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WD My Passport 4TB $164, Corsair K65 RGB Rapidfire Mechanical KB $115.20, SanDisk 128GB Extreme Go USB $59.20 Posted @ PC Byte


Some more incredible prices from PC Byte eBay store.

Cheapest in Australia @ time of posting when compared to staticice prices.

All products come with FULL Australian Warranty (Keep this in mind when comparing to overseas (e.g. Amazon) pricing.

Price in title includes delivery (AU Wide)


Original 20% off Selected Sellers on eBay Deal Post

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    Waiting for the K90 to go on sale….still waiting…


    damn my keyboard is on sale.

    great keyboard.


      i eneded up scoring this keyboard from this deal.
      does your keyboard light up all red with white WASD and arrow keys when you lock windows with windows key + L ?
      ive got my lighting set to key typing puilse, so i lights up with a wave on whatever key you press and then when i lock the pc, i get the solid red and white. its weird.


        its RGB, i dont know what you talking about. i change color thur CUE.exe

        it doesnt. i just did that win+L nothing changed. keyboard still same color as before.

        i am using static color, (and stored inside the keyboard). i was full rainbow until finally got tired of those lolol. now just static color.


          yeah, so in cue, ive set green and yellow to alternateingly pulse from the key that i touch.
          but when i lock windows using the key and L, it immediately lights up red. i might have fudge around in CUE again and test a few different modes.



          there are 2 modes for the keyboard.

          one mode rely on the CUE.exe (if you exit cue.exe, it will go back to stock)

          the other mode doesnt need CUE.exe. (which only supports stock effects, which are only few of them)

          i use second mode as i just need static.

          almost 200$ keybaord and doesnt have onboard memory lame corsair……
          hope them upgrade it next year.


          @Hornpub: i thought they did have on board. thanks for the heads up about cue though. it must be cutting cue out when i lock my pc.

          just tested out with pc unlocked and closing cue, it defaults to red with white wasd and arrow keys.
          legend, thanks for your help in nutting it out.
          now to look for a solution.


          They do have, but it only supports those few default effects !!!

          I want my matrix and rainbow raindrop effect !!! :((

          I haven't dug into this problem just yet.

          for me, it's not so much about lock-pc, but I want to minimize background tasks especially peripheral related.

          I highly doubt there will be a software update to fulfill this function.


    Thanks bought the wd hdd for my xbox :)


    Bought a wd drive, thanks op!


    Didnt know people still bought usb drives lol. Hdd is a great price !!


    Is this HDD very safe at using as photo/video backups from my PC?
    If not, what would you guys reccomend?