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Xiaomi Flexible Detachable USB Fan BLUE $0.99 (AU $1.28) Delivered @ GearBest


Update: New code provided by GearBest for another 500 pcs to celebrate November!

Saw this in the comment here, thought you guys would be interested since last time it was a hit

Limited to the first 300 500 200, 1 per account, Blue only, and you'll need to turn off your VPN if it's outside AU or NZ.

Get clicking, and thanks GearBest!

Update 1: Original code Cisco1023 expired.
Update 2: New code windows7 provided for 300 pcs.
Update 3: New code 11.11AU2 provided for 500 pcs.
Update 4: New code stuhtb1106 provided for 200 pcs (credit to stuhtb).
Update 5: New code POWE11063 provided (credit to urbancartel).

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  • Thanks!

  • +3

    Thanks; finally managed to get one of these before the coupon expired.

    • Same I feel so lucky for one before 2pm. Did it fast because I know these things get busy quickly.

      • Don't feel so lucky now, do ya?

  • Xiaomi everywhere at home.

  • Cheers, finally scored one!

  • expired

    • Are you logged in?

      • worked this time, thanks.

  • Ordered one. Thanks.

  • +2

    You have the title looking like an eBay title with all those keywords

  • +2

    Can you use these to convert your laptop to be a drone?

    • +2

      If you have 4 of them plugged in, then yes.

    • +2

      Only if its a Mac

      • +8

        I have a Mac Air. Will that do?

  • If I buy alot of these, will it let me fly?

    • +3

      If you believe you can fly

      • +3

        I believe I can touch the sky.

        • Think about it every night and day

        • @kehuehue: Spread my wings and fly away.

  • I'm holding off purchasing any more fans until the enhanced edition comes out.

    • Then you gotta hold off until the deals are out.

    • How do you know there's an enhanced edition coming out?

    • What's so good about it?

      Does it suck?

      • +3

        no - it blows

        • I'm a fan of both functions

      • On off switch and five levels of brightness or modes.

  • First GearBest order. Let's see how it goes.

    • +13

      You'll forget you ordered it in about a week and get a nice surprise in the mail Jan/Feb next year…

      • +7

        just in time for winter

      • +1

        That usually happens when I shop drunk.

        • +2

          I drunk ordered something about a month ago. Got some items yesterday, opened up…

          Ended up being I bought some "cocktail straws". They are nice, made of glass, colorful, with different type of fish at the end of each.

          Pretty, but I'm almost 100% sure they're actually crackpipes, and am now paranoid I'm on some drug watch list…

          Edit: found listing, https://m.newchic.com/kitchen-tools-and-gadgets-5037/p-11792...

          You tell me

        • @fattyboombatty:
          … Did you just make that? Or is this a thing I should have known about?

        • @Salmando:

        • @Salmando:

          clicks link

          Aww, (profanity). Now I am on a watch list somewhere.

          I have only seen crack pipes On TV, in movies and in the news so i can't offer expert advice… But yeah, looks kind of like a crack pipe.

          I guess if you are going to ruin your life with a dangerous drug you may as well look pretty doing it?

        • @Juddy: I didn't think anything of it until it arrived. I have a habit of buying glass stuff sometimes when I get drunk, though it's usually flowers or a bird it something. I got two little fish, and crack pipe or not I think they're pretty 😐

      • Yup this is me this year literally just got a package five minutes ago and I have no idea what it is.. I'm guessing either Bluetooth earphones or some other usb gadget lol

        Gearbest, banggood and shopping square equals good times and secret goodies throughout the year haha lol.

        • While waiting for a router, light bulbs, sensors etc.. I got a surprise today from zapels - that Xiaomi/wiah? Screwdriver set.

          5 weeks late, and i only remembered it once about 3 weeks in.

          I'm hoping for more drunk buys. Got a tungsten fidget spinner randomly a couple weeks ago. Was a fun surprise.

        • @Salmando: lol I bought I think 3-5 fidget spinners once when I was browsing hungry which for me is my equivalent of being drunk or high.. came in the mail when I got back from a trip to Sydney.. Lol I was thoroughly surprised and so was my roommate.. ended up not wanting it because fidget spinners and why.. so I ended up donating it to the local st vinnies or salvation army type charity lol. Funny stuff this low price bargain hunting.

        • @AlienC: I'm a sucker for buying heavy things made of metal or glass.
          I have the fidget spinner to my nephew, gives him bragging rights at school because it spins for like 8 minutes.

          My biggest issue now is that every single advert I see online is novelty metal things. Some company really wants me to buy a metal spinning top…

          Edit: Yep, right above my comment https://foreverspin.com/?c=search&gclid=Cj0KCQjwvuDPBRDnARIs...

        • @Salmando: haha they got you good didn't they.. I must admit they are addictive but I always have a trick up my sleeve with these things well not really a trick I guess if I am still getting shafted.

        • @AlienC: Australia will sink due to all this landfill. On the plus side, Tasmania is lighter. So most of us will get to watch it go under first.

        • @GregMonarch: in a 1000 years Australia will be an ocean guaranteed

  • Thanks windows 7.

    CR Expected cashback: AUD 0.01

    • You're a repeat customer, first timers get a larger cashback.

  • This will be handy during summer when working at my desk!

    • +1

      Summer 2018/19…


      • Haha GearBest are pretty good with their delivery times, usually around 3 weeks :P

  • Thanks OP; got my 2nd one!

  • +1

    Coupon limit reached, 2.12 PM

  • Finally got one! Thanks OP!

  • +2

    Expired :(
    Yes, I'm logged in.

    Funny thing is that I got one in a previous deal it was delivered today after only 1.5 weeks.

    • Back in stock! :)

  • +1

    Excuse the ignorance. What are people using these for?
    They strike me as being kinda like the USB led lights that keep popping up, I've no idea what I would do with it.

    • +2

      I use the LED lights often as I have a few of the power banks, but with this fan its really handy as a desk fan, especially for your hands / wrists when they're in contact with the desk on a hot day. Who doesn't want to keep cool? :D

    • +1

      A small fan for desk at work is my plan for it.

      I also have one of the USB LED lights and those seem a lot less useful than the fan.

    • +2

      Would be great in summer working on a laptop, or if your hands are prone to sweating alot (coffee drinkers).
      They spin REALLY fast and push more air than I expected (got one in the mail yesterday).

    • Office desk fan.

    • They're surprisingly powerful, I use mine as a desk fan and to cool down coffee after I've roasted it. Also sometimes point it towards me while I sleep if I don't want the big fan on.

      So, I use it as a fan.

  • More more more!

    • Back in stock! :)

      • Thanks windows7, i got two for my upcoming trip to Thailand.

  • Ordered one from the last deal. Had it for about 5 minutes. Let the kid play with it. No idea where it is now.

    • +8

      You lost your kid?!

  • missed out again :(

    • Back in stock! :)

      • Hooooooray!!! Thank you!!

  • Ask for more plz

    • +1

      Back in stock! :)

  • Please add more stock.

    • Back in stock! :)

  • How do you use this in a practical way? If it's got USB power, it needs to go on your desktop which means repositioning it is hard. You could use an extension cable, but that wouldn't be a good idea for a fan that can't stand up by itself.

    Is a power bank the only practical way to use it?

    Is this fan meant to cool you when it's hot or something else? It doesn't look like it's going to cool you. What was its intended application?

    • It's just a cheap doohickey - I got it because I'm a fan of Xiaomi. I plan to use it with a portable powerbank, especially when out and about during the summer.

      I don't get why people plan to use it with their PC/Laptop - surely the heat generated by the power supply would be more than the cooling effect of the fan?

      • +2

        The fan uses very little power so there's no way the PSU generates a significant amount of heat from a <1W increase in load.

        The fan is quite powerful, allowing me to use it instead of my ceiling fan at times (which generates a decent amount of heat itself). If I have the computer on anyways, better to use the USB fan than a standalone fan pulling 10-20w from the mains and the ceiling fan pulling more.

        It's also not really about heat generation but getting air over your skin so sweat evaporates and about where the heat goes. I have the fan on a front USB port where it draws cooler air, while the hot air is exhausted out the back. As long as you've got a USB port in a suitable location it's great. It's actually just a good fan period for the price. It's useful enough to me that I could pay full price and be happy.

        • You make good points.

          My main point was that, if it is so hot that you need to use a USB fan at your workstation, then you may be fighting a loosing battle as the PSU generates more heat (due to both the PC/laptop load as well as the fan load) than a small fan connected to said PSU could compensate for.

          Still, it'll be interesting to test this in the real world. For instance even when using the front USB port, the fan may set up the air currents which draw hot air from the laptop back. Or in a smaller room, the net effect of the fan load on the PSU (after allowing for the PSU efficiency) may negate the cooling effect of the fan on skin. On the other hand, sometimes I feel better even if a fan is blowing hot air at me - presumably because I subconsciously associate that with cooling when there's no alternative.

          But I guess there are too many variables to really test this.

          I didn't think the Xiaomi fan was powerful enough to replace the ceiling fan but perhaps that's dependant on location/temp/humidity etc.

        • +1

          @Dinjay: Well, there is no winning when your desktop turns 400W+ into heat in the summertime, that's for sure! You're going to need a fan for comfort in any case.

          The fan isn't a total replacement for a full sized fan of course, but for its size it moves a good amount of air at good pressure in a narrow cone that will be useful provided you can point it towards you. Mid summer it will not be enough, but will still be useful as it's more directed than another fan somewhere around the room. I believe this fan is more efficient than the standalone fans in terms of useful airflow vs power use and heat generated - I've misplaced my USB multimeter but on the package it says 1W and the numbers on my kill-a-watt show no appreciable change. 1W at 5V is only 200mA, so it's really almost nothing. The USB light says 2.5W max for comparison. I have no doubts it provides an improvement in comfort considerably above the power it draws.

          Yeah, trying to cool yourself is technically a losing battle in a small room with a PC on, but airflow does improve comfort.
          When a fan blows hot air it's less about direct conduction than it is the sweat evaporating, so it still is beneficial assuming you're not blowing air hotter than ambient and that the humidity allows evaporation. It's not all mental.

          Anyways, my point is just that in my experience it is very useful as a desk fan, so the people who want to use it as a desk fan aren't just crazy.

    • +1

      I want to connect it to my router to keep it cool(has 2x USB ports) and its in a cupboard with not much ventilation with other equipment

    • This Xiaomi Power strip is what you need. It has a very small foot print, looks chic on any table and more importantly, has three USB ports - all facing up. The fan docks nicely standing up on it.

      I have three fans residing on my strip in a cascade formation, and now as I type these words, they are whirring away merrily. Overkill? Maybe. But it's cool; literally.

    • Is this fan meant to cool you when it's hot or something else? It doesn't look like it's going to cool you. What was its intended application?

      I find small fans are good for summer when you get to work or come back from lunch/gym and want to cool down more quickly.

      I have a small 15cm mains one at work that after a few minutes you get cold and have to turn off, so this one might be better? Although I'm thinking of using this one with a power bank when out and about…or at least point it at my daughter when she is sleeping in her pram (although no idea how I would attach the powerbank to the pram).

      How do you use this in a practical way? If it's got USB power, it needs to go on your desktop which means repositioning it is hard. You could use an extension cable, but that wouldn't be a good idea for a fan that can't stand up by itself.

      With this one you would need front USBs or a conveniently positioned USB powered source…

  • +2

    I use it daily to cool down baby food

  • Back in stock guys! :) 300 pcs more.

  • Why not!

  • Can't order it. Showing full price.

    • I just ordered one, maybe give it another go with a different browser/account

  • Really impressed with the one that just arrived yesterday. Ordered another one as a gift for art-friend to dry paint with. Great with power bank and a fun novelty with phone + adapter + Upside down rotation (not a good idea to waste precious life-span of phone battery though)

  • +1

    Pls add some more, says code expires :[

    • +2

      I will try to get more :)

    • New codes for 500 pcs more! :)

      • thank you so much !

  • +2

    New codes for 500 pcs more! :)

    • can we have some deal for Xiaomi pen :). Thanks windows 7 And looks like you need to update your name to windows 10 :P hehe

  • These things are the BEST! I had one running from a single cell powerbank and it ran for 4 hours.

  • Thanks windows7. I'm a huge fan.

  • Thanks! Snapped another one.


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