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Telstra Business $49/Month Plan (12 Months): 20GB Data + $200 JB Hi-Fi Gift Card @ JB Hi-Fi (ABN Required)


Just brought my 2 business mobile numbers to Telstra at JB Hi-Fi on a $49 plan with 20GB data, and scored $400 in JB gift cards!! So awesome!

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    I'm hoping they bring this deal back for personal again

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      Just get an ABN. Takes 2 mins to register.

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        Link ? PM.

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        Sorry a noob here but are there any formalities to go to having an ABN? e.g. a tax return filing?

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          You are suppose to be operating a business and I recall they require you to make a statement to that effect. After some time (2 years I think), if there is no "business activity", they will cancel the ABN. No tax returns as that is a requirement if you register for GST under the ABN.

        • @ATD: I've had an ABN since 2012, for my songwriting duo - as we thought we may actually make some money as songwriters haha - have made no money from trying to sell our songs and have only made about $40 from streaming in that time. So haven't really needed to do a tax return. But I haven't had a problem at all since I got it. We are, however, still recording music and putting it up for streaming. Perhaps that counts as business activities even though we're not making any relevant money.

        • @ATD: I've had an ABN for 5 years, got one for a sub-contract job I did for a month, (as a sole trader, I've been retired for 18 years), but haven't needed it since.

          You only have to fill out that section of the Tax Return relating to running a business if you had any profit/loss/costs against it, (and therefore the ABN) - I've done it only once back in 2013. Since then I haven't and the ATO haven't queried anything.

          Still appears as Active against my name on the lookup site even though I haven't used it for over 4 years.

        • @4wd: @BrillantinBrutal:

          You are required to file a tax return regardless of profit/loss from a business.

          "You must lodge a tax return if any of the following applied to you: […] You carried on a business."

          You might want to go to the ATO before they call you.

          See here: https://www.ato.gov.au/Calculators-and-tools/Host/?anchor=DI...

        • @lukemartinez:

          You might want to reread what I wrote:

          You only have to fill out that section of the Tax Return relating to running a business if you had any profit/loss/costs against it …

          Since I had no profit/loss/costs at any time following that one return, there is nothing to fill out in that section - ie. I am not running a business, there is nothing attributable to my ABN number.

          I believe the question pertaining to it says something along the lines of: Did you have any income, loss, or costs associated with carrying out a business? Yes/No

          You are required to file a tax return regardless of profit/loss from a business.

          I also didn't say that I don't currently lodge a Tax Return, I do, just not for running a business. Not once has the ATO queried them, (in all of my 19 years of work and 18 of retirement), so I must be doing something right or they are incredibly sloppy.

      • what does it usually cost? Seeing a lot of different figures

        • It takes about 20mins and is completely free as a sole trader.

          Companies will charge you money because they rely on suckers =P

        • @incipient: Should this be worrisome?

          "To provide true and correct information in my ABN application
          Penalties of up to $12,600 can apply for each false or misleading statement made in an ABN application"

          I have no intention of actually using the ABN besides getting this deal and future deals hahaha

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          Haha that's for you to decide!

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          Yes. You should enter true statements. If you intend to use your ABN to do some activity for money (whether or not you actually end up doing that) then you might be okay. IANAL so this isn't legal or financial advice.

        • @panetta:

          It is not as simple as some activity for money. https://abr.gov.au/For-Business,-Super-funds---Charities/App...

          I don't know if I want tell the ATO I have a business when I don't have one, might pop on to some audit or something

    • I just joined today. They gave me $39/m for 12 months with 15gb

      • How?

        • Go chat with Telstra.
          Ask for Mx BYO plan
          I said my plan with Optus gave me 15gb for $40. Then also said, JB is discounting $10 off.
          So they matched it.

        • @mpowerwid:

          I suppose it depends on what you value more, but $200 gift card would be more than the $10 saving you made over 12 months.

  • I assume if you are already with Telstra this won't work?

    • I'd like to know as well.

      I'm currently with Telstra on a pre-paid plan. My Mrs is with Aldi Mobile though, she may be able to get this deal and get me on the plan as well. Also, there is the free Kogan mobile deal on right now. If I was to port out to Kogan, then sign up for this deal would that work?

      • I have been told by Telstra that to go from pre-paid to post-paid they would have to port my number. So there may be a chance JB will honour the deal given there is a port involved?

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          'I have been told by Telstra that to go from pre-paid to post-paid they would have to port my number.'

          This is wrong. I managed a Telstra shop for 7 years.

          The staff member likely just used that terminology to explain the situation in a simple way to you. It's called a pre to post though, and to switch from prepaid (a consumer offering, offered in Siebel) to a post paid is a simple order in the consumer side, or if going to the business program (referred to as MNC, a legacy program) it requires a phone call to our back of house, to transfer the number back to the legacy system then an order to convert to the appropriate plan. There is no porting involved at all (we also hated doing it too, as we got paid very little for doing it.). It is also not eligible for this offer.

          It is altogether possible to port a number out (I recommend optus or voda over anyone else) and back in though to be eligible, wait 24 hours in between if you decide to do this though.

        • @ONEMariachi: Thanks so much for your reply. When I was inquiring recently about switching to post-paid, I was also told that it would take 4-7 business days to activate everything. It wasn't convenient to have my phone number off for that long then, so put off switching. Is 4-7 business days normal?

        • @j05h: Nah not at all, can some times at most take 24 hours, but the usual time period is 2-4 hours for it to go through. They just didn't want to do it so they tried to make it seem unappealing to you- I had to tell some of my staff off for doing stuff like this every now and then (unfortunate side effects of sales cultures sometimes).

    • Any current customers tried?

      My contract has expired, just on month to month.

      • Yep i tried. Said they cant give me the $200 gift card.

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        A simple workaround…
        Just get any other provider's $2 sim (e.g. voda) today and port out of Telstra - it usually happens the same day. Being a true Ozbargainer, refrain from adding any credit since you are not going to use it haha.
        Then go to JB to get this deal tomorrow. :)

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          I bought a optus $2 pre paid sim and when trying to port it wants me to do a recharge with the cheapest being $30 for 30 days.

          Is there a way to just port and not recharge with the optus $2 sim?

        • @Huddo:
          Grab a 5 or 10 dollar recharge
          From newsagents/supermarket/servo
          Works on the 2 dollar plan
          (Even if it says min amount of 10)
          Gave me 6 days to use on the 5 dollar recharge the other day.

        • @snappy1234:

          How did you port your number? When i go to the optus website and follow the porting instructions you get to the stage where it wants to add a recharge and you cant bypass it

        • @Huddo:
          Min recharge is now $5 afaik.
          For porting or any new sim.
          Happy to be proven wrong.

  • Do telstra offer free music streaming and/or netflix data?

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      Nope, but AFL is free.

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        Oh….yay (◢_◣)

      • I got free Apple Music for 6 months with data free streaming on this plan.

        • Did you already have Apple Music when you received that offer? I can’t work out how to apply the offer to my current subscription.

        • @Stix: go into your apple music account and end your current deal. Then go through the telstra guff.

      • Yes. You free 6 months Apple Music including data free streaming for Apple Music only.

        "Stream Apple Music data free on Australia's best mobile network
        Music streaming is not counted towards your data charge.

        Includes post-paid, pre-paid and mobile broadband customers
        Business and enterprise customers eligible
        Apple Music customers with Telstra, or with Apple directly, are both eligible
        And with Telstra, you'll enjoy 4G speeds across the largest 4G coverage area of any mobile network in Australia.

        Telstra 4GX brings you the fastest 4G speeds in Australia, up to twice as fast as our regular 4G on a compatible mobile device in a 4GX area."


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      I thought streaming via Apple music was not included towards your data quota. Happy to be proven wrong though

      • you are right, @scuderiarmani is wrong

        • I am on a Telstra business plan and do NOT get free AFL.

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    Was this the same post that was marked as sock puppeting just before?

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    $32.33 per month for 20GB, not bad.
    And being a business phone, can claim it on tax.

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      True/cash value of $200 gift card is reduced because you can buy a $200 @5% off via entbook portal

      • Plus, it's a $200 gift card to JB hifi, it's not cash.

      • Plus, you get 10% gst back via your ABN

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      Regardless if business phone or not you can claim on tax, provided the use of the phone is for business use, or earning or producing assessable income

  • hope they have this next year when my vodafail contract finishes.

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      Still bad, vodafone ?

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        was ok but they raised my sim only plan price without noticing me and i had no other better plans at that time so i had to be with them for another year.

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          They can't just raise the price of your plan if you are in a contract. This is completely illegal, and allows you to break contract immediately if they do this.

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          @ONEMariachi: I was on a $35 sim only plan for almost 5 years and they did offer me extra data as a loyal customer in the last 3 years. then earlier this year they started charging me $45 for the same plan. I called up and they said they can't do $35 anymore and I was out of the contract so I am automatically put on the $45 for the same inclusions. I rang up and they said the best they can do is $40 so I am locked in for another 12 months for $40.

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          @willz: screw that, I'd leave out of principle!

          … And then come crawling back next time there's a front page deal

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    Hmm this or optus 15gb for $30.

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      I work in Brisbane CBD and recently changed from Optus to Telstra. My manager is still on Optus.

      Sitting side by side, my Ookla Speedtest results are around 73 Mbit on 4G.
      Manager gets between 1.5 and 3.5 Mbit on Optus 4G - and all phone calls drop out if he walks into middle of the building (mine dont).

      Of course results may vary depending on location (but CBD is a pretty central test site !!). In some areas Optus may have better reception than Telstra.

      I got $200 gift card a few weeks ago on previous deal.

      • Sometimes it could also be a phone fault. Should use identical phones to be 100% certain or trying both sims in the same phone.

    • wondering same thing - revolves around if you actually need the $200 JB voucher.

      • Need? This is ozbargain.
        My lights turn on when I ask them to.

        …I am also now a $200 JB voucher holder :)

  • This a national deal ?

    • +25

      No, it's only available to people living in suburban Hobart who drive green Toyota Corolla's while wearing purple t-shirts.

  • Getting this. Was waiting on for long time.
    Been with Aldi, which is sometimes hit and miss in my area.

  • Would get this if could be done on personal. Don't want to bother with abn as probs won't be able to tax deduct whereas normally phone can be

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    Just give Bunnings ABN works for me

    • +7

      Lol bunnings ABN is basically everyone’s ABN

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    Dont go business if you are on personal trust me its a different world there. Last to get many features, poor data reporting (up to 2 days delayed), horrible online billing and my account is far behind personal. You'll hear "sorry you need a 13 digit account number for that" so often you'll want to churn back to personal like I did. Took 7 months to get it done too due to their sheer incompetence.

    • +5

      I second this. I was on business plan before and it was a nightmare on the billing/reporting. It goes to a completely different website and you don't get perks like Apple Music, offers…etc.

      • Apple music free streaming is set on the telstra network. I could do it on boost.

    • thanks for the heads up…

    • The small print says you can choose between the "Go Mobile Plus BYO Plan" and the "My Business Mobile SIM Plan".

      Google suggests the former is a personal plan.

      • Can anyone confirm this?

        • +1

          Just got the "Go Mobile" plan, it came with 6 months Apple Music and all that.

          Still needed an ABN.

          Edit: looks like I have a new Telstra account number after all.
          I might try to ring them and see whether I can get my accounts merged.

        • i'd like to know as well

    • So true. I'm on telstra business atm and bought the new cellular Apple Watch. I was trying to activate Telstra One Number to get the cellular features working, only to get the standard "sorry, you need a 13 digit account number for that" response from Telstra. No time frame in sight either >__<

      • Don't count on it anytime soon. I used to work in telstra and telstra business was frequently thrown into the too hard basket because of the system complexities.

  • Seems that mobile data is getting cheaper!!

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      As I said on another deal, expect for unlimited shaped data to be the norm in the next year. That's why telcos are dropping their pants to get you on a contract

  • +1

    I would have jumped on this if they were offering internation calls minutes to some locations. As it is, pretty darn good for the amount of data you get.

    • Make voip calls with your huge data allowance?

      • The other side should also be able to receive when I want them to :)

        • -1

          You can make voip calls to a standard number, you'll have to subscribe to a service, but you'll probably only pay a few cents per minute.

          Edit: Even Skype allows you to make calls to international phones. Prices for common countries seem to be between 1 and 3 cents per minute. I'm sure there are cheaper options.

  • Does this come with visual voicemail for iPhones at no extra cost?

  • Isn't there a way to sim share for a nominal fee? Because for $49+$5ish a month to share 20gb that'd be awesome

    • I do that with my Voda plan that I've had for nearly two years. 1 x $60/month for 20gb for my phone and 1 x $10/month for 1gb for my tablet which gives me 21gb to share across devices. It was a great deal 2 years ago.

      • Ah, yeah, that's data sharing. I'm after real sharing (calls and SMS too)

  • Anyone have success without an abn?

    • I went to JB hiFi to check. $200 voucher is only available for sign up with ABN. Personal account can sign up for $49 plan, but won't be able to receive $200 voucher.

  • This is an absolutely awesome deal!!!! $386 (assuming the $200 gift card's value is $200) for 12 months of Telstra's 20GB plan + 6 months Apple Music it seems.
    Such a shame my Vodafone contract still has 2 months left..

  • Any love for those on Boost Mobile? Do we need to Port to something else first?

    • -1

      If your # is with Boost (and probably even Belong) then you should still be able to get this deal.