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ALDI Universal Travel Adaptor $19.99


same charger as from this previous deal

Saw this in the catalogue and thought it looked like a good deal. Pretty handy since you won't need to bring a powerboard along given the multiple sockets.
Comes with:
- 4 usb ports
- 2 AC sockets
- Interchangeablee power adaptors

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    • 4 usb ports

    what is the ampage on each port?

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    will it work on North Korea i wonder

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      nope, it needs electricity to work

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    Works in 150 countries

    Why not the other 45 ?

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      Power cord not long enough to reach them. :)

    • The boring answer… Only 3 adapters (UK, Europe, US & presumably Australia/China styles) which probably don't fit sockets in those other 45 countries. Just buy local adapter if visiting.

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        Correction: no US plug. Just checked printed catalogue. Sorry!
        That's not a Universal Travel Adaptor!

    • 45 x 110V

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        Works with 110V. USB still works. Does not change voltage output, so can only be used with equipment designed for 100-240V.

        • Good to know.

        • @Yummy:
          Includes US adapter used in many countries with 100-120V.

        • @Infidel:
          You may be right ;-)
          No US plug after all. I was seeing things in the photo. Checked printed catalog.

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    Have one, love it.

  • Looks great, but I've become accustomed to fast charging etc.

  • the aldi item or one of these: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/326413 with a universal adapter on the plug end ?

    • We used the Xiaomi strip in Europe up until a week ago. Took the necessary adapters with us. Worked well. We had two devices on the USB ports and another on a fast charger with a US-style plug.

      This looks more compact AND includes adapters. The only downside is that the AC sockets wont accept EU/US-style plugs along with AU/China plugs. The Xiaomi takes all of these (but not UK-style) plugs.

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    An alternative is to get individual components…
    Use a more suitable higher output charger (this reportedly only delivers 0.8A from a USB - it's greatest weakness).
    Add adapters for countries visiting.
    Use cheap Australian powerboard you probably already have.

    Offers higher flexibility, higher charging, & more outlets for this frequent traveller.

    My new 7 USB charger ($7.50 from current Bunnings deal, or better ones in deals), up to 3 adapters (from $1ea but already had good ones), 4 outlet powerboard ($4 but already had) cost less & more useful when back home.

    Knowing Ozbargainers, most probably have all but the adapters already.

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    can anyone confirm if it works in Japan?

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      Regular Japan traveller…
      Has US style plug used in Japan. So will have 100V from powerboard (for equipment designed to work on 100-240V), USB will still produce 5V.

      I have picked up US style extension cable with 3 power outlets (300¥) & USB chargers (200¥) from Daiso stores in Japan.

      • Thanks I might go have a look at Daiso in AUS incase I have trouble finding one in Japan

        • you won't have trouble finding one in Japan.

        • Daiso are so common in major cities in Japan. They don't stock Japanese electrical equipment in Australia.

          Made serious mistake - no US style plug!

        • @Infidel:

          Damn. Any recommendations on where to buy online/instore in AUS? (Could always try eBay but you know.) Will be arriving to Japan late at night so I doubt convenience stores are opened during those times and need to recharge to set out the next morning

        • +1

          Accommodation often loan extension cords with multiple outlets. Email them to see if available when you arrive. Japanese are usually very helpful.

          If you have USB charger that operates on 100V, just need US style adapter. Again accommodation often loan or sell these. Available online for around $1 but shipping may be slow 🐌

          I bought a $7.50 multiple USB 35W charger with international plugs from Bunnings days ago. Yes comes with US plug for Japan, I checked the packaging!

          PM me if want advice about Japan.
          I think Daiso closed around 6pm where I was, many are 10-9, but has 24 hour stores in Osaka & I assume Tokyo.

          Unfortunately this version of deal does not come with US style plug needed.

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          Awesome thanks Infidel will keep in contact if need be!!

        • @Infidel:

          Went to bunnings today and unfortunately it's back to $25. Will seek for cheaper alternatives but will purchase this as a last resort

        • @Swarlee:
          Need to show photo for them to discount. It's on clearance at some stores. Was $19 but they reduced to $7.50 on 29/10. Check advice & locations in deal.

    • Not sure if these have changed since we bought one from Aldi a year ago.

      The version of this we bought for use in Japan had an earth prong on it. Of course the hotel rooms we visited in Japan didn't have a matching / receiving earth socket - so we found it pretty damn useless there.

      Might be a different revision or something now though.

      • My mistake, different version to previous models (which had earthing plug) - no US plug included😭

    • Correction: no US plug. Just checked printed catalogue. Photo wasn't clear on phone & turned out to be Australian plug. Sorry!
      That's not a Universal Travel Adaptor!

  • Anyone know if this has South African plug? It is like euro pin config, except 3 pin (earth?) And the pins are chunkier.

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      See photo. Only 3 basic plugs: European, Australia/China, UK.
      That's not a Universal Travel Adaptor!

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        no plug for Gliese 667Cc
        That's not a Universal Travel Adaptor!

  • Not much of a Universal Travel Adaptor!

    Does not include one of the most commonly used Type A plug. Used in many countries you may want to visit like USA, Japan, parts of China, some Pacific & Caribbean nations. See https://www.worldstandards.eu/electricity/plugs-and-sockets/

    Can buy an adapter.

  • I bought this unit at the last offer (same price) and it came with the following:

    Type B (is this not for USA?)
    Type F (Europe/Russia)
    Type G (UK, Malaysia, Singapore)
    Type I (Australia/NZ)

    I was able to charge iPads, etc. overnight together with other phones (all four USB
    ports were full). And I brought along another fast charger and plugged that in direct
    if I needed more juice to re-charge a 15000mAH powerbank.

    It has been a fantastic unit for every trip including domestic Aus travel. And with
    one of those cheap LED plug-in light, I don't have to stumble around at night in case
    I get up.

    [Disclaimer: I do not work or am associated with the manufacture or supply or this

    • I'd suggest that anyone purchasing this device check the contents carefully - I bought two sets of these when Aldi had them some time last year, but when I went to use them I found that they didn't actually include the UK Type G plug, despite the packaging specifically listing the UK plug.

      Made it kind of useless for me as that's the main plug I'd be using.

    • Type B (is this not for USA?)

      Not shown as included in photo in catalog for this deal. Only 3 shown (photo & description) as included - the others you list. Comments last deal suggested it was included 2 deals back.
      That is an earthed US plug, which won't fit standard 2 pin sockets. Almost never come across those in Japan or areas of China using 2 pin US sockets & likely hard to find in US.
      Selling an unearthed plug (Type A) on a powerboard with earthed sockets would likely not be allowed! So likely dropped as people would have complained Type B did not fit sockets on their travels.

      USB output is very limited (comments of 0.8A using just 1 port) compared with most chargers promoted on OzBargain. So charging will be slow. That's not ideal when you want to charge up to go out when travelling.

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