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Steam Link $27 and Steam Controller $63 at EB Games


They're on sale just like last time.

Here are some previous discussion both the Link & Controller here and here.

Sale ends 30th of October.

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  • Is the steam controller worth it?

    • +9

      no, i bought it and its pretty junk, I've gone back to an Xbox one controller.

      • Ok, thanks.

        • +1

          its (profanity) awesome.

          I have one. it takes a lot of learning but is incredibly powerful.

          most ppl quit on it.

        • @riitiir: Can I use it as a mouse in Windows? Because whenever I invite a friend, it brings up that overlay, and I have to grab my mouse to send the invite and then close it.

        • @flaminglemon: Yeah, its pretty customisable.

      • It's a great controller, but it takes a few weeks to retrain that muscle memory you've set for years with a conventional controller. Don't confuse bad hardware with unfamiliarity.

    • +11

      The touchpads are far better than joysticks (maybe 80% as accurate as a mouse), and you can customise the whole thing however you want. The rest of it is basically the same as any other controller. Don't think I could go back to a regular controller, tbh.

      • +3

        This. Also, don't forget the gyro and insane amounts of customisation. My Xbox controller is now gathering dust.

        • +6

          I feel that anyone who says no just pulled it out of the box and used it for 10 minutes before giving up because they didn't bother reading into it.

    • Can vouch for ps4 controller. The top touchpad is hella good

      • What do you use the top touchpad for? I can only make it work as one big button.

        • You can remap it to mouse movements too and not just the button press action

    • No I bought one and I'm only using Xbox one controller.
      The touchpad seems like a great idea before you start playing any FPS or games that you need a right jog wheel to look around.
      And the other buttons and left cross buttons are too tiny

    • I wouldn't bother.
      Steep learning curve and frustrating at times.

      Steam Link, however, is awesome!

    • +4

      The best controller I've ever used. The touchpads take a little getting used to but are superior to joysticks. Being able to map more than 60 buttons/key combinations to a single touchpad is amazing. Not to mention every other level of customisability.

    • +2

      I bought one last time and I like it. I'm now playing a bunch of games on my TV.

      There's a lot to learn about it if you want to customise it but for most games there are good configurations out of box.

      I played Bioshock Infinite with it recently, using the right touch pad in place of a joystick and it worked quite well, a few tweaks needed. The grip buttons are nifty, too.

      More recently I've played a few racing games, Need for Speed Carbon and Burnout Paradise. In NFSC I assigned boost and handbrake to grip buttons to be able to activate without moving hands on the controller at all (can't to this with a 360 controller). In Burnout I used a community config, which had the triggers so a soft pull (IE partial pull of the trigger) is accelerator/brake and a hard/full pull (there's a tactile response where it clicks to indicate this happened) is boost and handbrake. This also works quite nicely.

      Overall I find it a solid choice, and if you spend the time to get it how you want it gives you the best possible vouch gaming experience IMO - it opens up possibilities that simply don't exist for other controllers or a mouse and keyboard combo.
      I have a PC connected to the TV (despite also buying a steam link I haven't been to shift the PC elsewhere and connect the link) and using the Steam Controller in Windows to browse the Web and generally get to things before Steam Big Picture is ready to go is also good, helping to negate the need for a mouse and keyboard connected at all.

    • +2

      Yes, the best controller ever made, more accurate than any other, more custom settings and the only controller I will use :)
      It is accurate and comfortable enough to be used as a full time mouse for your desktop!

      If you have muscle memory for a conventional controllers adaption will take a while, if you are a K/M player it should only take a few hours.

      • I need a controller for my Steam Link.

        I've never (almost never) used another controller - do you think this would be the best bet? In theory it sounds perfect for someone going from keyboard and mouse at their PC to wanting to do some gaming on the couch.

        • +1

          I think it would be ideal for 2 reasons, the Link has the wireless dongle for it built in and the accuracy is not far off K/M, it will take a while to adjust but not having controller muscle memory will make it much easier.
          Check out some reviews re customization but if you don't want to play around with them most games have community layouts you can just select.

        • @geebee: Really? The link has a built in receiver for the controller? I've been an idiot all this time moving the dongle from Pc to link…..

        • @Piranha2004: Yeah I did the same… weird.

        • @geebee: OK Ive confirmed that the controller needs a dongle to function

        • @Piranha2004:

          Pairing the Steam Link and Steam Controller

          The Steam Controller can be paired directly to the Link without using a wireless USB dongle. To pair your Steam Link and Steam Controller, please do the following:

        • @geebee: Thanks did not know that

    • I love it, im terrible with a xbox controller but SC works great for me. Its good for lounge playing of FPS ,RTS and 3rd person style RPGS. I wouldnt try and play Arma3 or PUBG with it.

      • Have you tried remapping the xbone controller in steam big picture mode? You can set the controllers gyro as a mouse, it makes a huge difference to aiming in fps

        • +1

          Only have a xbox 360 controller. I was using it today and it jsut feels so unco to me.

        • @Arnor: ah yeah :,( I really couldn't stand that controller

    • +1

      Steam controller is worth it if:
      * you want to play mouse oriented games with a controller
      * you like to press buttons with force/you have big strong hands
      (this is even on a software level with the default mappings)
      * you have no interest in 2d platformers/ using a dpad
      * if you just want to control windows with a controller

      It should be noted that both xbone and ps4 controllers have the same remapping support in steam as the steam controller, so the only real differences are the touchpads and the shape of the controller

      I haven't used an Xbone controller but I get the feeling it covers the second 2 points. I personally think the ps4 controller is the most versatile controller with it's excellent dpad, but lots of people find it too small/light.

      The steam controller actually sits in your hands comfortable if you are mainly using the touchpads, but I didn't like the chunky buttons or the missing dpad.

  • +2

    I enjoy using the steam link, great price

    • Can you plug a keyboard/mouse or Xbox one controller into it? For the price it’s ibteresting. I do have all gigabit wired at home.

      • Sure can.

      • it has usb ports for plug ins.

        I can't use my wireless 360 controller, but I have a bluetooth Logitech ps3 keyboard and mouse pad that works.

        I don't want to plug anything in, so was disappointed it didn't' pick up wireless 360 controller.

        • Do you have a dongle for the wireless 360 controller?

        • @theguyrules:

          nah, just the fully wireless ones.
          I use my keyboard mouse combo , i use it for shows from the nas, but it would be good to play games on it as well.
          Might get a compatible controller one day to use my new PC on the tv.

        • +1

          To use the fully wireless Xbox 360 controllers on something other than an Xbox 360, you need a USB receiver dongle. The Steam Link and the PC don't know how to talk to the controller otherwise.

          You can pick them up for like $10 on eBay.

        • -1


          Some janky driver installation process on the Chinese adapters tho

        • @AustriaBargain: I've never struggled with it.

      • unfortunately the steam link's ethernet port is only 100Mb/s

      • If you have a decent router you're good to go.

  • +11

    As I've done with the previous deals I highly recommend the Steam Link if you can connect it to your network with a cable. I can't detect any delay with my Intel 4670k, 8GB RAM and GTX1060 equipped PC playing games like Shadow of Mordor and AC: Black Flag. Absolutely worth it at this price. Great way to have a console experience without having to fork out for a console and doubling up on games. I suck with a controller so it's nice to be able to just switch to keyboard+mouse for a particularly hard mission…

    • +1

      My steam link runs perfectly on wifi as long as the pc is wired to the modem

      • +1

        Mine too, but on 5Ghz.

        • +1

          Yeah l wouldn't suggest using it on 2.4ghz

      • Worked perfectly for me on 5ghz, both Steam Link and PC on wi-fi.
        Only once every hour there might be a 1 second lag.

    • Yes only with cable.
      I could't connect them to cable so the delay was very bad. EB Games staff accepted my return and she seemed like she already knew it's laggy..

    • Got a beast at the end of my steamlink, it runs like garbage. My mates PC is the same specs but runs it smoother. Weird.

      All through powerful network.

      • There might be a difference in QoS settings?

        • Tried all settings. So weird, even had a modem change (and upgrade to NBN) in the meantime and nothing changed.

        • @StoneSin: Have you tried playing with the quality settings on the Steam Link?

        • @ytumer: Yeah tried all the settings lol.

      • Wired or Wi-Fi?

        I have a pretty moderate PC (Core i5, GTX 1050 Ti) but the link runs without any hiccups with both ends on wired ethernet (and only 100mbps on the Steam Link end at that). Wi-Fi is inevitably going to have higher latency and more interference than ethernet so that can cause issues even if bandwidth is higher.

        • All through powerful network.


        • I can run it with my TPLink AV2000 EOP so wired network should be OK.

      • Lag? Bad picture quality? What exactly does runs like garbage mean?

        And what is a "powerful network"?

        • Lag, picture quality is normal as what I'd expect. But it lags.

          One that should handle this stuff with ease.

        • @StoneSin:

          What about the game on your PC at the same time?

          Is it normal on the PC but only lag on the TV screen?

        • @superforever: Only on the TV.

        • @StoneSin:

          So when the game running at the same time on the PC and the TV only the TV was lagged?

          Same TV is used for another PC on same steamlink, that one works smoothly.

          You also said this, so in that case must be something to do with that PC. Try disable antivirus program, etc. I assumed you are using the same network connection and HDMI cable.

          The first time when you connected did you PC ask you to update audio drivers something like that?

        • @superforever: Yes. Tried that. Same cables. Nope :/

      • Have you checked if your TV is running in "Game" mode on that HDMI input, ie low input lag mode?

        Sounds like it might be an issue with your TV/display rather than the network.

        What latency do the Steam Link debug stats show? Anything under ~20ms wont be noticeable and <30ms is still playable. If your network latency is in this area then your TV probably has high input lag.

        • Same TV is used for another PC on same steamlink, that one works smoothly.

    • Yep been loving my Steam Link as well. Can also run non-steam games as well so great for playing FIFA 18 on the couch or beanbag :)

      • How do you get it work? My controller wouldn't response after I open Fifa.

        • Didn't do anything special, just ran the shortcut through Steam and it picked up my PS3 controller fine.

    • Will also vouch for Steam Link over WiFi if you have a good set up.

      I have a high end PC connected via Ethernet direct to a AC68U on Merlin upstairs, Steam Link is connected on 5GHz from downstairs and the "standard" streaming quality has no noticeable delay. In "standard/performance" I've compared to running a long Ethernet cable for Steam Link and the latency figures are very similar. "Beautiful" preset gives a bit of delay which is ok for games like AC and Tomb Raider where you want nice visuals but the inputs aren't as important as something like FIFA or Rocket League.

      Of course YMMV but it really comes down to 1) router wireless performance and 2) number and type of obstacles - if you'll make use of Steam Link often and LAN is no option, it's probably worth upgrading to a AC68U or R7000 which would also benefit Netflix, YouTube, etc. In my case I was surprised considering the floor separation.

  • +2

    This is freaking awesome - thanks op! I just bought Witcher 3 GOTY on PC as it was cheaper than buying all the expansions for my PS4 version, but now I can run it through the TV AND use my PS4 controller to have basically an identical experience to the console.

  • +1

    Have both. Steam Link is worth it. Steam Controller is an acquired taste

  • Can I use XBOX 360 wireless controller?

    • Yes but you need to plug in a usb xbox 360 wireless receiver.

      • Do I need the original receiver?

        When I have steam running on my PC under my account, can somebody else login to their own PC account to do something else?

        • No guarantees 3rd party receivers will work, but mine does FWIW.

        • @dojomojo:


        • -1
        • @mediumsliced:

          So I can actually see the game running on my PC at the same time, right?

        • @superforever:

          I think you are replying to the wrong person. I don't have a Link, but will pick one up this sale, so can't help you there.

        • @superforever: You will see the game running on your PC as Steam simply streams whatever is on your screen to your Steam Link connected TV. So you won't be able to use the PC for something else while you are gaming.

  • -3

    Steam link was about $1.50 the other day in countries that Valve doesn't hate and sells to direct from steam.

  • The Steamlink is also great to simply share your computer screen to your TV/Home Theatre system. Great to easily stream movies, music or photos on your TV.

  • +2

    That is fast click & collect speed - "order ready for collection" email 1 min after I ordered it.

    • +1

      That's the way it should be. There are a lot of businesses who make you wait a day or two even though the item is in stock in store.

      • +1

        Well yeah, a staff member has to go through the hassle of moving it from the shelf AAALLLLLL the way over to the counter. Takes a lot of time/effort.

  • +1

    Hi guys,

    I'm wondering if the steam link/controller could be beneficial to me.
    ATM in my room I have a tv at 1080p which is connected to my gaming pc which is run by 7700k and gtx 1080ti connected via a HDMI cable which runs under my bed.
    The HDMI would run a stronger signal to the TV as I know the link goes over WIFI.

    The only annoyance I currently have with the setup is If I want to stream a movie or tv show I have to get out of bed and go on the computer and select the show/movie I want to watch (I know… Life is tough).

    Would the link/controller alleviate the issue and allow me to boot my pc from the steam link via the steam controller and then control what I want to watch via the controller.

    Considering I’m currently connected via HDMI cable would the steamlink be a large downgrade in terms of performance?

    In regards to network the modem is in another room so I would be unable to connect it via Ethernet for best connection and my pc is also connected via wifi and not directly to the modem.


    • +2

      The steam controller can be used as a wireless keyboard and mouse, yeah. You don't need a Steam Link to use a Steam Controller.
      The Seam Link wouldn't give you any benefit.

      However you can get smartphone apps to do what you need without having to buy anything.

      • +2

        Awesome thanks.
        Yeah it looks like the steam link will give me no benefit but the steam controller looks useful as if your mobo supports power on via usb you are able to turn on your pc with the home button.

    • If your computer is already on, download 'remote desktop' to your phone and set it up. It'll allow you to view your screen and control using your phone.

      • Why didn't I think of this before? I walk 5m to my bedroom and back like a Pleb every time I boot Trine.

      • Thanks dude will look into it.

      • This will NOT work in a scenario where you're using Remote Desktop (built in to Windows) because the session is exclusive. Your screen will be locked if a remote session is initiated via RDP.

        A better method would be a K400 or the better Logitech wireless keyboard with touch pad built-in. If the wireless receiver doesn't work properly over your required distance, run a USB cable part or all distance required.

        This is how my PC in the next room interfaces into the lounge. HDMI, DisplayPort and USB3 cables run through the wall and works well for:

        • HTC Vive
        • HDTV
        • Home theatre
        • Backlit wireless keyboard for movies or simple browsing on the lap
        • Xbox One controller (wired or dongle)
        • Logitech steering wheel and stick
        • Full keyboard and mouse during lounge gaming sessions

        The only considerations are cable distances. USB3 mandates either a device or hub be present, on a run 5m or less, so I have a powered hub interfacing two 5m lengths (another hub at the end for peripherals as needed). HDMI and DP can run for 5m easily and 10 if cables are decent enough.

        Beats streaming any day! The steam controller has me interested however.

        • Correct.

          But if hes referring to Chrome remote desktop, your screen will not be locked while the remote session is active :D

    • +1

      I'd recommend unified remote instead, I've been using it for years and it's always worked flawlessly, works over internet or Bluetooth, and has remotes in it for certain programs too, such as VLC and Plex.

      There's a free version, or the paid is about $5. The free should do everything you want.

      • Agreed, and app on special for 2 bucks sometimes.

  • My steamlink is just sitting here doing nothing as i don't have network cable where i need it to be..

    • Ethernet over power maybe?

      • +1

        I can confirm I am using TPLink AV2000 EOP without problem

        • Awesome. Time to get a Steam Link and put that second ethernet port on my AV2000 to use as well!

      • With how much a decent one costs i'd rather put that $ towards getting a network port put in :)

        • Sometime may because of some limitation people couldn't put cabling.

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