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20% off 61 Selected Tech Retailers @ eBay


Seems like another 20% off Tech Sale is upon us :)

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All credit must go to sn809 for finding the code!

Universal Search link for all participating stores Thanks to Quantum Cat. Replace with your own search terms.

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As always, enjoy!

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  • Can anyone tell me off the top of their head if any of these places stock Bose headphones?

  • Here comes Mr Price Hike

    • LOL I knew this sale was coming as most of the stores hadn't reduce the prices from the previous hikes

      • Yeah several that I was watching increased their prices by almost 20% over the weekend so knew there must have been something coming… Very annoying!!

        • I have personally experienced a price hike of 100% over night when Harvey Norman had a 50% off laptop sale. This was about 7 years back, in the early days of OZB. After seeing the deal on OZB late on a Friday, I checked their website and took a printout of the laptop from their website which had it's regular price as well. Went into the store next to see all the models that wee part of the deal have gone up 100% in pricing.
          That was the last time I trusted any sales in Australia after living in US and seen the meaning of sales over there. It's true Australia is a smaller volume market and hence the prices are higher. Still false advertising and marketing is very different thing altogether. Australia has very good consumer laws however all big and small businesses still go through them with no trouble it seems.

        • @rmamila: queue Gerry Harvey coming out (same as the last 10 years) saying online retail is killing brick and mortar….

    • Just checked one place on that list that I know sells Lego (hobbywh) and the prices are the highest I've ever seen for the items I've been looking for. Without double-checking, I'd cautiosuly say they are even higher than RRP on the Lego Au official site!

  • Here we go again

  • Anyone got a link to search them?

  • Ebay may as well just keep this permanent at this rate, starting to look like Harris Scarfe with identical sales.

  • Amazon is coming!!

  • Any Nintendo Switches likely to be available…?

  • Come on iPad Pro

  • Do any of these retailers sell console games?

  • Whats the best way to search for a particular item across these stores?

    When I search, it finds other stores when sorted by cheapest - so how to restrict search to just these stores.

    • wait on here for someone to create a search list of those retailers for you or you can do it by adding those retailer names to your search filter. It's kind of tedious though.
      If you do, please share the link, I am sure other ozbargainers will appreciate your effort.

      • It usually earns you a popular comment badge.

        • How to get a top comment badge:

          1) Wait for an eBay coupon with a specific sellers list
          2) Copy all of the sellers from the list
          3) Go to advanced search on eBay (Desktop site Only)
          4) Paste the sellers into the Only show items from > Specific sellers box
          5) Copy and paste the resulting link into the OzBargain comments section
          6) Profit

          Bonus points
          Sometimes specific sellers from the list have different "store names". If you have the time/patience, you can check which one's are wrong and fix them up :)

        • @CharcoaI: That's if you consider those dumb medals to be profit.

        • @CharcoaI: Easier option; make a witty/sarcastic pun/dad joke in response to a deal.

        • @CharcoaI:
          How to comment like a douche:
          1)Make a bullet list
          2)Congrats you did it

    • The landing page should have a search box once the sale is live.

  • Bose QC35 II $380 after 20%. from videopro_online.

    • Assume you get a legit tax invoice. If so, what would TRS be based on? $475 or $380?

      • Don’t see why you wouldn’t get a tax invoice from Video Pro. They’re a legit aus based company with local stock. TRS would be based on $475 I believe as eBay is covering the 20% discount.

        • @Hinee: technically you are right but practically speaking and in reality I’vd gotten the pre-sale GST amount back every single time from TRS as the supplied invoice always shows the price without ebay’s Discount coupon.

        • +4 votes



          TRS is based on the price as listed on the invoice, which would show the full price of $475.

        • @mg_k:
          Just echoing my experience of claiming TRS on QC35s purchased from VP via an eBay deal, which showed my price on the invoice….

        • I am not familiar with TRS process. Do they keep my original invoice with them when I claim at the airport? or bringing a copy of the invoice is enough?

        • @nizsmo: Wait, what is this TRS claiming, and how do I also do this?

        • @ONEMariachi: Tourist Refund Scheme. You'll get the GST refunded to you at the airport if you're heading overseas within 60(?) days of purchases over $300 as long as you're taking that item out of the country. A few other conditions but that's the main idea…

        • @ONEMariachi: Yep as Slave1 said, and there's an app you can download too which should be handy to claim (possibly faster lining up). Search for Tourist Refund Scheme. As long as your invoice (needs to be physical I think) is over $300 (can be a combo of items or single item) and within 60 days of travel.

        • @nizsmo:
          A digital invoice is fine as well. Last time I showed them on my phone (emails).

        • @TheGamer: Interesting, I hadn't had the guts to try this yet but will definitely keep in mind if I end up forgetting the receipts next time. But they do really seem to like stamping the "TRS Claimed" stamp on the physical receipts though…

        • Thanks you legends.

        • @nizsmo:
          If the shop has issued you with an electronic tax invoice you will need to provide this on your device when making a claim.

          Hope this helps:)

        • @nizsmo: The person also needs to have the actual device on their person or else no refund!

  • +6 votes

    all aboard the 'price hike' train ;)

    • Well, I've been monitoring the price of an item for about a month now and know exactly what it is worth… so if there is a price hike, I will know and just buy it off a retailer on staticice. Be Educated and you may get yourself a bargain.


      Yep - I won't mention the seller until I have hard proof, but each time I've gone to check with them in previous sales their prices have been bumped so there is no saving made with the sale. I've got pre-sale screenshots this time, so will be interested to see what happens at 10am. ;)

      • I wonder if eBay is hiking the price to cover for the deals. Is it possible to lodge a complaint against eBay for this fraudulent activity?

        • Ebay wouldn't be, as their share of the promotion is just them giving up part/all their fee.
          The retailers would be covering the other share, so bump their prices to both cover this and try and fool buyers into paying more.

        • @SBOB: hmm.. but I still cant think of eBay losing their 10% and additional 10% for a sale every month or so..and they let the retailer's know about it so that the latter can take advantage of their loss..! It makes sense if eBay is involved in the scam!

        • @samsal46:
          Not sure I follow

          These 'selected' retailer sales are clearly a promotion the retailer chooses to be involved with, and ebay isnt covering the 20%.
          The retailer would be covering 'x' % and ebay likely covers the other 'y'% (which is probably a portion or all of the fees the retailer would be paying anyway on regular ebay sales).

          For those times its a % off everything sale, yes ebay takes that 'loss'

    • It looks like Shopping Square has hiked it's prices already. Here's the Xiaomi Mi Robot now listed for $474 (was $379).

  • Any bargain on QC car charger?

    • Why don't you search for yourself and report back?

      • Lorindor - I have absolutely no idea why a55h0l35 neg comments like yours. Readers need to stop being lazy, and search for themselves… in that way they can not only find their own bargains, but they can also check if the prices (on the deal) are competitive and fair. Furthermore, of they find something that's truly exceptional, they can come back and post to inform others.

        So, I have also +POS you, to help redress the unfair negs you have copped.

    • best bet would be a blitzwolf one from banggood

  • I've been keeping an eye on the prices for the 75n7. Noticed that Videopro had it for $3485.00 but yesterday it was no longer available on their ebay store. But today it is back at the rice of $3896…..

    Lucky I bit the bullet lastnight and purchased it from the Goodguys using the PULL20 code.

  • So any bargains?

  • After an iPad 32gb wifi
    Hope something comes up

  • Any deals for Xiaomi vacuum? I see shopmonk has put price up to $504.

  • Come on. iPad Pro 12.9 2017 4G hopefully a good price.

  • Deals on Note 8 or S8+ would be great

  • i wonder how many people complain about prices hikes and don't lodge a complaint to the ACCC?


    • I believe the issue is they aren't breaking the law. The vendors aren't jacking the price then offering a discount (which would be breaking the law). I believe they're jacking the price then eBay is offering a subsidy (even your paypal transaction lists the full price and the subsidy, or it did last time I looked).

      When it comes to the law quite often it's all about the semantics. These companies have lawyers that are smarter than the ACCC and more spine than the government, so all you can do is make people aware of the practice and allow them to exercise their social conscience.

      At the end of the day most people will see a $10 saving and still buy, which perpetuates the behaviour. You're welcome to try and stop people buying, rather than targeting those who are trying to raise awareness of the action.

      • "These companies have lawyers that are smarter than the ACCC"- I beg to differ with this statement….Look at Kogan case last year…I am sure Kogan would have paid top dollar for top lawyer yet they still lost…

        • To the tune of $32k? Peanuts and WELL worth the effort for them. Plus Kogan did it directly on their own site, if they'd done it through eBay it would have been entirely legal.

        • @unique452: Not really….It was on ebay - "Before or at the start of the promotion, Kogan increased the prices of the three computer monitors featured on its eBay store. As a result, although consumers received a 20% discount off the newly increased prices, they in fact only received a 9% discount off the previously advertised prices for each of the three computer monitors."

        • @kiwiinoz: Ah right, I thought it was on their own site, I think the "logic" still applies, I believe they offered the discount, not eBay.

          I 100% believe companies that jack prices even when eBay offers the discount should be fined into the ground, but I believe the issue is it's not currently against the rules

        • +1 vote

          @unique452: So.. what do you guys think I do with this?

        • @mit: if it lowers in price after the sale the report it to ACCC :P

        • @konji: It will. It pissed me off last time which is when I took the screenshot of the lowered price. I even asked them to lower the price during the sale but apparently it could not be done.

        • @mit: Keep it for now….Then report it once Sale goes off and they decrease cost…Let me know I will send you the link to report to ACCC…

        • @mit: Simple - if you don't feel that it's a good price, the don't make the purchase from that vendor. You are obviously comparing prices, and you even have enough technical ability to take and upload screenshots. So I am sure you are perfectly capable of using your brain to make a choice for yourself.

          Oh, and in case you didn't realise - that company is based in Hong Kong, which is not within Australia. So the ACCC has no jurisdiction anyway, even if they did consider it was improper behaviour.

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