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Phoenix Scope $49 @ Cleaver Firearms


This is a very good scope at a great price. Deal is online only. Freight is $18 minimum. I suggest adding some cleaning gear or maybe a second scope to make the freight worth it. Rebel gunworks are selling the same scope for $140.

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Cleaver Firearms
Cleaver Firearms

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    Is that the same as this http://ali.onl/LpT

    • Why would it be the same as that one? Because has the same magnification and objective lens size (Which is probably the most common combination of all scopes made)?


        Don't need to be a smartass. I don't know much about rifles. I was asking a question.

        • The Phoenix is clear all the way up to 9x, the sabre I have is only clear up to 4x. After that it gets blurry, it still works, but it's not that useful.
          Phoenix sell pretty good gear at a decent price. I bought scope mounts to go with it for $59. That's about half what you will pay for anything else.

        • To Originality
          "Don't need to be a smartass"

          In all fairness it looks like you yourself were being a little bit smartarse. In any even Geech could have been a tad more polite with his response. Is this over now or do I have to send some noise to you both?

  • No, that one in the link you posted looks like another scope I have called a sabre here in Australia. The Phoenix is a better scope, much clearer. It is almost identical in appearance, however, the Phoenix has a different knob to change the power from 3x up to 9x. Your post looks like a pretty good deal, especially with the mounts included.

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      ok Thanks for explaining. I just had a friend who'd been looking at scopes for his rifles and your post reminded me that he'd asked me to do some research on options. (I don't know much on the topic but I am a fast learner)

      • scopes are something that are very difficult to get a handle on by looking online. Stuff like clarity and eye relief and how it works for you personally, make a big difference. Scopes with lesser specs may be superior just because they are clearer and easier to use.


          Yeah I've come to that conclusion. I just suggested he go to the local sports/hunting store and get professional and real opinions as well as having the ability to try them out.