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Xiaomi Mi Box Android TV Box International Version $59.99 USD / $78.26 AUD (Approx.) Delivered at GearBest


Hi Everyone,
I have been in discussions with the GearBest Rep about doing a deal on these. She couldn't quite match this previous deal https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/319820, but has provided a code for their 11.11 sale. It looks like Registered Airmail is also included.

The Code is valid from midnight Beijing time 10/11 (02:00AM 11/11/17 AEST) until midnight on 11/11 (02:00AM 12/11/17 AEST).
Unlimited stock available.

EDIT: Looks like it is limited to 2 per account. Thanks Zeral.


Main Features:
● It runs on the latest Android TV 6.0 which is easy to enjoy your entertainment time.
● A high performance of Quad-core Cortex-A53 CPU can play a wide range of games.
● A Bluetooth voice remote control: Just speak into the remote control and Mi box will search for what you want.
● HDR 4K H.265 VP9 Profile-2 4K Decoding will provide you with a scene in vivid contrast, color and clarity.
● HDMI 2.0 is a faster way to send video and audio output to your TV.
● It also supports both Dolby and DTS encodings which create you smooth and surround sound.

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  • Code doesn't work.
    Oh 25 more mins.

    Thanks worked, limited to 2 per account, won't let me buy a 3rd.

  • Got one thanks

  • Is this still the best value pick?

    • +3 votes

      Depends what you want. If you absolutely want Android TV then this is the only value pick, the only other option is the 200+ nVidia Shield.

      If you don't mind just having Android as opposed to Android TV then there are almost too many options to consider.

      • Foxtel Now Box is $99. 4K, Android TV, Chromecast receiver. Netflix has not been sorted on it yet though.

    • not if you want to watch iview, sbs on demand , etc.
      You have to try and side load the apps for Australian TV on the mi box, normal android box has them available straight on the play store.

      So depends what you want to watch and hoe tech oriented you are.

  • Bought one last time, played everything in my PC, happy with this. But there is a time I couldn’t find the remote (found it later), I didn’t know how to turn it on. Is there a apps for this for iOS?

  • Isn't the latetest ATV 7.1.2? not 6.0?

    • Yes, the mibox is well behind on updates. I think the original Xioami date for 7.x was 1st quarter this year - still nothing. It's actually the only drawback with the thing.

  • PPTV/YouKu works on these?


    Anyone comment on how well x265 decoding works?

  • Stupid question, but could this be an alternative to Fetch TV? Just need something for my folks so they can access UK TV on any streaming platform that has it.

    • Hi,

      what I do on this box I have a vpn and added BBC as well as ALL4 (channel 4).
      The problem with this box is that does not take smartdns. It does have VPN unlimited that works (lifetime subscription costs $40).
      So to recap, buy this box and add the vpn unlimited and they can watch BBC and channel 4 for free. Also there is the Zattoo tv app that if you point to switzerland has all UK channels.

  • +1 vote

    you'd need to sideload the relevant catchup TVapps & also use a VPN/DNS service.
    Or were you talking about the UKTV channel here in oz (which is only available via Foxtel or FetchTV http://www.bbcaustralia.com/faq/)

    • Thankyou, I meant the UKTV available here in Aus. I won’t go Foxtel so I’ve been looking into Fetch. But I know the Fetch mini box won’t have specs as good as this Android unit.

      • +1 vote

        No its not, but what did you want to do with it beside stream tv? Also UKTV is part of the variety package @ $6/mth on fetch. AFAIK you need a fatch box to watch fetch content. Sometimes its just cheaper to use an ISP who gives you a fetch box + channels.

      • Fetch mini with variety package should be fine (in terms of quality) if your folks have reasonable Internet connection.

        • Yeah that’s what I’ve been looking at. Just a little pessimistic about having a fetch box long term and forking our monthly charges $10+

  • Is the Mi box good for the technically illiterate? Looking to get something for my old man for xmas.

    Was looking to maybe setup some easy ways for my parents to stream tv shows/movies with kodi.

    • I bought one for my dad a few months ago. He's pretty literate with all things Apple so instructing him on using this Android Box wasn't too much of a hassle.

      Setting up streaming with Kodi isn't too difficult either. My only gripe having to use the onscreen keyboard with the remote. It's tedious when you've become used to touchscreens.

    • Terrarium TV (no add version) is much easier to use than kodi for the tech challenged.

  • Can I plug a HDD into this and watch shows off that?

    • +2 votes

      Yes, it has 1 USB port. Supports USB HDD playback.
      Note, the device only has built in WiFi (not wired ethernet), but you can use a USB to Ethernet adaptor (as long as you get an adaptor with the correct chipset).

  • Has anyone played 4K bluray full disc off this?

  • Do they provide a AU plug? Will a Travel Adaptor be required for this?

  • I bought one a while back and it came with an EU plug.

    A sensational box, my previous TV box was a a95x and compared to the MI box it's garbage.

    I highly recommend this product!

    My only gripe is the extremely limited amount of personalisation you can do on the home screen.

  • Hi guys, I have one but it is limited in many regards if you need to watch content from foreign countries. You cannot have a smartdns on it, so I need to use Vpn instead which is annoying.
    Also, you need to be very close to the router or it doesn't work properly.

    I bought an h96 pro plus from geekbuying and it gives me much more freedom.

    If you just want to use for Kodi, Netflix and Terrarium the Mibox is pretty good, especially with the remote it works really well. Just make sure you are close to router though. It also has an integrated chromecast that works pretty well.

  • Couple of quick questions from someone who has never seen one of these.

    Does it work with Google home? Can I ask google to play movies on this device from a Google Home or Google Home Mine?

    Will this accept incoming screencasting from an android phone, or will I need a separate Chromecast device?

    Thanks, team.

    • Hi, I don't know about first points, but I can tell you that it has an integrated chromecast that works very well.

    • Nope it doesn't work with mibox. Have been trying all silly things that people have been saying worked on nexus player but no joy.
      Casting via phone works seamlessly and with 7.1 beta update it even support HDR in Netflix.

  • What is the difference to say this one:

    On paper it looks similar but cheaper?

    • Well I have different boxes around the house and main difference for mibox is that Netflix works up to 4k, there is integrated Chromecast that works very well. The remote is also much better (for those other boxes you need an air remote which probably costs another $10).
      If you want mibox for those things and kodi it is ideal. You need to sideload a lot of the apps too (for example I did terrarium and Mobro) but that is fairly easy.
      It is also very fast compared to other boxes, I suppose that is because android tv is a sleeker os.

      • All these things plus the fact that the Mi Box runs "Android TV" and not just Android like you find on phones. It's interface is designed to run on a TV and has it's own App Store. You can also Sideload Apps but they may not always run, or may not look right on a TV. The main thing however is that it is one of the few boxes that can run 4K Netflix. The main downside is that not all the Australian TV Catchup up Apps are on it, but should eventually get there. Leon

        • Well most of the apps I sideloaded work well. I added an app that forces the landscape mode, as some of the apps were loading vertically, but with the app I added now they load normally too.

          I still use the Telstra Tv for the Australian catch-up and haven't sideloaded them yet.

      • very interesting, never heard of terrarium and Mobro apps… will try today, i use popcorn time

  • How does it compare with this H96+? Except the Mi Box, any other good Android TV Box?

    • Hi I have got both, I bought h96 + pro from geekbuying: https://www.geekbuying.com/item/H96PRO--3G-32G-Amlogic-S912-...

      It depends on what you need it for, to be honest. In terms of performance, they are very similar. You need a wireless keyboard or mouse for the H96+. H96+ can be connected via LAN, however, no Netflix even at 1080p.

      • Thanks fozzie. I actually set my eyes on this one. No 1080p for Netflix that's odd, considering it it's 4K capable. I believe the USB is 2.0, is that correct? Can you hook a 4TB HDD to it? Does it have DTS and Dolby Digital Plus audio passthrough?

        • Sorry I don't know about hooking the 4tb it does have usb but I don't use it. The audio dts I think is there but as I haven't used it I cannot answer those questions.

    • On a budget you could consider the mecool m8s pro plus.

  • Thanks OP, finally decided to order one!
    Update: Just got the confirmation email, wow, it even comes with a BONUS:

    Great news: When the order status changes to "Shipped Out", you will receive a BONUS of 0 GB points from this order!

    Can't wait, GB!

  • Compare this vs the rubuk

  • Iim currently using mibox gen2, android 4 kitkat, do you think it's worth upgrading?

    Also, can I install a 3rd party APK app via USB?

  • Is this Android box reliable and if something does go wrong, who do you turn to for repairs?


  • I was told it will play advertisment randomly in chinese version, is it the same with international version?

  • I have this version. No ads. Kodi runs with the popular add-ons.
    I'll be listing mine in the classifieds shortly as I use a Raspberry Pi3

  • Cab anyone comment on rooting these?

    I'd like to buy one if it's reasonably painless, thinking about using it for emulation

  • Do any of the Android TV boxes support (actually install then work) Freeview FV?
    None of the Android TV boxes I've had do.

  • The Xiaomi Box (Hezi) doesnt come with an RJ45 port, but there are other Android boxes which do.

    I use a USB RJ45 LAN adapter with this unit and it works much better where wifi signal isnt strong. I am using a UNITEK USB3.0 3-Port Hub + Gigabit Ethernet Converter Y-3045C which uses a Realtek chip. UGreen also manufactures a similar produce and others have commented that it also works. $25 from MSY or online. There are other USB LAN adapters however unless you know which chip is used, it may or may not work.

    When the USB adapter is first plugged in the Xiaomi box will automatically identify it and load the drivers.

    USB is accessible via ES File explorer app.

  • After trying LibreElec, I'm never going back to stock Android.

    • Care to share? Was googling and saw some ppl saying can't install on mibox as locked or something?

      • I haven't installed it on the Xiaomi, hence my post as I will only consider LibreElec compatible HW.
        On my current MXQ Pro 4K Ultimate, power On from Off doesn't work so I soldered a switch.

  • Does the box come with livetv app?

  • Seems like this doesn't come with an Australian adapter?

  • If you're looking for pure Android TV with Widevine L1 DRM so that you could watch Netflix in HD then check these out..

    1. Mecool m8s pro+ - AU$47
    2. Mecool m8s pro L - AU$71

    These 2 have legit DRM and there are pure Android TV 7.1 (that's right 7.1. the Mibox only has 6.0) roms that you can find on

  • Hmmm now android tv 6 is outdated in 2017

    Not sure will there be update for this mibox

  • I bought one, it's a pos.

  • MX9 PRO Box has some good reviews overall , android 7.1 with 1 usb 3.0 , 1 usb 2.0, mini HDMI , optical out as well. Only downside is lacking 5ghz. Not bad for the price range as well https://www.gearbest.com/tv-box/pp_628423.html?wid=21

    • Bear in mind it has no DRM so no Netflix HD.
      Rockchip SoC means no Libreelec.
      So you're stuck with stock rom.
      Its ok if you're happy with stock rom watching kodi and YouTube.