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Jeenee Mobile - $32pm 12.5GB, Unltd Talk & Text, $300 International Calls / $22pm 5GB, Unltd Talk & Text, (12-Month Plans)


We have just introduced 2 new high data plans:

$32 Pennywise - 12 Month Plan
* 12.5GB Data (Optus 4G Plus)
* Unlimited Talk & Text
* $300 International Calls

$32 Pennywise - 6 Month Plan
* 11.5GB Data (Optus 4G Plus)
* Unlimited Talk & Text
* $300 International Calls

We have also introduced a new range of $22 Pennywise Plans

$22 Pennywise - 12 Month Plan
* 5GB Data (Optus 4G Plus)
* Unlimited Talk & Text

$22 Pennywise - 6 Month Plan
* 4GB Data (Optus 4G Plus)
* Unlimited Talk & Text

$22 Pennywise - Month-to-Month Plan
* 2.5GB Data (Optus 4G Plus)
* Unlimited Talk & Text

Also check out our other plans:

  • $9.90 Pennywise - 1GB, Unlimited Talk & Text (12-month Plan)
  • $14.90 Pennywise - 2GB, Unlimited Talk & Text (12-month Plan)
  • $25 Pennywise - 6.5GB, Unlimited Talk & Text, $50 International Calls (12-month Plan)
  • $30 Pennywise - 10GB, Unlimited Talk & Text, $50 International Calls (12-month Plan)
  • $50 Pennywise - 18GB, Unlimited Talk & Text, $500 International Calls (12-month Plan)
    (Month-to-month and 6-Month plan options also available at all of these price points too)

* All plans require monthly payment in advance (you do not have to pay 12-months in advance)
* $10 SIM & Delivery charge applies
* Early termination fees apply for all 6 & 12 month plans

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    • +10

      That's the point of a contract.
      If you could leave without penalty then it's not a contract

    • +5

      In case you missed it, Jeenee offers 1-month, 6-month and 12-month commitments for the same price - the inclusions increase for the longer commitments. If you don't want a longer commitment, you're free to use the month-to-month plans.

      For what it's worth, my wife has been on Jeenee for nearly 12 months now and they've been really good to deal with. And the inclusions in her plan have been steadily increasing over time, which is pretty sweet.

      • what happens after 12 months , still 5gb/month ?

        • No, their scheme bumps up your allocation over time as a "loyalty bonus."

          If you only sign up on a 1 month contract, after 6 months you get the inclusions of the 6-month contract. After 12 months you get the inclusions of the 12-month contract. If you make a longer-term commitment, you get the higher inclusions right away.

        • @klaw81

          what happens after 12 months , still 5gb/month ?

        • @phunkydude: Okay, clearly I don't understand your question. Care to re-phrase for clarity?

        • @klaw81:

          on the 13th month onwards , the inclusion remains at 5gb/month ? or reduced ?

        • @phunkydude: I imagine that it would stay at the maximum inclusions indefinitely. But they update the plans every few months with more inclusions, so you're not going to be stuck on 5gb for long.

  • Is Jeenee's control panel as good and as automated as Spintel's ? They seem to be pretty good value, but have a lot of gotchya fees, for late payments or over data use.

    If they have a lot of manual based systems for payments etc..(instead of auto payments), or no ability to choose to stop all data at limit..then I'd rather stick with Spintel.

    • +1

      They have lot of hidden fees, eg.: the "failed payment fee". It was charged to my account when I called up the callcenter and the lady manually tried to hit my expired card. I would say they are okay but far from amazing.
      I'm considering moving to Aldi for better network (Telstra vs Optus)

      • im sure these things are not there to trick us of our money. but it feels jeenee has quite a few processes that need to be automated to keep up with the increase in customers.

      • Just so you know, aldi isnt the 'Telstra network'
        Its the 'Telstra MVNO network' which is cut down to near match optus.

        If you want the full telstra network; boost is your only alternate provider.

        Also dont count out voda these days (via kogan) if you're in a good area for them, they have the most bandwith available for 4g (no slowdowns!)

  • +1

    If you are thinking about a 12 month contract, you are much better off going with this Kogan deal -

    • Agree 100%. Almost $10 per month cheaper and more data included minus the International Call allowance.

    • +5

      Kogan = Vodafone. Not an option for many people - coverage in my area is woeful.

  • For someone who has concern of postpaid plan, Jeenee has a soft cap on data usage,,, however Jeenee has no guarantee it works.

    • What's a "Jeenee has a soft cap on data usage"?

      • +2

        means it will auto stop the data after you're being charged for exceeding certain 'unknown' amount of data usage.

        it's like protection through pull-out method.
        you don't cum inside but there chances are pre-cum is there.

        • I thought normally they will stop the data when exceeding.

        • @HandsomeMonkey:

          they're from optus hence the delay in system between actual current usage vs their monitoring system.

          hence, calling it 'soft' cap, so they can charge you for their system delay instead of swallow the cum

        • +3

          you don't cum inside but there chances are pre-cum is there.

          Thank you for this much needed comparison.

  • Now I'm confused I'm planning to buy new sim. Which is better 1. Vaya 2. Amaysim or 3. Jeenie.

    PS. I'm just looking for the $10ish one.

    • Aldi mobile

      • Im on my phone at the moment so cant be bothered checking AGAIN lol; but isnt Coles Mobile still the best in the $10 plan range?

  • Good deal.
    Previously got a sim only plan from their last deal.
    Sim card came within a few days from order.
    Easy to setup via their web interface.

  • +2

    Surprised the rep didn't mention it, but one of the big selling points for me, and the reason I've stuck with Jeenee, is the fact that they are a Social Enterprise, providing services and support to people living with a disability.

    Not sure if there's similar charitable initiatives from Kogan, Aldi, etc.

    • +1

      As someone with a vision disability; this was a big selling factor for me :)

      Been with them a while also. No problems to report.

  • "Once you’ve used your monthly Data Allowance, you’ll automatically be charged $5.00 for an additional 500MB Top Up (for that month)". Can you turn this off? Obviously companies rely on this to supplement their income, but if you have a data eating teenager (like me) I would want the ability to turn this off.

  • I got new sim in a couple of days. Changing to the $10 plan. Looking for a cheap unlimited call and text option. Will see how it goes!
    I'm on a plan with 9GB with Telechoice. I use Facebook lite and Messenger lite. Found I use hardly any data now.

  • We have been on the $9.90 Pennywise - 1GB, Unlimited Talk & Text (12-month Plan) for a few months… It is perfect for checking emails once in a while via my phone and a great price. I was using Aldi and they had good service, I paid 30.00 prepay and it usually lasted about 2-3 months(based on my call usage) but I did not have any data with it. Now I not only get unlimited monthly calls but data too for about the same cost as Aldi. Worth it in my opinion. I test drove Kogan but in my area the network was sporadic so I gave it the arse.

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