expired 20% off Allianz Comprehensive Travel Insurance


Up to 20% off comprehensive international travel insurance only sale email came out today. Usually they only have 10 - 15% sales, so a 20% sale is really good.

Good cover and I always use them now.

Doesn't include Travel Insurance from Australia from what I can see.

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    First time travelling overseas to Japan next year. Is is worth just ponying up and paying for comprehensive over basic?


    FFS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just bought TID like 5 minutes ago!

    OK just worked out TID allows cancellation.


    Price same with or without code weird!! Am I doing something wrong?

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    Webjet Travel Insurance using code WBJPOST10 is cheaper.

    Webjet sells rebadged Allianz, so you are getting the same insurance anyway.

    Proof: https://imgur.com/a/Rlo5H (sample of Japan, 30yo, 1-15 Dec 2017)
    Webjet on left, Allianz on right, both prices after coupon applied.
    Note Webjet is $100 excess vs Allianz $200.

    Plus 3.5% Cashrewards with WJ

    Disclaimer - do your own research and buy what is best for your situation


      Awesome thanks


      just easier to say that Allianz is the underwriter for Webjet Travel Insurance



      I'm about to sign up with world2cover.com.au using WW20S to get 20% off worked out for me to be the cheapest and they appear to provide pretty good coverage.

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        good prices at W2C. comes in around 5% cheaper than my Japan example above

        also check https://www.onlinetravelinsurance.com.au (Allianz). Cheaper than World2Cover & Webjet for my Japan exapmple!!
        no code required - they are always cheap.


          anyone used any of these and can comment if they actually did have to put a claim through?

          ive only used TID and never put a claim though

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          claimed webjet - it was all done thru Allianz claims team. no issues at all. online forms to begin, then good phone and email comms with them throughout. successful claim under category of 'Cancelled, Delayed or Rescheduled Services by the Travel Supplier'



          Thanks mate

          Going Singapore and Maldives, onlinetravelinsurance came in cheapest but might go with Webjet for security. TID is very expensive compared to all of these (over 25% with codes)

          Spewing that the insurance cover on my Credit Card isnt worth the paper its written on in terms of medical care.


          @cumova: Interesting! What in particular makes the credit card insurance no good?



          i have Citibank Emirates World CC
          Medical only seems to cover $110 per day up to $13,000 total, which is pretty average compared to most basic covers that you buy that include unlimited medical and hospital expenses

          coverage for personal items seems good though



          Has anyone had any luck getting in touch with world2cover via Facebook or the email listed on their website? I emailed them and messaged them on Facebook 3 days ago and still no response. This doesn't make me feel confident that they would be able to assist me promptly if I ever needed their urgent help while I was traveling????


          Have you tried calling them?
          If you need urgent help they allow you to do a reverse charge call the their number (which would be the quickest way if you had an emergency).

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          I suppose. I just find email/facebook more convenient and also like having conversations in writing…

          Thanks! :)


          The $110 per day limitation is discussed here:

          It appears that in the PDS it says the medical cover is unlimited, except for reimbursement of incidental
          expenses for bed care patients which is limited to the cost of the expense up to $110 per day, with a limit of $13,000 per person to a maximum $16,500 for a cardholder travelling with their spouse and/or dependent children.


          @poiuy1234: I've claimed with them before, they have an emergency assistance number which was good and the claim was paid within the standard 2-3 lead time with no issues/questions (unlike TID who drag it out as much as possible)



          Thanks for that


    Perfect timing. Was looking at some this morning and still deciding between tid or scti. Might compare against this as well.

    Thanks op.


    Still more expensive (overall by around 12%) than TID for my upcoming trip to NZ…

    Note: I used a 10% discount code for TID


      as a matter of interest, can you compare prices to Webjet (WBJPOST10), World2Cover (WW20S) and www.onlinetravelinsurance.com.au (no code)
      and feed back your results?

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        Wow! Thanks for that!

        world2cover is almost 33% cheaper than TID and Webjet is almost 24% cheaper than TID!

        Note: haven't had a chance to compare the details correctly, but my comparison so far is based on zero access selection.

        onlinetravelinsurance doesn't have a zero excess option so wasn't able to accurately compare…

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    just FYI, if you get a Westpac Credit Card such as the 55 Day Platinum Card, you get Allianz travel insurance for free. It is the same cover as Comprehensive.

    You're Welcome :)


      Do you need to pay with that card to be covered or book trips through a Westpac travel or similar portal?

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        Not sure if it's any different for the other cards, but with my altitude black it was a $500 spend on travel in order to be covered


        Yup its $500 spend on travel (can include flights, accommodation, car rental etc…)
        The card is free and has 55 days interest free so makes it great for everyday card aswell. No points but you do get really great travel insurance.

        I also use Citibank Debit Card for overseas spending as there is 0 fees and they have the best rates.

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    In case anyone interested.. Insureandgo code GROUPON20 still works for 20%off

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    Just to share my findings. Did a quick comparison. But do read your PDS for details.

    STCI = $150
    What stood out for me is
    1. $0 excess for medical claim
    2. $100 excess for other claims.
    3. Other benefits amount are pretty similar to other insurance companies. For eg, Dental might be $750 for STCI and other companies $500~$100.
    4. Under "Medical and Evacuation", claims relating to terrorism is allowed. But note that claims under other section (luggage, cancellation etc…), STCI will not pay if the claim is related to terrorism.
    5. Travel delay expense is claimable only after 12 hrs

    I used STCI before and claimed once under medical ($0 excess) and just provided my receipts to the doctors and it was processed without any fuss.

    Allianz = $152 (AFTER 20% discount)
    1. $100 excess for ALL claims (medical, etc….)
    2. Other benefits amounts are pretty similar to other insurance companies.
    3. I can't find any benefit that is similar to STCI "Medical and Evacuation" where claims relating to terrorism is allowed.
    4. Travel delay expense is claimable after 6 hrs.

    I'm happy for anyone to correct my findings as the fine print are just too many!


    About to travel overseas for the first time, hoping someone knows the answer to this question…

    I bought return flights from perth to gold coast in a separate transaction to the return flights from gold coast to japan.

    When selecting the dates for the travel insurance… do I select it from the date of departure from Perth up until the date of returning to perth, in order to be covered if something were to happen to one of the domestic flights? As it could throw the whole Japan trip out of whack.

    Due to staying in gold coast for a few days, it adds about $30 onto the price of the travel insurance when covering the entire date range. However, the main goal is to be covered for medical whilst in Japan. I'm just assuming cancellation cover is a nice peace of mind.

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      you are correct - for the Aust flight + 3 days you are essentially paying for cover for travel delay, missing baggage, cancellation, etc as most medical issues would otherwise be covered by medicare and/or your private health cover.
      At $30 I would just pay the extra.