expired Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus $923.19, Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Blue $615.19, LG V20 $439.19 Delivered (AU) @ Allphones eBay


Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus (Maple Gold/Orchid Grey) $923.19 Delivered SOLD OUT

$11 cheaper than the September Mobileciti deal, decent price for AU stock.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge (Coral Blue) $615.19 Delivered

A few dollars cheaper than last months Allphones deal. Available in Coral Blue only at this price.

LG V20 64GB H990DS (Titan Grey) $439.19 Delivered

$10 cheaper than last months Mobileciti deal and $2 less than the last Allphones deal.

iPhone 8 64GB (Gold/Space Grey/Silver) $922.39/$931.99 Delivered

$17 more than the last Allphones deal but included it also as still a decent price if someone is looking for an iPhone 8 deals.

Original 20% off at selected sellers eBay Post

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    I think it's the cheapest Au stock V20

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    S8 plus isn't the Amaysim deal better? Given you get AU warranty?


    Pity Allphones increased the listed price of the V20 by $59 since a week ago ….


    According to their website - Allphones is in liquidation with some of the assets purchased by Mobileciti.

    Is there not a risk that you might not get your phone? Or that you might not get a warranty?

    I'm wondering whether to buy this or the Amaysim deal

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      The Allphones website/name is already owned by Mobileciti, you are buying from Mobileciti. Their owner has already posted deals for Allphones on here.


        Thank you Hamza.
        Do you suggest buying this local stock, or saving almost 10% on the Amaysim direct import?

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          Tough one, I usually buy grey import phones as the chance of claiming warranty are low anyway and the reward outweighs the risk, if something was to go wrong I figure I can replace the phone using the savings over the years and I upgrade phones frequently anyway. However I'm more talking about $300-$500 phones, this is a much more expensive phone and the difference in price isn't as much as it often is. I assume amaysim is just their Vaya phone store which we've seen eBay deals for, reading comments here from those that got their phones from that deal might help also might help you make a decision. I guess it's just the quicker shipping, getting an AU charger having a little more protection with warranty (in the unlikely scenario that arose), depends how comfortable you are and also how long you plan on keeping it. You are still dealing with AU company but warranty is provided by the retailer only so perhaps less protection and more reliant on them.


          Where is the Amaysim deal? When I went on their website I couldn't find it 10% cheaper but only $17-18 cheaper using a 10% off code. For the small difference this Allphones deal seems better.

          edit - was only looking at the Samsung S7 edge deal and didn't not look at the rest. You may be right!


    price has been bumped on the iphone8 64G. Gold comes to 960.82, space grey 970, both include postage. :(

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      Are you sure? Just checked gold and it's still $922.39:

      Pay only AU $922.39

      Space grey:

      Pay only AU $931.99

      Silver seems sold out.


        I rechecked and you are correct. Not sure where or why I had a different ammount. stopped my VPN to be sure.

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    Samsung s8 plus or the upcoming oneplus 5T?


    Out of stck for Iphone 8 64GB


    Can I claim TRS from this seller?


    Just a warning that some of these phones are listed for sale but the seller actually has no stock.

    Source: I purchased one and now they can't ship and don't have an ETA.

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