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Xiaomi ZMI 10 20,000mAh Power Bank with USB-C Power Delivery - US $39.11 (AU $51.02) Delivered (Priority) @ GearBest


NEW CODE ADDED FOR EVEN CHEAPER PRICE** Thanks to the Gearbest rep!


Xiaomi ZMI Power Bank - Type-C 20000mAh Capacity Dual USB Output Bidirectional Quick Charge

This was a very popular deal back a month ago from Hamza https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/335192 and i found a code from Gearbest when looking through an old post that's still active - hopefully someone gets some use from it :)

Same price but a little bit weaker Aussie dollar means it's about $1 more expensive

Main Features:

*Original Xiaomi ZMI 20000mAh super large capacity portable power bank
*Bi-directional quick charge, saves more time
*High-density lithium polymer battery pack, safe and reliable
*LED indicator lights to show you the power status
*Support charging three devices simultaneously
*Built-in multiple protections
*Round edges design, comfortable to hold
*Input and output supports both Quick Charge 3.0 and Power Delivery 2.0 charging standards


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  • I've noticed recently that Banggood doesn't ship power banks to Australia anymore? Has this change been in effect for awhile now? I'm a bit outdated on shipping restrictions from overseas.

  • Two Nintendo Switch questions for someone in the know:
    1. How many charges does this give a Switch?
    2. Does the Switch charge off a USB input from a typical airline seat? (for the big international flighs that have them)

      1. I've never depleted this power bank to 0%. I use it for train commuting to/from work. If I forget to charge my switch, this power bank can charge as quickly/effectively as a proper wall charger. I believe you could get at least 2 full charges if you wanted though.

      2. No, the USB outlets on Airplanes would definitely not charge the switch while playing. They might reduce the rate at which the charge depletes though.

    • The Xiaomi 2 20,00mAh power bank I bought specifically to use for my Switch on a long flight allows the battery to deplete slower but doesn't charge the console while you're playing. When it comes to USB A to C charging there has been a lot of variance in how well certain power banks will charge it. USB C to C charging seems to be much better, so you could be alright with this power bank.

      1. The switch has a 4,310mAh battery, so expect 4-5 charges out of it
      2. Probably not, they would be really low current output so would likely charge it very slowly if at all.
      • The switch has a 4,310mAh battery, so expect 4-5 charges out of it

        No. This has 20,000mAh at 3.7V (slightly higher on this model), USB is around 5V and taking into account inefficiency along the way this has around 14,000mAh capacity and in reality will be less as you can't use 100% of the battery.

        It's that 4310mAh capacity at 3.7V?

        • I'm curious at how you got to 3.7V. It's not mentioned anywhere on the product or website.

        • @tyuuuuu:

          I'm curious at how you got to 3.7V. It's not mentioned anywhere on the product or website.

          It's the nominal voltage of a lithium-ion cell (3.6-3.7V). It's how all battery banks are labelled.

        • @Maverick-au: Ahhh that makes a lot more sense now.

        • Someone correct me if I'm wrong…

          74Wh on the power bank to play with.

          21.5Wh required to charge the Switch

          So it would be around 3.5 charges of a Switch in a perfect world.

    • Most long-haul international flights I've been on recently (Singapore Airlines, Virgin, Etihad) have had 1-2 USB ports, and a mains power socket for each seat. Check via the airline or on Seat Guru - you might not need a powerbank on the flight at all.

      • Most long-haul international flights I've been on recently (Singapore Airlines, Virgin, Etihad) have had 1-2 USB ports, and a mains power socket for each seat. Check via the airline or on Seat Guru - you might not need a powerbank on the flight at all.

        And what if they don't work?
        And what about at the other end? Are you going to buy new powerbanks when you arrive at your destination?

        • Alright - easy tiger. They’ve worked on every single flight I’ve been on. But yes, you should carry a portable charger or two as they’re very useful. I’m just pointing out that on the flight they might not need one that can charge a Nintendo Switch multiple times. Just check that your flight has a power point on every seat on SeatGuru. A lot of long-haul flight planes do. I haven’t come across one that hasn’t worked on the last 6 return long-haul flights I’ve been on. If it didn’t work I’d complain and see if they could sort it out. As for USB power on planes I can’t remember the last time I didn’t have one on a long-haul flight. I think it was in 2013.

        • And what if they don't work?

          This. on qantas

  • This website should be renamed to xiaomibargains!!!

    I got one the last time.. a bit chunkier than I thought but good performance and battery retention.

  • thanks phil

  • Currently have 2 disputes running with these guys via PayPal.
    Paid extra for 10-25 day Aus Post delivery with Aus Post Tracking number. Its been 28 and 35 days since each order was posted and neither has arrived, and both tracking numbers are still invalid. GearBest still show both orders in China. Also they took close to a month to ship in the first place (nothing technically wrong with that, but still sucks).
    Yes the prices are low, but you get what you pay for: many claims of counterfeit items, extremely poor quality, bogus tracking number, sometimes take weeks to actually ship the order despite it being packed and ready to go and shipping time claims.
    Hence this is not a bargain.
    Refer to the recent discussion regarding exactly the above on Ozbargain before you neg in ignorance. This is not an uncommon experience with these guys.
    Warning others to save the hassle/disappointment.

    • Let them all buy from Gearbest, and then realize how good this deal is, when their package is still in the mail system somewhere on new years eve, and then Chinese new years eve. Then I'm LOLing. I will, if launched, support the ban of Gearbest on this site. I did contact the rep, and his answer was a lie, here the proof:

      Rep: "FYI,your order was shipped out at 2017-11-08 01:01:54 via DHL【HKW】,this is kind of slow service from DHL,will take 3-5 days for updating,pls understand this and check it few days later."

      DHL Tracking
      Saturday, November 11, 2017 Location Time Piece
      1 Shipment information received HONG KONG - HONG KONG 10:54

      I don't think deals should be posted, if even the rep on this site is lying.

      • I ordered mine 31/10 and it arrived today. Don't know what you're complaining about.

        • Ordered well over 70 items from Gearbest now I reckon… never had any major dramas with shipping.. ever.

    • I've ordered numerous item from them, all seems to be in good order. packaging is good just as you would get the ones from eBay. I dont expect glossy packaging, you are paying zilch for postage after all and on a few occasions a few extra dollars for speedier postage. am I happy with them? yes, just keep in mind that if you choose free postage they dont arrive for another 6-8 weeks.

    • i've ordered many things from them … takes ages .. but always gets here … and i never pay extra for shipping.

    • Thanks for the warning. I always questioned how genuine some items were. I know I can’t compare but the one and only item I ordered from Banggood took ages to get here. Sure it isn’t much to me, but when things don’t go right in those small items it can be more of a hassle than it’s worth. I guess for these kind of items, for travelling, if I want to buy is as a meaningful present I want to make sure it works and if something goes wrong I can quickly get it sorted out locally.

      • Yep, despite the cost being extremely low, I don't think I'll be buying from these sorts again. Not worth saving a few dollars imo.

    • Update:
      Neither package has arrived and both tracking numbers are still invalid (now 7 and 13 days overdue).
      It's now been 8 weeks since I made both of the orders.
      GearBest are asking me to wait 5-7 days for them to contact the shipping provider for more info (yeah nah).
      I have escalated the dispute within PayPal and they have escalated it from a Dispute to a Claim.

  • Will this charge a Google pixel? Does it support usb-pd?

  • I'm getting expiry errors on the code… anyone else?

  • gaaaaawn, whilst in my trolley

  • I want an Eneloop deal… miss those.

  • Wow just ordered in time 😁 thanks OP

  • Are there any xiaomi with large capacity that supports Qi?

  • just recieved mine recently from a previous deal … good powerbank …

  • expired :(

  • I'm worried about taking this onto the plane. Limit is usually 100Wh.
    This ZMI powerbank claims 70.2Wh/72Wh but how was that calculated?

    I tried:
    Capacity is 20,000mAh = 20Ah
    Wh = Ah x Voltage (V)
    The part where I got stuck was picking an output voltage. There are so many, I don't know which one to use. Is it calculated using maximum numbers?

  • I've taken a 30,000 mAH powerbank on board many times - should be fine (domestic though)

  • I wouldn't buy another thing off Gearbest after the cheep rubbish that I have revived recently after a couple of purchases , cheep Chinese crap you have been warred .

  • Dangerous, bought this on the 31/10 for like $58

  • so anyone know what the diff between this charger and this other 20000mAh one also from Xiaomi (https://www.banggood.com/Original-Xiaomi-20000mAh-18W-Quick-...)

    Why is this one more expensive?

  • code not working :(

  • Ok, here’s my review on this.

    We own some of the 20k powerbank 2’s and I recently purchased one of these. All went on a flight to the uk. All lasted (charging iPads through the journey) however this model has the least charge by the end of the flight.

    Overall… if you need something to quickcharge like a switch / MacBook then get this however for ‘standard’ devices get the powerbank 2 which is lighter and performs better in the real world.

    • I believe powerbank 2 doesn't have USB-C PD, which means it doesn't deliver as much Watts. The reason why you think powerbank 2 is better because the things you plug in to them doesn't drain as much power. ZMI even though has same capacity on Mah, but the devices you charge drains a lot more watts…

  • I believe this charges iPhone X and Nintendo Switch. Can someone confirm?

  • Got this delivered today, ordered on the 31/10, great charger; however did notice that plugging in my Note 8, it sometimes reverts to "Charging" instead of "Fast Charging". Odd quirk but keen to hear if anyone else notices this on their devices.
    Edit: I bought this for A$62.50 using an earlier code, so there's no reason to buy this at full price. Seems that the ZMI will continue to be available at around this price with some current valid code floating somewhere

  • I cannot seem to get this deal to work. Order seems to freeze after i try to checkout. Or is it the gearbest website atm??

  • This isn't a Xiaomi product guys….I just received it. its ZIMI