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Xiaomi (Aqara) Window/Door Sensors USD $4.99 (~AUD $6.45) @ GearBest


New code added for the AQARA Sensor this code was customized for Davemac

price:AU$6.45 / US$4.99

Limited to first 500 stock , 3 times per account, AU and NZ only.

The first code is for the Original Xiaomi version, the second code for the Xiaomi Aqara version here: https://www.gearbest.com/access-control/pp_626703.html (second code used up)

I don't know of any differences between the two except design (and 1ct), if you know of any, let me know in the comments.

You will need the Xiaomi Home Gateway to make use of these.

Both codes are limited to 3 times per account, AU, NZ only. 300 units Original, 200 Aqara.

Check out in AUD, the conversion Gearbest uses is better than the official USD rate (which would cost you about AUD 6.50).

Thanks to the Gearbest rep for the codes. Very responsive and always willing to knock a $ or two off.

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    I'm not sure if this is a difference, but the aqara version lists the CR1632 battery as 'built in', so I'm not sure if it can be replaced. The older Xiaomi model has the same battery (I own one) and it is straight forward to replace it.

    Perhaps someone with the aqara version can advise?

    • +1

      theres a picture on the site with it open, battery is removable on both.

      • +2

        The PCB in the original version is easy to remove from the housing allowing you to fine solder two wires for external 2xAA/AAA batteries connection as the original CR1632 battery is not so common. Note: Need to be nominal 3V not 3.7V 18650 Li battery.

    • https://community.smartthings.com/t/xiaomi-vs-aqara-door-win...

      Seems like

      Aqara:bug with battery display (always sits on 0%) has easy press button to pair

      Original: pinhole to pair no issues with battery reading

      • +2

        That Aqara "bug" is only when using with Smartthings

    • Looks like the Aqara version has a light sensor, whereas the Xiaomi version doesn't?

      EDIT: Please ignore, was thinking of the Human Sensor.

  • shadeal03 makes the price INCREASE on the Aquara version, not decrease…..

    • You probably ordered more than 1 so the price on the rest reverts to non sale prices.

    • Are you logged in? I'm getting a current flash sale price f A$8.90, which comes down to A$6.35 with that coupon.

    • +1

      I had to check out 3 times. 1 per checkout to get them for the 6.36 price.

  • Discount on the xiaomi version only applies to one unit - not particularly useful. Fortunately the current flash price is $7.62 which is still much less than their normal price

    • If you have half a dozen accounts, you can always put 6 orders through.

    • +3

      I just bought 3 in seperate transactions at 6.35 each.
      Thebcode worked 3 times.

      • Lol and so it does - just put another couple of orders in.

        • I only take what I need.
          U can have a go…

  • What are some applications for it? What does the Gateway allow it to do?

    • +1

      Gateway lets it talk to the xiaomi servers so you can setup rules for it to control other xiaomi smart devices (bulbs, switches, etc). A little, but not much, extra work and software such as "home assistant" and you can avoid the xiaomi servers and control almost anything that can be controlled from a computer. eg get it to send you a text message if someone opens the door while you're not home, or during the night…

    • +15

      This is very handy to check if any of your doors/windows or garage is left open. You can also trigger an alarm at night time if they are opened. You can send notifications to your phone as well so you know if the kids/mrs are home. Here's how my Mi home app looks like:

      • -12

        This is very handy to check if any of your doors/windows or garage is left open.

        I have these things called eyes that can do that.

        • +8

          Good on you, I use it as well together with this handy app and sensor to check it remotely wherever I am.

        • +4


          Yes and I can even see you staring at your phone right now….

      • +4

        I rigged up my letter box to alert me when my GB stuff gets delivered and record a short video. :-)

      • How does it know your door is open? Is it motion sensing? Or gyroscope/accelerometer?

        • The sensor is a magnetic reed switch set. Normally you will place the magnet on the movable door and the sensor with the reed switch and electronics on the door frame. Since this set is so small it doesnt really matter.

      • +1

        Your whole house is Xiaomi. I hope they aren't spying on you. You put a lot of trust in this chinese company.

        • +4

          They can probably get more data from facebook and google than spying on my door opening and closing.

        • @jominix: That's not the only device you have though. You've got cameras and stuff too.

        • +2


          Yeah, cameras are pointed outside the house so no big privacy issue for me if they want to watch cars passing by.

          Temp sensor, I don't think they are interested in knowing how cold/warm my house is.

          Smart Lights, don't see any value for them to spy when my lights are turned on/off.

          Rice cooker - they can come over to my house if they want to join me for dinner.

          Smart outlet, unless they have put a bomb somewhere to trigger a fire, then I don't see it as a big risk.

          Besides, these devices are used by millions of people in China and over the world, so if there are issues with their product, it could have already been exposed. I know I'm taking a risk at my privacy but same as everyone else who uses IoT devices or social media as such. At least if I've decided to disconnect and get rid of it, it doesn't cost me a fortune, unlike other alternative products that do the same thing but costs 5x more than Xiaomi's product.

      • Siri would sell me on it. “I’ve detected that you are the last iPhone user to leave the house and you left your bedroom window open”.

  • +3

    I need a deal of Xiaomi Home Gateway first.

    • +5

      No help to you now, but you missed a deal yesterday. It may still work though:

      • +1

        Champion. It was still of use to me now, code still works so I got one. Thanks for pointing it out.

        • Still works now - thanks!

      • Yep! Still working….

  • Thanks OP. Purchased both versions to test them out.

  • +1

    Ive got more sensors than i have doors and windows now

    • +1

      You could use them in other places. Someone attached it to the laptop, and configured to turn on the power of speakers once open the laptop.

  • I have the 1st gen on still in its box its a handy product but come to think of it you would have to replace lots of the batteries if you were to fit out your house with them LOL. even if it was exterior doors thats still quite hefty

    • The questions is how long do the batteries last. Ive filled my house with them, so dreading the day the batteries do run out

      • +3

        when I was in the xiaomi shop, the lady told me 5 years.

        • +2

          A Xiaomi shop? Where? That's like a Toys R Us for ozbargain

        • @BlazinPast: I believe they're all in Asia (China, Singapore, India etc). Xiaomi doesn't have an official presence in Australia.

        • “our” official presence is over here

        • That's good to know Btw how much cheaper was it when you went to "the store in China" I'm heading over in February so might stock up when I'm there.

        • Had mine for a year and a half and no issues so far. Think with how cheap they are just buy a new one, if the batteries are hard to change. So not an issue :)

        • @BlazinPast:
          It was in Goungzhou, China

        • @nobby148:
          this sensor is 49 yen.
          so not cheaper

      • you can buy them on ebay for as low as 20c-30c each

  • +1

    SHADEAL03 (Aqara) is expired :(

  • Thank you - just bought 3

  • Got three thanks.

  • Can these be set up without the Gateway?

    • This is using Zigbee to communicate
      So you will need a Gateway to have it working
      Alternative to Xiao Mi Gateway is Samsung Smartthings Hub

      • So it doesn't require the Xiaomi Gateway, just some form of central hub?

        • Im not 100% but as long as your hub supports Zigbee you should be ok, but to be honest for $25 i would just get the Xiaomi gateway just in case

  • Peter1028 expired…

    • Thanks, I marked the deal expired.

      • +1

        Any more new code? Thanks

        • All I did was ask the Gearbest rep, feel free to do the same and you might get a code like YEARDOOR ;-)

        • haha. will ask the rep.

  • +1

    Missed this yesterday and don't know where to find the rep. Can it run again pls?

    edit: +motion sensors too would be great🌙

    • Rather than asking him myself I prefer to teach you how you can do it. Maybe as a result there will me more deals by more different people. :-)

      If you scroll up to where it says 'Related Store' and then click on the photo on the right side of it, it takes you to this link:

      That shows who the rep is and by clicking on his user name you can then start a conversation and ask for discount codes for all the items you are interested in. When he replies with a code, post a deal. :-)

      • Knew they must be listed in someplace. Thanks may give it a go. :)

    • +2

      Codes supplied for body sensors, thanks to rep:
      Original Xiaomi Smart Home Aqara Human Body Sensor - WHITE
      PS:Limted to first 100 stock ,1 times per account,AU,NZ only!

      Original Xiaomi Smart Human Body Sensor - SMART HUMAN BODY SENSOR WHITE
      PS:Limted to first 200 stock ,2 times per account,AU,NZ only!

      • Thanks, got body sensor.

  • +3

    Thanks to the rep, new code:

    Original Xiaomi Smart Door and Windows Sensor - SMART DOOR AND WINDOWS SENSOR WHITE
    PS:Limted to first 500 stock ,3 times per account,AU,NZ only!

    • Not working for me.

      • Still good for me. Are you logged in?

        • Yes logged in..

        • @OzBeergain: You can only have one item in your cart. Code is still working as far as I can tell.

        • @davemac: Ahhhh ok, it's just for one, thanks, works now :)

        • +2

          @OzBeergain: You can do multiple orders of just 1 each. Fairly stupid of them, having to pack multiples parcels and pay postage each time…

        • @team teri: Yep, that's exactly what I did. Bit annoying!

        • +1

          @team teri: And then the inevitable GearBest support emails checking whether you've intended to submit a duplicate order.

        • +1

          @t3chshopper: lol, yes I get those all the time too. Monumental waste of time and resources!

        • +1

          @OzBeergain: I've answered a heap just in the last week. I wish I could click a box saying, "yes, I intend to order multiple of this item in different orders, just so that I can reuse the coupon code".

  • +1

    Not sure Why I ordered this? do I need this? I need to see a doctor, I am buying anything with Xiaomi name :-(

    • +1

      If you ordered this and don't already own a Xiaomi home gateway, maybe it really is time to see a doctor. Or order one from this deal here: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/338030 ;-)

      • Thanks mate, already ordered one gateway and 6 sensors

  • +2

    davemac1030 code still working for Original Xiaomi Smart Door and Windows Sensor thanks OP & davemac

  • Any more codes on these guys?

    • Still working

      • I messaged the rep ages ago and got a code, so I'm all good, thanks anyways.

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