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Micro USB OTG Converter Adapter AU $0.40 Delivered from Melbourne @Ahatech


Micro USB OTG Converter Adapter AU $0.40 Free Shipping
2 colours Black, White

Limited Quantity

Enter Coupon Code before checkout for discount,

Ship all orders from Melbourne within 1 business day.

Standard Micro USB Host OTG Cable, can be used for connecting devices like memory sticks, hard drives(need external power support), mouse, card reader, keyboard etc. to your compatible phone & tablet.

1 Cable per order and Coupon can only be used for OTG cables

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  • +2

    Coupon usage limit has been reached.

    • Coupon applies on 1 cable per order

      • +1

        yes, 1 cable per order, but it never works

        • +1

          Yep, doesn't work: "Coupon usage limit has been reached".

          EDIT: it worked after many tries..

  • +1

    coupon limit reached

  • +1

    coupon limit reached

  • +1

    They probably only allocated 5 pieces for this coupon. This is just a way of spamming people.

  • +5

    good price for local stock

  • forget cashrewards

  • let's you get to the end. then says "coupon limit reached".

    me thinks it's a trap for people who see the reduced price and then click click click through the rest of the process.

    no stock available at this price.

    • Its limited 1 per customer so if you add more quantity or any other product, it will not work.

      • i've only one in the cart.

        now it keeps asking "Please fill in the required fields" in the cart page. I enter the field - phone number.

        • +1

          You need to fill all fields on check out.
          Name, Complete Address, Phone Number, email.

        • +2

          @tandoor5: the problem was with Chrome. it wasn't pulling up the fields.

          switched to IE - no problem. went through first try. no problems.

  • +3

    I ordered one, no issues.

  • +4

    worked for me on the first go

  • +1

    It took me about 20 attempts before it didn't give the "Coupon usage limit has been reached" error… Got one in the end..

  • +2

    Yep worked second time around !

  • +3

    worked for me first time Thanks:)

  • +3

    Got one, thanks!

  • Black sold out only white left

  • +1

    Thanks! Something I actual wanted for a change ;P

  • Has anyone received this yet? I live within Melbourne and haven't got it

    • Yes, on Friday.

      The envelope it came in had an unmarked $1.00 stamp on it so I'm up $0.60 on this deal.

    • I haven't received it yet

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