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New York Flying Qantas Return: Melb $834, Bris $846 | Los Angeles Flying Qantas Return: Melb $799, Syd $845, Bris $842 @ IWTF


Wow! Qantas has just dropped prices to under $800 to LA, as well as some insane prices to New York to compliment this deal. Travel dates seem to vary, but looks like availability Feb-Jun. Most pricing based on payment by credit card which is a real bonus. Below are some sample dates. Some hot prices to San Francisco as well with fares from around $840 from all three cities. Enjoy :)

Sample dates New York ex Melbourne
Sample dates New York ex Brisbane

Melbourne to Los Angeles return

05/Feb 17/Feb $799
04/Feb 17/Feb $799
03/Feb 16/Feb $799
03/Feb 17/Feb $799
02/Feb 16/Feb $799
02/Feb 17/Feb $799

Brisbane to Los Angeles return

27/Apr 05/May $842
15/May 23/May $842
08/May 14/May $842
26/Apr 05/May $842
17/May 26/May $842
30/May 08/Jun $842

Sydney to Los Angeles return

01/May 21/May $845
08/May 28/May $845
04/May 25/May $845
23/May 13/Jun $845
27/Jan 18/Feb $845
29/Apr 26/May $845

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    I reckon one should go to NY for a bit more money and have an extended stopover in LA. But this is a great price for LA flying Qantas

    • +4

      These deals keep popping up and I've always wondered if I could book for SYD - NY returned flight on the website then ask the airline for 7 days layover in LA. I don't mind to pay a bit more for their "inconvenience" though. Has anyone tried it before?

  • Some hot prices to San Francisco as well.

    More info?

    • +3

      Some very hot prices to San Francisco as well. ????

  • +1

    No Love for Adelaide???

  • +4

    And here we have Virgin charging me almost the same price return Meel - Brisbane.

  • $919 Brisbane to New York is crazy!

    • +4
      • Interesting, wasn't seeing them on google flights (IWTF doesn't work for me at work). Thanks!

      • That's departing Sydney?

  • +2

    Trump effect

    • Extreme vetting of visitors putting people off?

  • So annoying how there's never any Toronto deals..

    • +5

      Blame Canada.

      • Because our country's gone awry tomorrow night these freaks will fry!

  • +1

    Why are there no deals to Europe for this time?

    Only seems to be the US, is it because the USA is a shitstain on the world and no one wants to visit?

    • +1

      there's deals to europe consistently, or do you only book your travel in the last 2 weeks of october?

      • -1

        I'm booking for May-June next year, was told October was best time to book, but all the great deals seem to be to US.

        • there were heaps of european tickets about a month ago but they were mostly for travel up until march/april, i'd wait another month or two, you're still more than 6 months out from your travel date so you've got time.

          the key to cheap airfares is to be flexible with your dates…

  • was waiting for these after the last few days of sydney-only fares :)
    cheers TA.. sending the MIL far, far away for a month :D

  • +2

    Hopefully Virgin follows and for October (brothers wedding).

    • should hopefully see october flights come out in the next few days too, typically they only have <12month dates available.

  • +2

    My target price was $799, now i have no excuse not to book….

    GREAT find poster

  • United Airlines comes up cheaper for the dates I selected in April. Anyone had experience with them? They seem to use the dreamliner.

    • Crap. Dreamliner didn't make up for it.

    • Flew with them to LA earlier this year. Thought it was comparable with Qantas. Not sure what happened to poor Iainey13 šŸ˜‚

      • Haha this was back when they first started. Fares were $1200 and slightly cheaper than others. I thought to myself yeah! Cheaper flight and on Dreamliner! Awesome I get to try it out!! Yes the window was cool BUT it didn't make up for the crap seat, the terrible grumpy flight attendants, the horrible food, the horrible check in and get off experience, the so-so entertainment… It was not comfortable enough and the benefits of the new plane not great enough to combat the horrible feeling I had at the end of that flight. It wasn't worth it!

    • UA also comes with free complementary broken nose and a concussion too! :)

  • I want to go but the USD just keep getting stronger!! :(

  • Thanks TA, time to try and convince the other half!

  • Nice deal.

  • Are the resellers trustworth? Read many bad reviews on Skiddoo Aunt Betty etc.

    • check my comment below, might help :)

  • Can you change the date of return on these flights?

    I know I need Sydney-LA about April 8th, but I'm not sure if I'll return 3 months later or 6 months, depends how the snowpack is and I won't know that till March…

    • +1

      I'm pretty sure you can't change anything, that's why they are so cheap. Qantas has sale Melb NY for $1688 atm. About to change to this deal. Thanks for posting.

    • +1

      you possibly can but it'll cost. i think $250 was the change fee i saw earlier, but given how cheap these things are it'd be worth doing it anyway and just paying the $250 to change it if you need to, still comes up ~$1100 return and you're not going to get a cheaper flexible fare than that :P

      • Thanks! Good idea :)

  • Thanks TA!! I ended up using Qantas website, and using Multi city search tool!! Did BNE to DFW (via SYD), 7 days there then DFW to New York (Laguardia - earlier time and it was $0 to go the earlier time), then JFK to LAX to BNE for sept next year (returning school holidays), $3290 for 2 ad 2 child. Even better is my better half will be platinum QF status so will go through the plat QF lounge in syd. (hence the reason going via DFW). cost an extra $90 to go via syd, but for plat lounge will be worth it!! plus DFW much better to go through then LAX I've found.

  • Wow, literally just bought a ticket from Mel to Lax yesterday from mid Jan to early Feb for $1000 because that was the last day of their sale. Not too mad though because I start uni mid Feb, but if this sale was from Jan, Iā€™d be furious.

  • +1


  • +1

    Have never booked via IWTF, so was reading the reviews for the 3rd parties and they weren't the best. I decided to go with STA Travel considering I have few mates that have used this provider with no issue. Called a local store and asked them to price beat those 3rd party quotes which they did and got tickets to NY for $838. Not bad plus peace of mind, CHEERS TA! PS. First time to US too! Stoked!!

    • +2

      Thanks for reply. I spoke to Qantas and the lady said people use Bestjet, one of the resellers that pop up on the IWTF page, so we booked one flight with them. Then the kids wanted to go, and Bestjet were not on the list, so went with Fly365. All legitimate and tickets were on Qantas website an hour later. All around $850 flying with Qantas, who are now charging $2335 for the same flights, which is a real eye-opener. The bad reviews may have come from disgruntled customers who are usually the ones that leave reviews.

      • Fair enough, enjoy your trip with your family !

        • Thank you. :)

    • Which store did you call? I'm having trouble getting STA to price beat.

      • Chapel St store in South Yarra, VIC (spoke with Sam)

  • Ok so I booked…. Now trying to find accommodation in New York City :| Any suggestions?

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