expired Sony Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones 1000XM2 $448 ($348 with AmEx Cashback) @ Harvey Norman


For getting the $348 price tag you must have a Amex card and registered the current offer spend $400 and get $100 off from Harvey Norman. Black colour only.

Credit to: easternculture


Standard Delivery: $7.95

Same day/Scheduled delivery: $12.78 or Late delivery $46.48

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    If anyone is interested in this deal but does not have access to this offer or an AMEX card, feel free to PM me.


    Went to try these headphones and Bose QC35 at JB Hi Fi just now. I was planning on buying the Sony, but after testing I prefer the Bose. Here is my comments on both:

    • Noise Cancellation seems better on Sony
    • Sound quality is good on the Sony, but I prefer the sound stage and warmth of the Bose, the Bose just seems more open, airy and less harsh to listen to
    • Comfort on the Bose is excellent, much lighter and less feeling of the headphones clamping your head. The Sony was fine to start with but then became uncomfortable with a definite clamping feeling and I can feel my ears heating up faster on the Sony
    • Build quality seems good on both
    • Functions are much better on the Sony IMHO.

    At the end of day comfort and sound quality is my priority, so I would pick the Bose over the Sony. But its all personal preference.


      Sounds like you're using an iPhone, based on your description of the sound quality. That means that you weren't getting the best audio out of the Sony.

      Remember, Sony is capable of supporting lossless and even hi-res audio, whereas Bose is lossy only.

      Having said that, if you got the better sound out of the Bose using your specific use case than your made the right decision.


    Anyone knows where in melb cbd have this headphone on display for me to try? Still deciding between this and qc35. I have tried qc35, While qc35 is comfortable, i feels that the sounds is not that great (tried it while listen to some songs and transformers trailer from YouTube)


    Does anyone mind pming that receipt too please! Would be very grateful.

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    HN live chat offered this to me for $400 with no resistance on Tuesday.

    Heading overseas soon so thankfully I'll get the TRS refund along with the Amex credit making the price unbelievably good.

    Noone seems to have mentioned this yet, but if you have an Android phone, you should buy these over the equivalent Bose every time due to Aptx/HD and LDAC. It's not even close.

    All the sound quality in the world won't matter if you're using the crappy SBC codec. It's puzzling that Bose chose to leave all of the advanced Bluetooth codecs out of its flagship model.

    For ios, both these and the Bose will use AAC.

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    Not getting $400 anymore, I think they've told their staff not to go down to that price anymore.


    So apparently the Melb QV Harvey Norman is backordered till early december :O I gave them a call and they are estimating that time.


      Are they still giving the $400 price though?


        No clue, this is for my order I placed last week.

        Just a FYI if anyone is Melb Q.V.
        “As per our phone call, I have contacted the Melbourne QV store, who have advised me that due to low stock by the supplier, they are expecting the product to arrive between early December and the next two months”


          Might be a good outcome as long as they give the $400 price. Dec is only a few weeks away.And if you change your mind / find a better price, you could just not follow through?


    I just got it from HN Cannington for $400 after showing the $379 Mobilicity deal. They wouldn't go lower.


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