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Nintendo Switch Console - Grey or Neon - $399 @ JB Hi-Fi


Black Friday sale - JB Hifi have the Nintendo Switch Console for $399 in grey or neon.

One day only according to JB’s Facebook page.

You should also get a $20 voucher for spending over $100 (instore only). Voucher valid from Saturday onwards.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2017

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    Now this is what we needed for harvey Norman AMEX deal! Bring on a $299 switch tomorrow! :D assuming they price match…

    • Am I able to get that if I sign up for an AMEX card now?

      • +1

        No sorry. Was a $100 rebate off $300+ spend card offer that you had to save a few weeks ago. Have all been redeemed.

        • +2

          $100 off $400. Wish it was $300 like last year though ;)

        • +1

          @wooyugil: ah yeh $400 sorry! Glad you reminded me, was thinking it was $300. Need to add a $1 item to my purchase when I price match to get the cash back ;) cheers

        • +2

          @dwhes: Good luck with the price match! I hope to see a good deal on PS4 Pro.

        • @wooyugil: price matched no hassle and purchased Mario at the same time :) brother is going to be very happy for Christmas. I already had one but going halves with his girlfriend for him.

        • Hi does this apply to all Amex card including those with no annual fee ? I wanted to sign up for a card for future promotion.

        • They aren't all redeemed. If you saved it to your card, you have until December 31. I saved mine for this exact reason :-)

        • +2

          @TedHead: I think they're explaining that the AMEX signup allocation for this promotion is full. They're not claiming that everyone who saved the offer to their card has used it.

    • is anyone got any problems opening up harvey norman's live chat?

      I'm hoping to get everything ready so I can get the price match code tomorrow but the feature doesn't seem to work on the site.

      • Live chat only available from 6.30am - 10pm AEST

    • Me too!

      Wanted the Mario Bundle really but might just get the game

    • they do!

      just bought mine!

      remember to add an extra item to get it past 400 though…

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    Uh oh, 394 people will be here soon lol

    • Don't get it

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  • +1

    Arguably the best deal on a switch at the moment taking into account the ebay sitewide deal

  • +1

    Don't forget 5% off giftcards via cashrewards (I think).

    Comes down to $379.05

    • How do I do that mate?

    • +1

      6% via RACQ Member's website

    • I don't see jb hifi on cashrewards

    • +2

      I think he meant buy Woollies gift vouchers for 5% off, then use the gift vouchers to buy the JB vouchers.

      • he

        Am I?

        buy Woollies gift vouchers for 5% off, then use the gift vouchers to buy the JB vouchers.

        Yep, forgot to mention that.

      • Allow up to 2 days…deal will be over :(

        • Yeah but not sure if that's realistic though, you'd think it would be quicker

        • I find the wish card ones come fast (like as in three or so hours has been my experience). Could grab bunch of those and get some JB hard gift cards from BigW. I've done that once or twice when needed them fast.

        • +1

          @snp: I didn’t know you could use the wish card to buy other gift cards! Glad I got one today just in case ;)

      • i think for black frida eb members get 7% off jb hifi cards etc.
        surprised nobody posted this…

  • +1

    Does this come with a game?

    • +1

      No just the console

  • +4

    Hell yeah, exactly what I've been waiting for, HN better be ready to price match, I've been saving that AMEX deal for something good.

  • Does anyone know of any discounts on switch games like Fifa 18 or nba 2k18?

  • Just got mine using my $200 gift card from switching to telstra. $200 switch to hopefully pick up tomorrow. I'm so glad that JB finally caved and discounted it.

  • Looks like it's effective now. Just need it to be in stock tomorrow.

  • i think eb games is slightly better if you can sell 3 amiibos for at least $50. if not then jb is the best deal cos target and big w are both $449 with no games or amiibos

    • The amiibos are so useless lol… What a ridiculous deal eb games came up with

      • +1

        they did it probly as a last min thing when they found out target and big w were selling their ones for $449 they added 3 amiibos in at the last second. i agree with u yes amiibos are worthless wich is the point of selling them lol

        • +2

          Yep my thoughts exactly

  • +2

    Will be buying from HN with price match… $100 amex discount yesss.

  • I bought this from HN on Nov 11 for $449. Anyone know if I can claim for price guarantee tomorrow? Regards.

    • 7 days only

      • I read under HN price match guarantee it states "either 7 days before or 7 days after your purchase" Are you saying to claim the difference, any price different must occurred within 7days only, correct? Thanks.

        • That's what i think you can live chat with HN to confirm this.

  • went to buy it and nope finished at midnight, fffffkkkk

  • -1

    Er, wut? It was [email protected] before midnight, now it's ticked over to the 24th, price is back up to 469?

  • It's gone as of 12:06

    Edit: It's back!

  • It clearly states 24th?? Had it in my basket and boom price increase

  • Price is back to $399.

    • +1

      Thanks. Seen your post and pulled the trigger.

  • It's back again!

  • +2

    Must be a glitch, this is definitely in store for (black) Friday all day (and was meant to be online from 9pm)

    I'd say a tag was set wrong to expire it from the website from Midnight Thursday, instead of Friday.

    (I'm just an employee, I don't have any secrets)

    Doesn't matter, back again. Must have been some sort of midnight tick over issue.

  • Now the question is, which one to buy? Neon or Grey?

    • +1

      I'm gunning for Neon. Make it stand out amongst the other consoles.

  • Trigger = pulled! Xmas = sorted! :-D

  • +1

    Holy fk the games are expensive compared to xbox one and ps4

    • +2

      They are a bit, but you get mobile gaming for your $$ as well, so there's that to consider… great for me, now no need to buy games for the 2DS! The kids will love it.

      • +1

        I think dad will love it just as much :p

        • I cannot deny…

  • -2

    I know it's just out, but damn $399 is a huge figure for a Nintendo console. I mean, I paid less for my PS4.

    Was there any Nintendo console more expensive than the Switch at launch?

    • -1

      This has a screen and portability but yeah i agree there is Nintendo tax.

    • +1

      I don't think there was…. your question made me find this interesting page though

      • That's really interesting! I remember when the NG came out, I remember thinking it was expensive but somehow it didn't seem quite that out of reach. Clearly it was! (I never owned one)

      • I've had every console there except the NeoGeo, Game Cube, Wii, and Wii U. I remember wanting a NeoGeo but they were ridiculously expensive and had that massive controller.

        LOVED my 3DO, Jaguar was a bit of a loser, but LOVED my Atari Lynx.

    • Every PS4 sale pretty much guarantees Sony a consistant cash flow from Playstation+, they also advertise on your home screen for various games and services. That's why they can sell them for $300 ($320 when I got mine last year).

      I agree though, $399 for the first generation of Switch is a little much. I'm going to wait and see if anywhere outside Aus does cheaper or just keep waiting for a revision.


        Every PS4 sold doesn't mean a PlayStation+ subscription. 20+ million subscribers for about 40 million units sold at the time of this article.

      • Amazon sell it for US$299 + 15 Shipping… came out to around A$386 delivered a couple months ago, but now the A$ is weaker.
        I'm holding off until I can use BT headphones.

  • for the harvey norman amex deal anyone know a cheap item to bump the total purchase to >$400

    • If you don't mind waiting for delivery try this otherwise might have to get a pack of batteries in store or order this for pick up if you can find a store near you that has some in stock

      • Cheers mate. I might pick up one of those or might get super mario odyssey since it is pretty cheap at $67 at HN.

    • +1

      Last year, I asked the cashier at Harvey Norman is they could manually override the $299 price to $300 to get the $100 cashback so I didn't have to buy something else. They did it straight away.

    • Just buy the gift card and keep the remaining for your next purchase

  • Was gonna get it for $449 from HN with Amex pricematching with target…but this is better.. now just have to find some cheap stuff to add

    • You’ll need games?

      • Yes..u got some?

  • Pulled the trigger, super hyped to play Mario Odyssey

  • +1

    Still can't justify it…by the time you add a game and the pro controller, still too much IMO.

  • Would eb games price match this? I've heard they don't price match bundles but this is just stand alone

    • Just tried at my local EB. Manager there said they have a nationwide "ban" on matching any console prices for this weekend.

      I bought 8x Ultimate Teens Gift Cards at Woolworths with my 5% off and got the console for $379, JB also gave me a coupon for $20 off my next purchase - wasn't any signage around so I have no idea if that's local/NSW/Nationwide or what.

    • Call around. I just called the two Brisbane CBD stores, one would match and the other wouldn't.

    • A follow up: My local eb will NOT price match, said they are not allowed to price match black friday sales. I went to my local Big W, the lady at the counter said yes we price match but then she got vetoed by the store manager. I just reminded myself why I buy online and avoid B&M retailers like the plague.

  • Wake up early to get onto Harvey Norman Live Chat, 11 people alreay queued up. Not early enough :(

    • 16 ppl and 36 minutes now boo

    • I'm done. Good luck!

      • did they match bro?

        • Ya. Got the Amex email and everything.

          They took quite a bit to generate the link though.

    • I'm currently number 3 in the queue

      Edit: all done. Easy and price matched. Just had to add something. That took me awhile.

  • +3

    FYI - Hardly Normal priced matched deal on live chat for me. Good luck everyone.

    • Thanks for the head's up - worked for me

  • I'm thinking of getting BigW to price match and buying gift cards from cash rewards

  • Easily price matched with Harvey Norman - happy days!

  • What did everyone add on to the Harvey Norman order to take it to $400?

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