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Xiaomi Yeelight AC220V RGBW E27 Smart LED Bulb - US $10.59 (~AU $13.48) Delivered @ GearBest


Thanks to Sunny from GB.
Limited to first 300 stock,2 times per account (1 Per order),AU,NZ ONLY.

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    I think I need to slow down on these. I got multiple "did you mean to make multiple orders?" messages from GB.

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    any reason why i better get this instead of the one colour white ones?

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      you get 'sexy time' lighting with the colour one.

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      I made mine turn red when my partner connects to the wifi. she still has no clue how.

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          You can do this with Home Assistant pretty easily! I have my office one turn on when my laptop docks and it's between working hours, just need to set up Google Home to talk to HA so I can say "hey google it's sexy time"

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          I use IFTTT. She has it on her phone for a number of things, but I set up a link to the yeelight account. When her android phone connects to our wifi, it sends a command through IFTTT to yeelight to enable a particular "scene".

          She figured it out yesterday. Still hasn't turned it off though!

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    Wait a second… you’re not doweyy! 😜

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    Just wondering what purpose people use colours other than warm and cool white.

    • Maybe for themes? Or as dibdob said, “sexy time”.
      EDIT: I put one of these in the front room where my Mum usually watches TV and she quite likes the ease of use and control via the Home app on her iPhone (Have the lightbulb configured through Homebridge). She’s also mentioned that when it’s late at night, she prefers a warm pink colour or a dark red colour instead of a yellow or white as it’s apparently easier on her eyes.

  • So I now have a total of three of these lightbulbs with two of them on the way. How many of these lightbulbs does everyone else have in total?

    • Just ordered my first one in white. Will see what it's like first.. then may order more.

    • I have the white only, the colour and led strip
      no actual, practical use beyond nerding out that I can tell Alexa to turn the room red and it works.

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    haha i was about to post the same deal. Was talking to Doweyy, and had a laugh that they used Doweyy's handle as a code.

  • Cheers, thanks :) I'll have a full set of these eventually

  • Cheers! Would really like more codes for the non-RGB ones, if the rep is about!

  • Woohoo finally didn't miss out on one of these 8)

  • So what's the best app to control these? I have a LIFX that I control with the LIFX app. And a Xiaomi Home app to control the Xiaofang camera. But would be nice to control all with the same app.

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      Google Assistant.

    • Yeelight app is required to manually control them and set up schedules etc.

    • Or if you've got an always on pc (old laptop in my case) you can set up home assistant and control everything through a web app that works in any browser/device. Before it set that up, the Yeelight app was easiest to use, but xiaomi home also does the job.

  • any code for white one ?

  • The code has expired

  • The Code you entered has expired.?

  • Gone! Good thing I bought

  • Just ordered one of these 2 weeks ago. Anyone know how long shipping usually takes from Gearbest using Registered shipping?

  • Missed out again. One day haha

  • good price..
    but i go to gearbest.. add to cart.. enter code.. oh no expired

  • Expired. :-(

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    just turn on develop mode, and use your way to control it. the cloud is useless..

    • Thanks for the tip! Didn't know there's a developer mode

  • Woo I finally got it before it expired. Another item that will be used once and then forgotten about :D

  • Do they make ones with the bayonet mount?

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      I have the same question.

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        Nope, a lot of people on here use $2 adapters

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      Nope, but the a lot of people on here use adapters

  • Can a similar deal be posted please? Would be much appreciated

  • does anyone know if you can use the yeelight connected with the xiaomi gateway at the same time as with google home?

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    Don't worry, Sunny has delivered the goods once again.

    doweyy1020, 300 more units, AUS/NZ IP.


  • im sure this has been asked numerous times but does this work with homekit?

  • Thanks Sunny! Missed out on the last few, got 2 this time :)

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    Can we get a refresh on this code please :)

  • Still haven't received mine :(

    • I got mine yesterday so yours shouldn't be too far away! :)

      • :( still not here

        • Hmm weird, I got both of mine

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