expired Brooklinen Black Friday Sale 10-20% off


Brooklinen sheets are very good (I slept on them last night) and are rarely on sale.

Here's the deal:
FREE $35 Candle on orders of $150+
10% off orders of $250+
15% off orders of $350+
20% off orders of $450+

The free $35 candles are only available while supplies last.

I am not associated with Brooklinen, just a happy customer. I used to spend a lot on 1000 thread count Sheridan and other good sheets until I came across Brooklinen and took a chance and came away very impressed, they are the best sheets I have tried. They seem expensive, but they are definitely worth it, they are a lighter weave so great for Australia's hot climate. There are plenty of reviews online.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2017

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    Which sheets have you got? They have 3 different types.


      I bought the Luxe Hardcore Sheet Bundle which is their highest thread count cotton sateen sheets. I haven't tried their linen or twill sheets (will be ordering some twill on this sale) but my sheets are about year old now and are awesome after a few dozen washes. I have quite a few expensive (and plenty of cheap) sets of sheets and none are as good as the Brooklinen ones.

      Our most premium set for those that are serious about comfort and next-level luxury. The mix-and-match Luxe Hardcore Bundle includes a Core Sheet Set, 1 duvet cover and 2 extra pillowcases in a buttery-smooth 480 thread-count weave.

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    Over expensive imports


      No, they are not. I have bought a bloody lot of different sheets from cheap to expensive and these are better than any I have tried. I have bought the cheap 1000 thread count sheets off Amazon and Ebay (even tried some from Aliexpress) and pretty much all of the cheap options are terrible.

      I had an infatuation with Sheridan sheets for a while which are expensive but have a good name, and they are not even close to as smooth, soft and light as the Brooklinen sheets.

      I know I sound like a shill, but I am just trying to save people the long (and expensive) trial and error process I went through to get sheets that feel as good (or better) than the best sheets that you sleep on at top level hotels. (Note: hotel sheets are often heavier as they suit permanently air-conditioned rooms)

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        I was slightly tempted to get something from their linen range, but noticed they didn't offer anything in a single/king single size. Just curious - have you tried bedding from Ettitude or Linen Shed? How about silk?

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