Poor form TGG.

  • ordered the phone at 11am on Tuesday. I just got a email saying it's out of stock, offering me a refund :(

  • Thanks OP mine arrived today : )
    I just realized it takes a nano SIM, looks like I need to wait for a new nano sized SIM to arrive before I can use it, oops.

    • If you have the tool, you can cut it to nano by yourself or go to your mobile provider shop to ask them to cut for you for free.

      • They'll more likely give you a new nano SIM card and port your number over - Optus did anyway.
        Aldimobile also told me to buy a new card and that they'd credit me the cost.

        • Thanks, amaysim are sending a nano SIM free, I assume my number will be ported to the new SIM when it arrives.

        • @zagi:
          The information is a bit vague here https://www.amaysim.com.au/blog/plans-services/replacing-you...

          If I were you, I'd clarify what to do with your new replacement nano sim before you activate it. Try to get your credit transferred too.

        • @sam buster: Good point, I will check this doesn't wipe-out the remainder of my 28 days, thanks.

  • +1

    Wife's and mine arrived today. Got the nano SIMs ready to install. Just waiting on phone cases due next week.

    Has anyone updated the OS yet? Nougat, Oreo? Any negative experiences with upgrading?

    • +1

      When I powered it up yesterday it prompted an upgrade which I did, no problem, then a couple of hours later it prompted another upgrade which I did, no problem, it is now android 7.0 build NPNS25.137-67-6 I don't have a nano SIM yet but everything else seems to be working fine.

  • Well got sent the wrong phone. Now no stock of the right one. Expect me to arrange return of the wrong one and wait weeks for refund.

    • +1

      What phone did they send?

      • +1

        G5 2gb ram 16gb storage

  • +1

    Got a call saying now no stock, despite being originally told it was on backorder - have been offered refund or an upgrade to the new G5S plus for $100 but not convinced, the newer phone is also bigger, and $100 is an extra 40% more than the cost of the original G5 plus bargain.

  • +3

    Two weeks after confirming our order and taking our money they have no notified us that they have no stock and are refunding our money…
    TWO WEEKS!!!
    The phone was bought for my son's 14th birthday - which is two days away.
    We have bought a case, screen protector, and memory card for this phone.
    And now they cancel our order.
    I am FURIOUS!

  • Can add to the list of frustrated people who has only just been told the order has been cancelled and refunded despite being advised last week it was being backordered.

    Terrible service all around with not being kept in the loop, I had to call up to check on whats happenening. They insists they tried calling me but no voicemail was left and Im certain I didnt get any missed calls as I always return a missed call asap.

    Is there anything we as an Ozb community can do besides just neg feedback on ebay? Surely this is just not on and TGG cant get away with this??
    Is there a TGG rep on here??

    Will never buy from them again

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