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[CDKeys.com] PlayerUnknowns Battlegrounds PC AUD$31.61


Decent deal on PUBG, especially if you missed out on the Greenman Gaming deal for around $27.

I've used cdkeys.com multiple times now and haven't had any worries whatsoever.

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  • This a deal for the 10 people in the world that don't have this game?

    • +15 votes

      Soon to be 9 people.

    • Most people don't play this game. It's garbage and not even remotely worth $30 AUD.

      • +12 votes

        No, just has 2 million concurrent players. Not many people really.

        Sure isn't easy to play 500 hours. Definitely not worth $30 for hundreds of hours of entertainment. Much better to buy a $60 AAA game that lasts 20 hours.

        • You want to play the useless statistic game? Okay.

          2 mill out of the total approx 7400? yeah 2/7400 is a whole lot!!!

          Looks hard enough to play 2 hours of. Some people enjoy it, that's fair, they enjoyed the last games that were exactly like this and will enjoy the one that this secedes to… but they are still wasting money.

        • Definitely. Its only about the same as Destiny 2 at launch, the game with the most marketing in maybe a decade. Definitely not many people for a multiplayer video game, with only 1 game in having more. Thats only on one platform. Thats a buggy mess.

          But sure man, not many.

        • @Pacify: What did you just say? I don't understand that statement at all.

        • You don't understand the idea of context do you.

          For video games, 2 million concurrent is an absolute shit load of people.

          they enjoyed the last games that were exactly like this

          No, they didn't. H1Z1 capped out more like 100,00 concurrent. The vast majority of people playing PUBG have never played a battle royale before

        • @Pacify:

          It's a lot of people. But not most people. Look at League of Legends, the scale difference is unfathomable.

          No, they didn't. H1Z1 capped out more like 100,00 concurrent. The vast majority of people playing PUBG have never played a battle royale before

          No, they definitely did and will.

        • @StoneSin:

          At its peak, League had 27 million playing daily. Its very hard to compute that to concurrent players, but I'd guess probably 3-4 million peak concurrent, could be 5 million or more possibly, hard to say. Even if its half the number of the most popular game in the world, its pretty amazing (for a buggy, frustrating mess of a game lol)

          Again, 95% of PUBG player base never played a battle royale game before.

        • @Pacify: Nope. There's absolutely no chance. League is so much more popular than you think. It's 100x more global than PU.

          It would be around 1/10th of LoL in real hard facts. If you just count LoL official US servers, and all servers of PU, you might be getting close.

        • @StoneSin:

          I just told you the raw numbers.

          27 million unique players logging into play any given day, does not mean 20 million peak concurrent.

        • @Pacify: Yes. That is definitely not world-wide.

        • @StoneSin:

          So numbers directly from Riot, during the peak of League popularity, is not worldwide?

          Actually, they did say peak concurrent too. Riot reports that 27 million people play the game daily, while concurrent players peak at 7.5M.

          7.5 million is damn impressive, but its not the 1/10th you claim.

        • @Pacify:
          Just wanted to say I've played H1Z1 for about 15 minutes and got a refund because it was a total pile of dogshit. Pay to win model and no true co-op. Guns and ammo were hard to find it was 90% trying to scavenge than fighting players like in PUBG. DayZ was a real pile of crap as well with half the lobbies full of hackers. Both games had learning curves like a mile high brick wall and DayZ with a convoluted modding process which took 2-3 hours to figure out, download and get up and running.

          The disparity in how crap both of those games are compared to PUBG is like comparing Deer Hunter 5 with Call of Duty in terms of raw run and gun in FPS.

        • @Blitzfx:

          Yeah, they destroyed H1Z1 with some really, really, really bad design decisions. They could have been PUBG. They had the advantage, they had the market there waiting for them. But they screwed it up, big time.

          Same with Day-z. The standalone game could have sold tens of millions of copies, instead it became one of the biggest jokes out there.

      • Oh no of course they don't. That's why it literally just broke the world record for most concurrent players at any one time with over 2mil people. Beating out DOTA, LoL and CS:GO.

        • That doesn't beat out LoL. As far as I can see LoL is number 1, and PUBG is number 2.

        • Nono, they beat the record on steam.

          League isn't on steam, so you can't compare. League is still number 1, probably big a very big margin. That game doesn't seem to have brakes, people don't seem to be getting tired of it, its pretty crazy

        • @Pacify: League is such a simple game too. It's DotA with every competitive aspect stripped away.

        • @StoneSin:

          League is Dota simplified. Main reason it got so much more popular than Dota2 is because the entry level is quite a bit lower, while the max skill level is still quite high.

          Dota 2 is one of the hardest games to get into, probably second to Eve. League on the other hand gave this easier to play game, but still the same core gameplay loop, and so ended up stealing most of Dota's player base.

        • @Pacify: The max skill level is not high, no where near it. But yes, as a casual game it gets a lot of attention because it's easy and fun. Dota is definitely not hard to get into. It's just a game with a good amount of competitive mechanics, like any really good game (CS, SC1/2, etc.)

        • @StoneSin:

          Have you ever watched faker? The skill cap in League isn't that far from Dota.

          I would have to disagree with the statement that Dota 2 isn't hard to get into. Its got the highest entry barrier in gaming, only old Eve Online beat it

        • PUBG statistics are particularly impressive because

          A. The game is $30+ (DotA 2, LoL are both F2P, CS:GO is almost free)
          B. It’s not even a fully released game, buggy as hell.

          To be the 2nd most concurrently played game with the factors above is insane.

        • @johnno07:

          No, China #1, LoL #2, PUBG #50million

        • @Pacify: It's very far from DotA, sorry but you're mistaken.

        • @StoneSin:

          Interesting. Top mmr/ranking in dota 2 and league?

      • Yeah, it's rubbish. Seemingly made for the same obnoxious 12 year olds that play cod nowadays.

        • What?

          PUBG is the second most tactical and hard shooter on the market, only second to ARMA.

          Its brutal. You can spend 30 minutes playing a game solo, doing well, then because you make a small mistake, stop moving for half a second, and someone head shots you with a Kar98 from 300m and you are dead. Game over. 30 minutes gone.

          PUBG is the exact opposite to the CoD style of gaming.

        • @Pacify: Sounds almost exactly like playing COD with 12 years olds… except for the wasting of 30 mins, which sounds like the opposite of a fun time.

          I don't know, I was excited when I heard this was coming out but then most of the people I know who tried it didn't like it and got a refund.

          Maybe I'm just getting too old for this kind of game :)

        • @imurgod:

          I know guys who are 50 who play. 32 my self. Its got a really wide player base. Its got something that very few games have these days, where you care about dying. The only game that does that better was Eve, pvp in that was 99% boredom 1% pure adrenaline

        • @Pacify: This made me laugh so much. I'd love to see how advanced you think Farmville is. "Wow it requires so much knowledge to play. You can't be good at it unless you spend 50 hours learning what to do!!!"

          PU bg is the simplest game ever made on the FPS genre.

        • @StoneSin:

          Its statements like that that don't much credibility to your claims.

          Hey, I get it. The whole hating on popular things is just something that sad people do, because they are bored and it makes them happy inside. Its fine.

        • @Pacify: No, it's truths like that that make you realise what you're saying is total toss.

          It's okay, it's not sad to be right.

        • @StoneSin:


          Yet when I asked what games had made the battle royale genre work before, no answer. When I asked what your ranking was is league and dota 2, to justify your apparently extremely learned opinions, no answer.

          Nah, mate, you just talking crap because you enjoy it.

      • This sounds like someone who gave it a shot and didn't like it, and is now trying to justify why he didn't like it and make all of us agree with him, and to persuade everyone else not to buy it.

        If you don't like it its okay, doesn't mean its a bad game. It has its fair share of negatives, but plenty of people like it. Just face it. It has been more popular than DOTA2 lately.

    • Most of my group don't have the game… has been too expensive so far, even with this I doubt we'd pick it up.

      Seems much more like a $10-$20 game, and with Fortnite being free… there's almost no reason to buy this, at least based on our group's preferences.

      • Fornite is a complete different style. Its more casual, more arcade-y. Quicker rounds, less tension, more just run and gun. Fun, but most people end up preferring one or the other. Fortnite doesn't have the same staying power as PUBG, at least to me

  • +17 votes

    ServerUnknowns Hackergrounds

  • Sweet more people for me to lose to

  • I don't have it. Every video I watch, it looks like wonky physics and dull graphics. I'm a bit of a gamer too.

    • I think most people play low settings cause its easier to spot people. Physics aren't to bad.

    • That's all it is. It's an idea that's been stolen but people enjoy to play. Day Z, H1Z1, etc. It's just a moneymaking tool. The game itself has no real uniqueness nor is it a difficult game to make.

      I'd say it's worth $5aud or $10aud as it's just a mod of a very basic engine.

      I am 98% sure that anyone with a couple days of free time could emulate this game using Unity or Unreal engines.

      • Cheers for the same opinion. I've clocked countless hours in Rust and got bored of the genre apparently. It's not an opinion we're allowed to have though 😊

        • Rust is so far removed from this.

          Rust is a survival game. This is a battle royale. Not even the same genre.

          Bit like saying Overwatch and CS:GO are copies of each other

        • @Pacify: I've played on enough modded servers of Rust to know battle royale when I see it.

        • @Putnum:

          Theres modded rust servers?

          Haven't played since back when it first went into EA, at that time it was just another generic survival game. Do the mods have the circle mechanic, 1 person winning the game modes?

          Even so, mods are mods. The base Rust game is still not a battle royale, even if there are mods that do it.

        • @Pacify: not sure of the semantics of every modded server but a lot of admins build arenas and stuff for fight to the death combat, awarding the winners with loot.

          There's also been talk of hardcore servers with 1 death per wipe but not sure if they exist.

          As mentioned, I got bored with Rust months ago even with all its modded servers. Theres even PvE servers for babies 😊

        • @Putnum:

          Is it still in early access? How many years it been since it first came out, shit is crazy lol.

          Okay, so its been in EA for over 3 years. God damn.

        • @Pacify: yeah bringing in a new experimental branch and canning legacy and then constantly changing the new build and thinking of new ideas like caves that hinder performance and are pretty much unneeded are whats led to a lengthy EA, but they are great with talking to their community and asking for advice. I actually got them to change the shrubs ans grasses so that people playing on low settings can't spot people as easily. Something PUBG could do too by the sound of it!

      • I am 98% sure that anyone with a couple days of free time could emulate this game using Unity or Unreal engines.

        I'm 100% you have NFI what you're talking about but go ahead, spend the next couple of days making your game to compete with PUBG where just making an 8x8 km map took about 9 months.

        • have you ever used the Unity mapping tools? I made a 500x500 m map within an hour, including rocks and crap. Sure, the houses etc would have taken a while longer but not all that much.

        • @Droidyy: Houses are duplicated from a small set of houses in this game. It's really obvious how little content there is in this game when you watch someone play it. Making a map is either a couple minutes computer generated or a couple hours by hand. Not an achievement lol.

        • @Droidyy: Using pre-made assets? Sure it would be easy with that. But how about you go and make every single model from scratch, make it so they can interacted with and then make a map that is literally 256x bigger than the 500m x 500m map you made and populate it.

        • @potplanty: the map's houses and buildings are chosen from such a small set of buildings that it shows how little content there really is.

          StoneSin has it correct, above.

          it's still not really hard to do it even when you're not using premade assets.

        • @potplanty: The (profanity), what game do you think we're talking about here? The maps in this game are (profanity) simple, dirt simple. Games like League of Legends, Starcraft, Overwatch, CSGO all have more advanced maps. Like 50x more advanced.

      • Well lets be honest. The guy who made the BR mods for those games is the one who made this game, so it's hardly "stolen"

        Also not understanding why the difficulty of how a game is made determines it's game play?

        • It's an idea that's tossed around multiple times.

          Huh? It should determine it's cost… unfortunately it doesn't.

        • Just like all other games.

          PUBG is the first game to make the battle royale format truly work. H1z1 had some potential but didn't manage to succeed in the end. Too many bad design choices.
          Day-z was a survival game first and foremost, though some people wanted it to be more like PUBG, but in the end it did neither. You say its not difficult to make, yet why is it that PUBG was the first battle royale that 95% of its player base has ever played? This genre has been waiting for a game to bring its potential out, and PUBG is the best so far, and its player base numbers show that.

        • @Pacify: No it's not. It worked well before. Now someone is just standardising it and making ridiculous money off it.

        • @StoneSin:

          Love to see what game made battle royale work.

          H1Z1 was an attempt, but never got into the mainstream, then crashed and burned after some bad design choices

      • Just so you're aware, you have upvoted this deal, Stone.

        • Account is glitched for voting.

          I don't mind, if people who say the game is a deal then that's fine by me. Not fussed. The less money they give this scummy dev of a game the better.

  • Been a lurker here for a long time now, finally made an account to upvote this deal, thanks op!

    Have been meaning to get this game for some time, missed out on the previous deal mentioned.

    Bought it, purchase went through fine. Just be aware that you need to provide your mobile number to the site, they'll then send you an sms/call with a code, only after that do you get the actual steam code.

  • I needed a break from PUBG , I can recommend Fortnite bye EPIC games, it has a free battle royale mode. Ive had some good fun in squads playing it.

  • It says it's 29.99 in Steam?

  • Fortnite battle royale is free, how does it comapre? seems similar

    • Fortnite's shooting mechanics are underdeveloped, incorporating a lot of rng and weird bullet physics. However, its main selling point is that it is free, which may interest a lot of people. A big difference between forntite and PUBG is that it has the aspect of building strcutures during a firefight, so that the RNG factor of the circle or your shitty position will matter less. This could be attractive for gamers that have played rust or unturned before. Moreover, it is much more optimised than PUBG since the creators of fornite are or working closely with the creators of PUBG's engine. I tried playing this on my lenovo e440 with a 4200m and 740m and i got like 50-60fps. To put this into perspective, i get around 60-70fps on csgo. Also, the fortnite staff have many goals to improve the game in every way that the players want and the PR team is as good or if not better than PUBG's, though this may change as time goes on.

      TL;DR, just install the game and try it. It's free :')

      • These games should be free, with micro-transactions. It's just a money making tool… like all those clash and fruit games on Facebook.

    • I have both and played quite a bit of both. Fortnite is just as good, but even though its 95% similarities it does feel quite different. In fortnite each match is quicker with less time looking for loot and running around and more time finding/shooting people. I would say play fortnite first and see how you like the battle royale genre. Then you can go from there, if you really like it theres probably little point buying PUBG unless you have the spare cash to try out something different

    • Ones a very arcade-y shooter with a some times interesting building system. The other is closer to ARMA style gun play.

      Fortnite just doesn't produce the same adrenaline rush from getting very high placing, winning in that game its just eh, cool. Probably cause the matches are so fast, and doesn't feel the same as pubg

    • Tried it. Realised it's total rubbish compared to PUBG. But it's free so can't complain.

      TL;DR: Installed coz free. Terrible game. Uninstalled.

  • Whats the story behind players getting bans because they kill streamers? And there is in game advertising even though you paid for it? Those 2 things seem like enough for me not to touch the game, can anyone explain them?

    • The stream sniping ban thing was a long time ago, beyond irrelevant at this time. Maybe a couple of people got a day ban over stream sniping some people hundreds and hundreds of times, Bluehole didn't do it for long.

      In game advertising was in China, where you need a VPN to play, so within game theres a browser that the VPN runs off, and in that browser there was a add for the VPN being used.

      Its all just a circle jerk. No, plenty of reasons not to like PUBG. The game is a compete mess, an extremely addictive and enjoyable mess though.

      • Why on steam has there been a massive influx of negative reviews lately?

        • Something to do with China and them having to use vpns or something. Not really a problem and will be taken care of soon apparently.

          Game is great.

        • Chinese vote brigading.

          Another game they voted down was because of a few lines in the entire game. At this point not much point looking at steam reviews, its a mess

    • It's a game that has been made to make money. It has no other purpose and it isn't exactly a "new idea". Think of it like a Casino, people play but there's very little required to run a few gambling games. But the person who does it best stays at the top for no reason.

      • no

        • No, that is correct, as much as it hurts to hear it.

        • @StoneSin:

          Do you have some sort of hate-boner about PUBG? Its kinda funny, tbh.

          Yeah, its a buggy as (profanity) game, and needs a lot of work still.

        • @Pacify: Nope. I just see through it's hype.

        • @StoneSin:

          Are you sure. Seems to me you are trying to convince people its a bad game, because you don't like the style of game.

          Its easy enough to point out all the problems with the game, instead you go for "its just a money making tool". Man, what do you think companies make games for?

          Its the best battle royale for now. If someone comes up with one thats better, gods knows I would jump ship. Until then, PUBG is a absolute ton of fun, despite the bugs, the bad netcode and the mediocre graphics.

        • @stonesin

          Perhaps you havent tried it, or havent played it enough?

          Ive logged about 600hrs in pubg and i remember that it was extremely hard to get started. I didnt even really enjoy it until i got my first kill, which was like 10 rounds in :') IIRC, a popular pubg streamer called grimzz said that alot of the enjoyment comes from being able to first learn it, which takes quite long depending on your fps background, and even more enjoyment from mastering the mechanics and gamesense. This statement was and still is oath to me, cus even though i find consistent 10+ kill games, the feeling of getting a kill and looking at that sweet loot on the ground beats any feeling i get from cod or rust or battlefield or any other game ive played :)

          Well, if this isnt the reason that you hate the game, i still feel like others should realise this before they dive into pubg and realise they spent 600hrs on a chair :'(

  • +6 votes

    I bought it at full price and just wanna say the game is fun especially with friends but its so darn poorly made

    Its understandable that its in early access and could be buggy but the updates are so slow and they're choosing to focus on making new maps than to fix basic bugs

    imo its not worth even $10 for the experience it gives but obviously theres room for improvement

    just my two cents

    • +3 votes

      It's a poorly mashed together asset flip. I'm not sure if they have the capability to properly fix the game - it's likely held together with duct tape. I'm sure that PlayerUnknown is laughing all the way to the bank from making so much money off premade scripts and art assets he purchased off the Unreal Store though.

      • I think H1Z1 King of Kill is still in "early access". This is definitely just a flight competition of paper planes. Meanwhile people are booking economy tickets for $40 bucks a pop and wondering why the plane melts in the rain.

    • Yeah, its an incomplete buggy mess. Can't think of any other game I've played that has so many issues.

      But on the other hand, its the most new fun multiplayer game since League/Dota made MOBA's mainstream. Its a mess, but everyone keeps playing because theres nothing else like it at the moment. Fornite BR is the only real competition, and that one you either like the arcadey style or not.

      I know guys with a 1000 hours in PUBG, and its not worth $30? Do you think a AAA game that last 15 hours is worth $60, but this isn't worth $30?


  • Nice, just bought it last night for $30 USD… Lucky only played 1.5 hours. Refund time!

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