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Acer Predator XB271HU 27" 1440p 144Hz G-Sync IPS $860 Delivered @ Futu Online eBay


Yet another Futu price increase..
$860 delivered @ Futu Online

Original 20% off at selected sellers eBay Post

1.00% Cashback through https://www.cashrewards.com.au/ebay-australia

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  • Been running this beast since March last year. Never looked back. Highly recommended.

    • Likewise and likewise. I use a 1080ti and it is great. I used to think 120hz+ was a gimmick but now I am a believer lol

    • Yeah I bought it several months ago and it is really great, both its looking and performance.

      Much better than my previous PG248Q, which I returned because of that bad colours.

  • I was LITERALLY just looking at this.

  • Lol this was $799 at the other store with the coupon but just checked it now went up :/

  • Wait for new 4K HDR model?

  • Is this a good price? Am in the process of building a gaming pc in mid next year ( after march) is it wise to wait till then as there is always something cheap around the corner or should I pull the trigger now??

    • It's a good price if you're using it now, absolutely no point buying this then letting it gather dust for a few months. HDR monitors are on the horizon to potentially push prices down, and even if they haven't launched by then you'll still find a similar deal to this at the time you actually build a rig.

      • Prices may not even push down at all if new models come out..they might just discontinue from past models

        • And what can happen when stores need to clear out old discontinued models? Sometimes.. they can even.. lower the prices!

    • Seems to be a drop shipped international item with no mention of warranty from a vendor with very little feedback.

    • Correct me if I'm wrong but the one you're looking at on catch for that price is the TN panel XB271HUA vs XB271HU IPS, which is what is for sale here.

  • I am using this for more than one year and I paid $1000+. Love it

    Highly recommended.

  • Following. Should I, Shouldn't I?!

    Would the Gigabyte 1080 GTX I picked up from the deal before this suffice to power this resolution?

    • Easily.

    • I have the AOC version of this and use a GTX970 just fine… It can't hit 165+fps to take full advantage of the screen's 165hz refresh rate but will easily maintain 80-90fps on most games. The 1080 is almost overkill… almost! ;)

    • Is it enough? Yes, but it's not overkill if you're set on running games at Ultra and maintaining a constant 60fps or above. Some games will run well above 60fps and make good use of that juicy refresh rate. However, quite a few modern "AAA" titles can't maintain a constant 60fps maxed at 1440p with the card. They only tend to drop into the low to mid 50s (yeah I know, first world problems). Thankfully for the discerning (nitpicking) individual like myself, Gsync makes the dips a lot more tolerable. Not trying to put you off, just setting expectations accurately.

      I would definitely recommend this combination :)

  • Have one. Amazing monitor

  • I'm looking to buy a monitor to use for both pc and xbox one s, preferably 32 inch. I have nvidia gtx 970 graphics card. What monitor should I get in terms of screen size, refresh rate and response time? Help me guys I dont know much about monitors.

    • This one

    • A GTX 970 will probably have a hard time at 1440p 144hz unless you play medium-ish settings, I'm on a GTX 1080 and most new titles on high-ultra at 1440p can drop to ~100 fps.

      An Xbox One Swon't make use off the 1440p or 144hz at all since it's max output is 1080p 60hz.

      • thanks for the info. I guess my current 24" 60hz is fine then. it's just that I keep hearing 144hz is great and you will never go back once you taste it (just like SSD) so tempted to try. Also my current monitor has no speaker so I have to use headset with xbox.

        • 144hz is definitely great, but all 144hz means is the screen updates 144 times per second.

          If you're playing at 60fps, your game sends 60 images per second to the monitor, and your monitor updates 60 times a second. So your monitor shows as much information as you're providing it.
          If you're playing at 60fps, and your monitor updates 144 times a second, you won't notice any difference because even though your screen is going faster, the source content is still limited to 60 images per second, you're not giving it anything new to display.

          But if you play at 144fps, your monitor has more images per second to show, making the image smoother.
          Likewise if you play at 144fps, but only have a 60hz monitor, the best the monitor can do is show you 60 images a second. So 144fps on a 60hz monitor just look like 60fps. Caveat to that being if your game is running at a higher fps, your monitor is more likely to grab a frame that's more recent, so it will be a bit more responsive.

          And of course reaching 144fps means more power is required, and I don't believe any consoles go past 60fps.

        • @enceladus94: I see… thanks for thorough explanation. Guess with my current spec, I shouldn’t go for higher frame rate monitor yet.

  • Amazing price but holding out for a HDR equivalent.

  • So close to pulling the trigger. I’ve had my eye on this for a while to pair with my 1080GTX TI. I’m going to wait for the next gen HDR models though.

  • Great price! Been using mine for 6 months now and no complaints =)

  • Anyone using this monitor noticed that from time to time there's something (like a pipe) in the most left side (or in the middle) of the screen? Usually it will disappear if you turn off it and turn on.

    It is a bit annoying when I am playing games like CSGO, just can't aim if it appears in the middle.

    • Its a known Firmware fault with this monitor. Cant be user upgraded, has to be sent back to Acer. Its fixable with a workaround if you overclock the refresh rate to 150Hz in the menu options it will stop doing it. This only applies to the pre 2017 units, newer ones they aparently fixed. Mine did the same thing, went away after i did the refresh overclock. Check Acer forums and Whirlpool for more comments on this.

      It actually takes a few lines of pixels from the left of the screen and incorrectly displays them in the centre.

      • Thanks for the information.

        Do you mean I need to send the monitor to Acer at my own cost and they will fix this issue for free then?

        "It actually takes a few lines of pixels from the left of the screen and incorrectly displays them in the centre." Exactly my issue.

        • No, Acer will pickup the Monitor themselves at no cost to you (but you have to pack it etc safely, they recommend original box), but you will lose the monitor for an extended period of time. You could also return it to the place of purchase and they can deal with Acer. I was nearly going to send mine back to Acer until I read about the overclock fix, hasn't done it since.

          Just try the overclocked refresh first, it is a menu selectable option on the monitor, otherwise contact your retailer or Acer direct.

        • @Superdaws: OK, I'll try the OSD settings first. Thanks very much!

  • Definitely want this monitor, but I'm worried about buying it from an eBay store as opposed to brick and mortar. Just don't want something to go wrong and not be able to return it easily. Lowest price I can see from a retailer is from PCCG for $999, peace of mind regarding returns worth $180?

  • Was it bumped up before the start of this though.

    I don;t know if it was with these guys or another seller, but my mate got the 34inch version for $1400 before the 20% off, he noticed today its been bumped up to 1600

  • I bought mine over a year ago around $800 along with msi 1070gtx $700. Will max out bf1 1440p @ 70fps. You should always run your games at native res. So if you want 120fps + you will need to buy a 1080ti with this monitor or 2x 1070s. With a few tweaks i can get most games to 120fps at native res & it is a hell of a lot better than 60fps.

    120 fps @ 1440p is the sweet spot for gaming.

  • +2 votes

    so jelly that you guys can afford this :'(

  • Can someone please let me know what I could expect with this monitor if I'm running a GTX 770?

    I would imagine I would not get the full benefit of the monitor, but will stretching to 1440p give me lag issues?

    • I guess it will work fine for the daily use but not enough for most popular games.

      I use a GTX 1070 and get average 130 fps when playing DOTA2 with maximum effects.

      • Interesting, thanks for the comparison. I'm trying to figure out if I would get at least 60fps with the 770 on 1440p with settings turned down

        • Another information which is a bit weird:

          I got about 135-140 fps using GTX 1070 @1080p monitor and still have ~130 fps @1440p monitor.

          I don't know why, I only expect like 100 fps before and it is much beyond my expectation. Same game, same PC, only the monitor(resolution) changed.

        • Wow, very interesting indeed! Thanks for sharing that. I'm pretty confident I could see minimum 60fps on medium settings for a lot of games

  • Title says 144hz but the description in Ebay says max is 60hz?

    • Likely an error in the prefilled information eBay provides. The eBay listing title, specifications listed in the description by the seller and the manufacturer's site say 144hz.

  • Really tempted, but apparently there are some issues people are having this IPS displays, screen bleeding or something. It's a lottery if you get a good one or not

  • Can anyone recommend a cheap 27" 1440p IPS monitor (60Hz)?
    I was going to grab this but no one has had stock for months now:
    Most of of the cheaper 1440p monitors seem to be around 24" (text will be too small and I can't use scaling as I will be running 1080p monitors as well) or 30/32" (too big, the entire reason I want 1440p is for the higher DPI).

  • Is a 144Hz monitor by itself enough? Or do i need to get one with Nvidia Gysnc in order to get the best experience? And if so how much of a big difference does "Nvidia Gysnc" makes?

    There's so many 144Hz monitors with Freesync that are so much cheaper compared to Nvidia Gysnc, this whole thing confuses me @[email protected]

    • The idea behind both technologies is to sync up the framerate of the gpu and the refresh rate of the monitor to ensure that you don't get screen tearing - where the monitor is grabbing the frame it's going to display while the gpu refreshes to the next frame.

  • Does anyone think it's worth waiting for Black Friday/Cyber Monday?

  • Thanks OP, you just cost me $820 ;) I have been looking at this monitor for ages to replace my dual monitor setup, at this price I had to pull the trigger.

    • Just a follow up, monitor arrived within two days, it is awesome, really happy with it (driving it with a 1070, CPU is an i5-3470 so that might be a bottleneck at some stage).

      It is my dream monitor but I'm now definitely going to be on the peanut butter sammich diet for a while…


    Cheaper on Catch.com for 783. Does not include shipping tho.


  • These deals have killed me. Just nabbed this deal and bought a 1080ti from a deal on here a few weeks back for $920… I'll be on the air diet for awhile.

  • Sold out looks like it

  • Damn, I was going to kick the curb and buy this morning after resting on my laurels for days on end wondering if a GTX1060 could power this fine with a i5 2500K.

    • Back in stock for $839.20. If you want it badly enough you'll pay the additional $19.20 :)

  • I bought one, arrived today…


    • How's the bleed and pixels

      • Can't spot any faulty pixels.

        A bit of bleed bottom right corner.

      • My monitor has no faulty pixels either, and haven't noticed any bleed (not looking for it though, just in general). Occasionally I get the seemingly common displaced pixel column issue (a few columns of pixels are moved from centre and displayed on either left or right edge of the screen) but ALT/TAB (or turning it off/on again) fixes it. Apparently there is a firmware fix but I would need to send it back to ACER…