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[Android] Mini Metro $0.99 (Was $7.49) @ Google Play Store


Rated 4.8/5 from 8,393 total

Description: Mini Metro, the sublime subway simulator, now on Android devices in a Premium edition (No Ads and no in-app purchase)

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  • +1

    I enjoyed this game, the effect of the ambient sounds building in rhythm is great with headphones.
    The controls get a little crowded in later levels, but very easy to get started.

  • +1

    Yep great game, hours of replayability.

  • +9

    Great game, it helped me find out how to solve Melbourne's train woes. It needs to be a zig zag pattern

    • +1

      Well the devs for this game is are from Australia you know ;)

      • PTV? Are you listening? Hire these guys.

  • +4

    paid for with google survey credits :)

  • +2

    Love this game and free if you earned enough cash from Google Rewards.

  • Great little game.

  • +3

    Was in a humble mobile bundle at some stage so check your app before you buy here. :)

  • Awesome game. Highly recommended.

  • Nice game. I recommend too.

  • Great game! I was hooked on this during the Beta on pc, and again last year on Android.

  • +2

    Hmm it's 2am and I'm still playing this damn game. Tomorrow me is going to hate now me.

  • I am not a fan of mobile games apps but this is really good!

  • Up to 20hrs on one map alone striving for a top 5 score. Totally addictive.

  • +1

    Been on 14 cents rewards credit for a year now 😥

    • Yeah they don't like it when location services is disabled, It was a battery killer in my old note and I got zero surveys…. new phone is better but they are more like tests…. where you in woolworths in the last month and 5 other random companies that are not even in the area…. come on google we both know I was in woolies yesterday and why I'm getting the survey… thats all I get at the moment… woolies 12c or maccas 12c, have you used google apps 48c….

      PS bought this game earlier in the year.. had potential but then I got distracted by oceanhorn never went back to it.

    • I got 11 cents in a whole year. With location services on.

  • OK - bought!

  • Great now my wife is pissed at me after downloading this game!

  • Purchased, very enjoyable.

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