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Free Breakfasts Nationwide for Cyclists on Ride to Work Day (Wednesday, October 18)


Ride to Work Day is Wednesday, October 18. Numerous councils/organisations are offering free breakfasts for cyclists in the morning. I've put all the freebies sorted by location below:


Event organiser Location Time Free Stuff
Pedal Power breakfast Veterans Park, Canberra 7:00am – 9:00am ?


Event organiser Location Time Free Stuff
Ku-ring-gai Council Gordon Train Station 6.30-8.00am Free breakfast, coffee, bike check
Clarence Valley Council Memorial Park 7-8.30am Free coffee for 1st 20 riders + fruit, juice & muffins.
Optus Giffnock Lane 7:30 - 9:30am ?
North Sydney Council Breakfast Harbour Bridge Steps TBC Free breakfast
Willoughby City Council Fleming Park, Naremburn 7am to 9am Free Breakfast and Coffee
Sutherland Shire Council Peace Park 7am-8.30am cereals, fresh fruits, pastries and hot BBQ’d bacon and egg rolls.
Waverley Council Oxford St Mall 7am-9am Croissants and coffee. Fruit.
Stockland Triniti Business campus 7.30 to 9.30 Free coffee
Bayside Council Ibrahim's Café 7.30 - 9.30 Free hot drink and pastry
City of Parramatta Rydalmere Operations Centre 7-9am Catering provided at no cost.
Lismore Health University House 7.30 to 9 am fruit, tea, coffee, cereal and smoothies


Event organiser Location Time Free Stuff
Bicycle Network breakfast Darwin Raintree Park, The Mall 6.30 - 8.30 am Hot brekkie and coffee


Event organiser Location Time Free Stuff
University of the Sunshine Coast Brasserie Courtyard 8.00am to 10.00 am ?
Cairns Regional Council 6.30 to 9.00 am Bacon and egg breakfast. Fruit and milk.
Bicycle Queensland Law Court Plaza, Brisbane 7am-8.30am Free breakfast inc sausags, coffee, bananas
Sunshine Coast Council Bill Venardos Park 6.30-9am FREE brekky burger and coffee.
Sunshine Coast Council Corner of Lake Kawana Boulevard and Kawana Way, Birtinya 6.30-9am FREE brekky burger and coffee.
Sunshine Coast Council Sunshine Coast Council courtyard 6.30-9am FREE brekky burger and coffee.
Sunshine Coast Council Cotton Tree Park 6.30-9am FREE brekky burger and coffee.


Event organiser Location Time Free Stuff
City of Adelaide Hindmarsh Square 7am to 9am FREE coffee and breakfast
City of Mt Gambier Limestone Coast Pantry 8.30-10am Free coffee or juice for riders
Flinders University Alan Mitchell building 7.30 - 9.30 am free - dietitian prepared breakfast


Event organiser Location Time Free Stuff
Bicycle Network Concourse at Mawson Place 7:00am - 9:00am Hot brekkie and coffee
University of Tasmania The Bike Hub 8:00 - 10:00 Free Breakfast
University of Tasmania Northern Campus The Walk café 8am to 10am complimentary breakfast


Event organiser Location Time Free Stuff
Bicycle Network Breakfast Docklands Harbour Esplanade Docklands 7:00 - 9:00am Hot brekkie, coffee
City of Melbourne North Melb Rec.Centre 7-9am breakfast, free bike check
Velo Cycles 815 Nicholson St, North Carlton 7 - 9.30am free breakfast (artisan coffee & hand-made goods from Park St. cafe)
WeCycle Melbourne Batman Park, St Georges Road, Northcote 7am-9am Fruit and pastries
Moreland City Council Coburg Library 7am-9am Coffee, fresh fruit and pastries
City of Yarra Abbotsford Convent 7:30 - 9:00am free breakfast options from Convent Vendors
Darebin Ck Management Darebin Parklands Enviro Centre 7.00 to 8.30am Pikelets, fresh fruit, yogurt and coffee
Whitehorse City Council Box Hill Mall 6:30am-9:00am Free hot breakfast, coffee
Wodonga City Council Cube courtyard 7-9am Free community breakfast
City of Greater Bendigo Hargreaves Mall 7.30 to 8.30 Free community breakfast
City of Greater Dandenong Council Building 7-8.30am ?
Maroondah City Council Caffe Stazione 7-10am free hot breakfast served with barista coffee. Free massages.
Banyule City Council Greensborough Walk 7-9am FREE breakfast and coffee
Baw Baw Shire Council Queen St Park, Warragul 7.30-9.30 Free hot breakfast. One free real coffee per rider.
Maroondah & Knox Councils H.E.Parker Reserve, Heathmont 7.00 to 9.00 am hot breakfast and excellent coffee, tea or juice
The Hub and CycleSafe , Castlemaine 7am to 9am Free breakfast
City of Stonnington Prahran Town Hall 6.45am to 9am complimentary breakfast, coffee and hot chocolate
Warrnambool City Council WAG Gallery 7am-9.30am ?
La Trobe Uni Student Union, Bendigo 8:00-9:30am Free coffee voucher for Sweeney’s Café -Free buffet breakfast


Event organiser Location Time Free Stuff
Bicycling Western Australia Elizabeth Quay - The Esplanade 6:30am – 8:30am Free breakfast
City of Fremantle Pioneer Reserve 7 to 9am free breakfast including Gluten free & unlimited coffee
City of Busselton Hummingbird Café 7:15am-8:45am ?
City of Vincent Oxford Street Reserve, Leederville 7am to 9am ?

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  • McDonalds is offering 50cent cones

    • +7

      There's a catch though. You have to be dressed from head to toe in the tightest lycra possible.

      • +1

        it's like wearing nothing at all!

    • +9

      Would have thought at the very minimum….a bike!

    • +6

      It does seem a bit odd to have the ride to work breakfast at a train station!

      • +1

        Some people commute with a combination of transport options - it's not that unusual.

    • +6

      Perhaps someone could bring a bike and keep it around the corner then everyone can go one by one with the bike?

      • +3

        In Melbourne, you could just borrow an oBike.

  • Of course lousy Kingston Council haven't got anything 🙄

  • +3

    A real OzBargainer would hit them all up.

  • What's a free bike check, I wonder…

    • +31

      "Yep, that's a bike!"

    • Check basic things like brakes aren't worn, gears are fine and oil the chain as needed.

  • +3

    Do motorcyclists count?

    • XD

    • No, they can keep up with traffic and don't break road rules.

  • Nice post, Neil, thanks!

  • Great post, OP!

  • Grab an O-Bike for the occasion

  • +1

    No thanks… not going to play roulette with my life in peak hour traffic just for a free breakfast.

    • +5

      Have you ever seen fknal destination? No matter what you do… if its your time rhen its your time.

      • +4

        Yes it's a confronting documentary, that's for sure :D

      • -3

        Have you ever heard that fiction and reality is not the same? :)

    • More for the rest of us…

  • +1

    Walking 10 metres to get to work in my home office, or riding 10km to get to my local council's free breakfast?

    • +2

      Why not both?

    • Drive a car with your bike rack, park nearby the location, grab free breakfast and go back to your home office

    • It's called exercise!!
      If you work from home enjoy having more time to do dedicated exercise instead of sitting in a car.
      What's the point of your post?

  • -1

    Free breakfast locations for some
    Best hit and run locations for others

  • +1

    And Australia's richest council, which proudly touts its 10 year "Cycle Strategy and Action Plan" is not participating. Slow clap for Clover Moore and the City of Sydney.

    • +1

      It's weird since they have previous years. Not sure if there's some dispute somewhere…

  • City of Sydney, nothing?

  • +1

    Also note City of Vincent (Perth) is hosting a breakfast a day later, presumably to cater to people like me who like to make it to all of them. See https://www.vincent.wa.gov.au/events/ride-to-work-bike-break...

    • Cheers, added.

  • I work from home. How do I ride to work?

    • +1
      • Riding on the spot?

      • Damn thats expensive device…perhaps buy this take a photo and drive to the spot for free breakfast

    • I thought your husband takes you every morning?

    • Go for a ride in the morning!! Pretty simple logic huh!

  • So what do you need to do to claim these breakfasts? Do they need to see your bike, or could you just rock up with a helmet and sporty looking clothes?

    • I was wondering that. A bike check on on my 'air' bike wouldn't take long.

  • For the SA one:

    "Enjoy a FREE coffee and breakfast at Hindmarsh Square/Mukata (SW quadrant) between 7-9am on Wednesday 18 October - courtesy of Adelaide City Council and Australian Bananas

    There will be a range of stallholders, special guests, activities and giveaways. "

    • Thanks, updated.

  • Not worth it, I've done a few of the Ride2Work day breakfasts over the years in NSW and WA, the 'breakfast' consists of a free banana, mini bran flakes box or stale raisin bun from Bakers Delight, they usually have a free coffee van but typically has 1000 cyclists waiting in line for it. Cairns seems to be an exception with Bacon on offer, but skip otherwise.

  • What about dive bombing Magpies?

    • They're free seasonally, each spring/summer. Just wear a cycle helmet to claim.

  • +1

    I called up my local option to see if there was a bacon limit for the free breakfast, but was told they'd only be serving glazed pastries and coffee……… What kind of booolsheeeit is that?

  • +1

    I go to free breakfasts everytime they are on.
    They might not be luxurious but, free! We're on ozbargain right? Free is a bargain!

    • It is the ozbargain way, I'm still wondering how @Rhyno managed to get to WA, NSW and Cairns, for the free breakfasts. That's commitment! And that's the ozbargain spirit!

  • +2

    The weather in Melbourne is perfect tomorrow, 16 min to 30 max. It will be Ride From Work Day for me.