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5% off a Woolworths Shop When You Spend $300


5% off a Woolworth Shop When You Spend $300, Using Code BULKXMAS.
Combine with cashrewards cashback and payment with discounted e-gift cards.
Possible total savings
*$20 (new cashrewards account)
$15 (5% off $300 dollars)
$14.25 (5% discount using discounted e-gift cards).
=$49.25 saving off a $300 shop.
About a 16% saving if all combined.

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  • +5 votes

    $300 ! are you holding a big family party

  • +4 votes

    Not impressed with the deal.

    Every time I buy online from Woolworths they always run out of something and just issue the refund as store credit.

    • +1 vote

      Huh? All my refunds are processed straight back to the card i used in the first place. I've never had a store credit?

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        If you use egift cards for your purchases, the refund is via store credit. The process is quick; but it still means that you don't have an item that you wanted. That was my greatest gripe with Woolies online… just too unreliable.

        I sent the following feedback and only got a generic thank you back with nothing about what they will do about it.


        My name is XXXXXXX and I've been using the Woolworths Online shopping since 30 Jan (about 8 weeks) and would like to provide some feedback on my not very good experience.

        In this period, I have used online shopping 9 times and today have finally decided that it is no longer worth it at all. The reasons for this are as follows:

        1) Out of 7 home deliveries, only two (the first one and the one today) arrived within the timeslot selected. All other deliveries were late and at times we had to change our plans to ensure we were still home for the delivery.
        2) Out of 2 click and collect orders, one was so late to be not funny anymore. The selected delivery time was 4 PM to 8 PM and we did not receive the notification that it was available to collect till 10 AM the following day. To me, that is just not acceptable. I would have been far better off just doing the shop myself.
        3) Out of 9 orders, 5 orders had missing items. 2 of those 5 were missing whole crates of items. Like the order today, Out of 25 items ordered, 6 items were missing. The refund process is easy and smooth, but it still means we don't have those 6 items and we cannot simply just order them again as they are below the $30 click and collect limit and way below the $100 delivery saver limit. What is the point of home delivery if we have to go in store and shop almost every time (5 out of 9 is a very bad hit rate) as critical items were not delivered.
        4) The fresh food part was surprisingly good. Out the 9 orders, only once were we not happy with the selection quality. Other times, we were not happy with one or two items; but thats ok. So, you do get a tick in that area.
        5) The customer service on the phone has been faultless. The customer service agents are always friendly, helpful and apologetic - but they can't do much in getting us the missing items.
        6) I don't like the per item pricing on fruit and veges. At times, I have weighed the items received and have found that using per item pricing, instead of per Kg pricing; I am being charged a way lot more. This is why I stopped ordering fruits and veges online after the first few orders and started getting them from Footscray market instead. I do understand why there is per item pricing as it is difficult for us to say, give us 1 KG Apples for $3.50 - but when picked, the weight is more or less than 1Kg, so how do you charge correctly for that. So, even though I don't like it, I understand why.

        Anyway, I have reached the conclusion that the online shopping experience is not at a reliable enough level for me to use anymore. When I started using it, I had high hopes that it would save me 2 hours a week by not having to go in store; but that hope has not been realised as I still have to go in-store to get items that are missing. The click and collect is not reliable enough either as I really want need items like milk and bread to be ready same day, not days later.

        I hope you take this feedback and use it to improve the service as I would like to try it again in the future as I see potential value in it - its just not there yet - just too much hassle in chasing up missed items and then going in-store to purchase them separately. Once I use up the remaining refund credits,

        Best Regards,


        the speed of refund was not really the point. The point is if you buy $300 worth of products, and Woolies does not supply you any products because of "sorry we are out of stock", your total transaction will be less than $300 and you will not get 5% discount discussed.


      Usually this happens to me also, but last order they supplied a 24 pack and 10 pack of Coke cans because the 30 pack was out of stock. Score :-)

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    eVoucher on eBay atm easily beats your deal,OP.


      eVoucher is not valid if you are a business customer, and you have a limited number of vouchers per person.

  • +1 vote

    Sweet! Spend that a couple times a week so any saving will help.


    Its black friday, not april 1st!

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