This was posted 3 years 4 months 21 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Weber Q1000 Baby Q $235.20, Q2000 $323.20 Delivered @ Myer


Myer have 20% off Weber and a further $20 off with ANNIVERSARY 20. Looks like delivery (free) only, no click & collect. If you purchased discounted gift cards from the Woolworths deal you can also use them to pay.

Weber Q1000 Baby Q LP Gas BBQ $235.20 (Was $319) + Free Delivery

$4 cheaper than the last TGG deal with free delivery.

Weber Q2000 Q LP Gas BBQ $323.20 (Was $429) + Free Delivery

Black available here for $8 more.

$30 cheaper than the recent Myer deal with free delivery.

Weber Q3100 LG Gas $571.20 (Was $739) + $65 Delivery (Bulky Item)

Recent deals, not a bad price but $65 delivery surcharge for bulky items means it isn't as good a deal as the 2 lesser models.

Showing as sold out for some users at checkout, may depend on the area.

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  • Unfortunately the family Q (3100) is delivery only with a $65 fee, so comes to $636.20.

  • which one do you recommend? family of 5

    • I can feed my family of 5 on my q2000. It took a little while to get used to lid down cooking, but once you get the knack, it's magic. I highly recommend buying the roasting trivet for roasting large joints. I don't buy the trays, I just double over some foil the size of the trivet and poke a few holes in it.
      In saying all that, if you entertain often, I'd get the Q3100. Also keep in mind that the Q3100 comes with the trolley. The trolley/stand for the 2000/1000 is an additional cost (if you need it) and is $127.

      • wow thank you! need to ask the boss now! bbq xmas this year!

        • I have a q2000 and my friends has a q2200. His has a taller lid and thermometer which is handy, but it's hard to find the q2200

  • I have found in the past that anniversary20 doesn’t work with sale items but maybe that is because of staff discount as well being used. Next time I must remember to not log in as a staff member as anniversary20 is higher discount.

  • Great deal, just got one for my mates engagement party

  • I'm able to get the Q3100 through TGG commercial channel for $587 delivered through my union 😏

    Just shows you how much the mark up margin is for webers

  • Weber Premium range (Q1200, Q2200 and Q3200) never go on sale. Boo :(

  • You rarely see the best one to buy on sale IMHO….the Q2200.More's the pity.

  • Q1000 no longer available… That was quick

    • It's still showing available here, you don't have adblocker on do you? Sometimes it messes up Myer website.

      • Can't check out, currently unavailable…

        And no adblocker

        • Ah yep, I see it now after refreshing and trying to get to payment:

          Sorry. Due to limited availability, the following item is out of stock for delivery in your area. We recommend trying Click & Collect.

          That's no good.

  • Can you buy stands for the little ones?

  • I highly recommend these. Cooking is great as the heat is distributed evenly. No more shuffling your chops around six ways to Sunday due to inconsistent hot spots - like my old Jackeroo 4 burner.

    Also low maintenance / easy to keep clean.

  • I want the Q1200

  • Great price! However, I'd prefer the Weber Q2200 or Q3200 - Higher dome and a thermometer. These ones never go on sale though :(

  • Was cheaper last week through The Good Guys 20% off eBay sale. Their normal ebay price is less than RRP and they have pick up options. For example the Q2000 is $399 ( With the 20% off last week it was $319.20 of course lump in cashrewards and discount is your friend. They have most the accessories on their too. If you can, wait for the next TGG eBay sale, they come around soon enough these days.

    Went for my first fry up on it Sunday and ran out of gas mid cook :( !

  • The Q2000 is out of stock for both colours :(

  • Not a bad price - almost as good as the price i got mine for during the 50% off sale 2 years back - we all remember Tom…- do myer do drop shipping?

  • what i absolutely love about these Webers is the easy maintenance. seriously get that weber steel brush thing and spend 5 seconds scraping left over burnt bits off before each cook up.

    twice a year i pull the grill plates out and clean the inside build up. my previous BBqs have all gone to landfill, this one is been sitting strong at 2 years now, with no plans to get rid of it.

    i did buy a half hotplate for my Q2000. certain things like sausages, chicken kebabs cook better on the hotplate. (eggs/tomato obviously too!)

    • i have charbroil from when masters was still around…… the grill plates and gridles fit into the dishwasher so very easy to clean and parts are stainless or vitrified enamel coated so no rust.
      thought weber would be of a size to also fit into dish washer ?

  • is it worth getting the version with the inbuilt thermometer?

    • yes because it's not just the thermometer, the lid is also taller so you can cook bigger roasts and chooks!
      i also want the premium one but as everyone said, they are never on sale.

    • $10 and a drill will fix the thermometer problem. Other differences (ignition, dome height) may not be significant - you can compare them on the Weber website.

  • These are excellent BBQs. Even though last week's eveedure deal was awesome I couldn't see myself using it over my existing family q as everything comes out tasting great.

    I agree that the specific wire brush is an excellent investment. 5 sec of cleaning after the thing heats up is all I ever do. I'll probably clean it down after 6 months use, but that's no biggie.

    Night and day to my old matador.

  • Great BBQ’s but IMO worth the extra $$’s to get the thermostat models.
    If you want a direct BBQ replacement then it a great price, but if you want to BBQ and stop using the oven as much then you need to monitor the temps along the way and for an extra $20-$100 having it built in is a no brainer..

  • Sorry, is the Q3100 a gas tank model or does it use natural gas straight from the house? Thanks

    • The Q3100 comes in both LPG (i.e. Bottled gas) or NG (Natural Gas) models. The one Myer are selling is LPG.

  • something is wrong, either all sold out or they are having website issues as attempted to buy the 3100, then the 2200 in either colour.

  • all 4 options … sold out :(

    1 of each for sale .. great sale .. very sale

  • I was still able to get the Q1000 few mins ago…. hopefully they honor it.
    I'm working… while shopping… :)

  • Was sold out when I tried at 1230 am now seems to work again

  • Doesn't work still.. (Weber Q1000)

  • Thanks OP. Just bought this with

    ANNIVERSARY20 ($20 off)
    10% of company's voucher system
    3% CashRewards
    CC Points


  • Would anywhere price match the weber?

  • Does anyone have a copy of the email for the anniversary20 or cc sell 20 discount please?

  • cannot order any products..

  • Damn forgot to order the cover with the discount too! urghhh

  • So for those having issues with ordering i was in store today and they advised that they are experiencing difficulties between stock levels the system is registering and what's actually in the warehouse. I called ahead, confirmed stock in the warehouse and then went in to pay and will pick up next week. Couldn't use the $20 off discount code as they wouldn't allow it without a barcode/email which i couldn't obtain

  • They canceled my order of q1000

    • I ordered at about 2 pm today. Initially I had a basket of stuff this morning and was procrastinating a little, I decided to go ahead with a Q1000, a couple of trivets, scrapers, cleaning spray etc, and when I tried to check out it said all the stuff was out of stock.
      I emptied the basket and tried again. I thought I would make better use of the anniversary20 code too (2 x $20 off instead of 1). So I bought the Q1000 on it's own, then added the extras to a new cart using the $20 code. Free del. and another $20 off.

    • Cancelled mine too…