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[Refurbished] Dell Optiplex 9020 SFF i5-4570 QC 3.1GHz 8GB RAM 128GB SSD PC $279.20 Delivered @ Australian Computer Traders eBay


A good refurbished computer for web browsing and daily tasks, just add keyboard, mouse and monitor.

Thanks to nocure for Original 20% off at Selected Sellers on eBay Deal Post, and remember to use cashback.

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  • +2

    Unfortunately low profile so can't use full size graphics card, otherwise would make a sweet gaming machine

    • +17

      You can fit a GTX 1050Ti 4GB low-profile card in there, the factory PSU can handle it without problems. That makes it a dcently capable and compact 1080p gaming rig at very low cost.

      • My statement remains, low profile cards are generally more expensive and limited. If you could put in a 1070, with that CPU you could do most games at High settings

        • +10

          I don't disagree with you…..but even if you could fit a 1070 inside, the stock power supply is inadequate. Given the proprietary cabling often used in these compact OEM systems, it's not worth the extra hassle. You'd probably have to improve the case cooling too, since it's not designed to cope with the extra heat load.

          In reality, if you want a more serious gaming rig, this is not a good starting point. You'd be far better off starting with something with a larger case, running a more conventional ATX PSU.

          If you're happy to settle for 1080p and moderate settings, a 1050Ti (currently on sale at $200 via eBay 20% discount) will slot right in and work perfectly. Your whole system cost will be less than $500. I've done it for a friend - it's a great budget gamer.

        • -1

          You could also say the same for smartphones, but that would be redundant.

      • I'm torn on this statement :(

        This website (https://us.hardware.info/reviews/7382/14/geforce-gtx-1050-a-...) proves the 255w PSU in these machines should be enough power for a GTX1050 LP, but using a PSU calculator (https://outervision.com/power-supply-calculator), it says ~273w is required.

        • Generally you don't stress every part of your system simultaneously at 100%, so your system will not be drawing the maximum amount.

          Also PSUs can handle power spikes that take the combined power consumption above their rated wattage for brief moments. Since it is a LFF, you shouldn't be running stress-test benchmarks, just use as normal and you will be fine.

        • My 1050Ti lp says it needs 300w yet I have a 240w PSU - no issues.

      • +3

        1050Ti will fit, but only in the PCIe 4x slot because the card requires two slots. The x16 slot will only fit single-slot cards, which I haven't seen a 1050Ti available in single-slot yet. My 9020 SFF crashes regularly when playing GTA5 with the 1050Ti. I tested with a power meter and at full load it can go over 270w.

        Might be safer to go with a 1030 as it draws less power, you can get them in single slot and should be able to fit into the PCIe 16x slot.

  • +5

    These are actually a very very good mum / dad PC if you put a 256+GB SSD in it.
    It'll run Windows 10 fine, it'll run 3 video cards (2 of them over 1920x1200) - final one being VGA.

    I used one of these for over a year, heck I finished Starcraft LOTV in 1280x720 low detail on it.
    Runs windows great, fairly quiet, good stuff.

    • +3

      Thats funny, I did the exact same thing for mum and dad with this machine just under 12 months ago, its small, it flies, its silent (theirs doesn't make a sound) and they love it. Best of all I reused their old 128GB SSD and 1TB HDD from a q9500 build so it was cheap as chips. Plus i think you can get gtx1050 low profile cards these days can't you? Would probably do 1080p at medium detail or better.

      • If you don't game, there's simply no need, the onboard video is great for browsing, youtube, basic 3D stuff, drawing, pics etc - it's not like a video card 'fixes' anything.

        I'm on an intel onboard, CFL-8400 right now, it's fine. I don't game anymore.

        I guess MAYBE for a 4k, 60hz, HDR HTPC you might need some kind of accelerated x265 or h265 super modern card, maybe? but otherwise, it's just wasted money

    • These are actually a very very good mum / dad PC if you put a 256+GB SSD in it.

      Not necessary, 128GB is plenty for Windows and a small amount of data.

      • It is but it's cutting it fine, Windows tends to use quite a bit nowadays - and say an iphone backup or something - and bam.

        256 is now that smooth spot where you're unlikely to get the disk space calls once a year - should buy you 3 or 4 years

        • I disagree, it's been plenty for both my work laptop and desktop, and I'm working with large files on a daily basis, so as long as you manage it regularly and not hoard unnecessary data, she'll be right.

        • +1

          @Lorindor: I would say I support somewhere in the vicinity of 40 to 60 people, ranging from 3 small businesses, 5+ family members, my 4 machines, my work machines, friends machines etc.

          I can assure you, 120GB is not enough, it seems enough, initially but sooner or later, you're going to get that idiotic phone call you don't want.

          I regularly run the disk cleanup wizard on my personal PC and maintain it pretty slim and I'm looking at 85GB used on C: right now. Furthermore, Windows fall / large updates tend to re-install Windows over the top of itself - which will mean a temporary 10 to 25GB more disk usage.
          (Note, my download folder is on my NAS to boot, as are all my photos)

          Just use the 250, it'll buy you 3 years almost assuredly without phone calls.

        • @hamwhisperer:

          I would say I support somewhere in the vicinity of 40 to 60 people, ranging from 3 small businesses, 5+ family members, my 4 machines, my work machines, friends machines etc.

          For privacy reasons I won't go into specifics, although I support hundreds of users/devices at work and I assure you, 120GB is plenty, even 64GB is doable on a Windows device if you keep everything in the cloud.

        • +1

          @Lorindor: "in the cloud", I'm assuming you have network drives that everyone works on. For a regular home user, I'm with ham whisperer, tho if I had a choice, I'd simply chuck in another hard drive for data, and leave the 12gb ssd for Windows, and important apps.

  • +6

    I updated the listing too 128Gb Solid State Drives

    • I bought this one from last deal(just a week or so before), same amount and similar configuration but with HDD. feeling very sad now

      • +1

        Unfortunately we do not have the luxury of picking and choosing what comes in. :(

  • I used the 20% off code to buy an i7 from these guys a couple of weeks ago. They installed the SSD for me.

    • When they installed SSD, Did they keep the original HDD.

      I have asked the questions on their Ebay but they don't respond to any questions on Ebay.

      • The SSD replaces the original hard drive. It's an upgrade not an addition.

        • +1

          Thanks for the quick Response Calmago, Just wants to know Does it hold 2 drives 1 HDD + 1 SSD?

        • +1

          @vis: SFF 9020's can take 2 x 2.5" Drives.

        • @Calmago: Thanks Calago, Does Optiplex 9010 Desktop hold 2 drives.
          Also want to know Does it need to additional Dongle for Wifi connetcion or inbuilt.

        • The motherboard has three SATA ports, so could serve as a small NAS with 3x4TB 2.5" drives…

        • @vis:

          Does Optiplex 9010 Desktop hold 2 drives.

          Yes. Even the SFF takes 2x 2.5, or 1x3.5.

        • @vis:
          The 9010 and 9020 can hold the same yes.

          Wifi is not built in by default on the ones we use at work.

        • @vis: YES IT WILL - When there is a 3.5" HDD in the rack there is no rack space left for an SSD, but there are at least 1-2 spots where you can slide in a 2.5" SSD and use double sided tape to affix it. I know because I have done it.

          I image the shop won't do it for you as the case is not built for it, but you can easily do it yourself.

      • Yes it has the original 1TB HDD.

  • +3

    I think the following i7-3770 is better value https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Dell-Optiplex-9010-i7-3770-QC-3-...

    • Will they put a SSD in this as well? I might be interested.

      • Could just buy an SSD separately and install it - it's pretty easy to do, just two cables that need plugging in.

      • Scroll down the page.

    • nah. id much rather 128gb SSD over 500gb 2.5" mechanical hdd. CPU power is about the same, but this system is probably a year newer.

  • is there an easy/cheap way to add hdmi output to these. id like to hook it up to my receiver and run kodi, but its missing hdmi? does displayport carry audio or only video, would it be as simple as just buying a displayport to hdmi adapter of some kind?

    • +1

      Cheapest low profile graphics card. Or you can buy an adapter, they work fine.

      • cheers, thanks. any idea on model numbers of cheap decent card that will work? would basically like to spend as little as possible (this machine would not be used for gaming, only for internet browsing and media centre/music functionality)

  • Could you pull the guts out shove it in a tax case with different PSU And fit a 1070?

    • +1

      No. They have propitiatory motherboards.

    • +1

      These PC's typically have an OEM motherboard with a non-standard layout. Look up the CR8D AM0327 motherboard, it's what the 9020 SFF should be using.

      I wouldn't be too surprised if it fits in a standard case but I wouldn't get your hopes up. There would be a few ghetto solutions though which would be worthwhile because this thing is cheap as.

      • +1

        Cable ties through the mounting holes ;)

        • There's other issues too like none-standard power button connectors, and the PSU connector on the Motherboard is not necessarily a normal ATX connector.
          There are workarounds for all these issues but it's all extra hassle. I don't know how many none-standard connectors the 9020 uses though.

  • +1

    thanks - ordered 10.

    • +2

      leave some for the rest of us.
      watch this guy resell em on gumtree.

      • Chill man, no reason to get angry over someone buying used computers for unknown uses lol.
        Judging by his other comment I doubt he's just reselling them anyways.

        Aaaaand your comment was edited. Neat.

        • +5

          they are for our office - we run dell desktops and were running out, these are better and have ssd so we will use them for upgrades as well.

        • +8

          chill man, im sitting next to him at work giving him shit.

  • do you have any dell monitor mounts by any chance ? :) we have lots of monitors but no stands.

    • Negative. We still export them without the stands.

    • We throw out hundreds of those stands at my work

      • if you have any we need around 50 and would pay for freight.

        • DELL screens have standard VESA mount holes on the back, so aftermarket stands and arms work just fine.

  • +4
  • Grab the $200 low-profile GTX 1050ti and you've got a decent gaming rig for < $500, with better graphics than a PS4.

    • +1

      Is that a single slot card? I had to fit a lp gt1030 with fan as the pci slot is right next to the psu…

    • Does not fit in this unit. Check the motherboard pictures. The 16x slot is the lower, so you've only got a single slot available for graphics. They've got a x4 slot above it and it's bogus. Need a 9010 or a 990

    • I made the above post without doing much research.
      It's possible the 1050ti won't fit in this case.

  • +2

    Be prepared for the possibility of returning one of these back through the mail and arranging to get a refund from the seller. Got a HP Elite 8300, set it up as my main computer and it lasted all of a week before the PSU went. These computers are probably at the end of their expected lifetime.

    • +4

      they are more likely just at the end of their support period. for businesses they usually come with 3 year support. we've got a few hundred of these in the 990, 9010 and 9020. so thats about 5 or 6 years old for the oldest ones. i think ive only seen about 2 dead power supplies in that time. the optiplexs are pretty bullet proof. the worst thing is more the ones with the mechanical hard drives, they start falling over after 4 years. but with SSDs they are really solid.

    • +3

      That sucks - but it does happen. Generally they are reliable little PCs

  • +1

    Does anyone know if I can put a wifi receptor into it?

    • A USB wifi card would work fine, yes.

    • Can either install a low profile wireless adapter or use a USB wireless dongle.

    • I added a little USB AC dongle. Works nicely.

  • +1

    Just had a look and "Out of stock".

  • +2

    … was about to buy one then some dude bought 10! hahah

  • +1

    I bought one of this.
    With 5% off ~ $300

  • Strewth, these things sell out fast. On my way home, just now, I was thinking about these deals, lo-and-behold, ghet home see a new deal and it's already sold out including the i& HDD model which would probably have been my preference.

    • +2

      They come up often - just depends a little on stock rolling through. Goes well when theres an ebay deal

      • Yeh, thanks, just never manage to catch them before they're all sold - when there's an eBay deal, of course.

    • Get in quick. Just found 4 more on the bottom of the pallet.

      • Thanks - Oh good grief - "0 available" again! haha Grrr!

  • What do you guys expect for the term "refurbished". a clean install?

    • +3

      chassis polish and internal vacuum?

  • Oh damn, paid the same from these guys a Dell Optiplex 9010 i7 3770 QC 3.4Ghz 8GB Ram 500GB HDD last week - older gen processor, no SSD and some alarming dents and scratches. This is def a better deal.

  • Oh.. missed the deal. no more stock?

  • I bought 9020 SFF, i7 4790 Quadcore 3.6GHZ with 8GB RAM & 500GB HD WIN 10 PRO for $339.80 (with an eBay voucher) from another seller about a month ago, not sure if that was worth it as it didn't have an SSD in it (but i7 4790 QC 3.6Ghz though). I have 128GB SSD that I bought a while ago sitting around somewhere in my place that I am procrastinating to install. I like these quiet, small computers.

  • Just traded up from one of these at work. Had been a reliable machine for the last 6 Year’s.

  • Could this be used as a basic small business server with eg. Windows 2016 Essentials?

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