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Cotton On Extra 10% off On Top of Existing Black Friday Sale


Cotton On has just sent out a new coupon code BLACK10 BLACKOUT that will give an extra 10% off. Serious discount when combining the current Black Friday 30%-50% off sale, $20 off $50 AmEx Statement Offer and free Shipster trial.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2017

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    Are u kidding me? I just put my order in like 30 mins ago…

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      ordered last night too, got postage notice this afternoon. Damn!

  • Damn… just did a $280 order at 3pm :(

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    10.50% cashrewards as well!!!


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    Lucky Amex are offering 2x the $20 off $50 spend coupon - time for a second order!

    • Oh.. Stop it you.. You do love a bargen sweetie!

  • +24

    Here is an example of how to Ozbargain:

    1. $20 off $50 AMEX Deal.
    2. Free Shipster Deal for free shipping
    3. 30-50% Storewide Cotton on Sale
    4. Extra 10% off with promo code "Black10"
    5. Finish it off with 10.50% Cash rewards.
    • May be a stupid question, but I was on checkout page and couldn't find where to put the coupon code in.

      • +1

        it's on the page you prior to checkout, click the shopping bag at top right and under 'order summary' is 'apply a coupon code'

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      This is the sort of stuff I should have learned in school.

    • How about their "Subscribe now & get 20% off your first order"

      • I just got suckered in to that one… It's only off full priced items.

    • I just did my first Cashrewards, it hasn't shown up in history yet / payments. Does it usually take awhile?

  • Just placed two orders to use my AMEX offer around 3pm… oh well

  • I ordered at lunch time too… A bit annoyed. :/

  • Hi Scotty, I tried the code on a 30% item. The price reverted to 10% off the original price, which is more expensive than 30% off.

    • +1

      What item is that? I just tried on a 30% off item and it adds "Order Discount" value correctly.

      • My bad. I forgot to deduct off the delivery cost there. Confirmed. It worked.
        Thanks, Scotty.

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    Thanks OP. Can u please advise until when can we use the BLACK10 code, only today or until Sunday?

    • Sorry no idea. The email I received didn't have expiry date for the code so I assume it would end at the same time Cotton On's current Black Friday sale (which is 26th)

      • Thanks!

  • +4

    So glad I procrastinated last night. Had everything in the cart and was ready to make my 2 transactions but couldn't be bothered getting my wallet.

  • Longline t-shirts are they long fit?

    • Yep. I would only get them if you’re tall

      • Lol I just bought two. Now I will have to rock those baggy t shirts 😂

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    I have a strange glitch where it just sends me back to the cart after I try to checkout without any error :(

    • +1

      I am getting this also, both on PC and on my phone. Annoying.

    • I had the same issue last night as well. Eventually worked out there was a (generic) error along the top of the page.
      (Should mention, I couldn't work out how to solve it so I gave up).

      • I don't see any errors at all.

        • Ah sounds like a different error then. I got an orange banner which said 'Sorry! Your order has been rejected. Please contact our Customer Service Team before attempting to checkout again.'

        • Did you ever get this to work? I'm getting the same thing, using different browsers, no error it just returns to the cart instead of processing the transaction.

    • +1

      I've done about 6 attempts now, including trying a different browser. Still no go :((

    • +2

      Worked it out - the BLACK10 code can be used once per email address. I used a different email address for my second order (which is the one that was failing) and it went through.

      • Yup, the code worked until I logged into my account to place the second order…so guest check out it is! :)

  • +2

    Absolute bulltwang. i just came from cotton on store and cotton on for kids in which both have no idea what AMEX is on about and they dont even take amex. well done head office

    • Cotton on accepting amex is new. So the store you visited don't have up to date trained staff. U should've just swiped card and it would've processed

      • Didn't work for me at all today at Cotton On Kids Macquarie Park Centre. Had to pay using another card any and I was mighty pissed today.

  • +5

    Mental overload. When did shopping become so technical and complex. I can handle 3 stackable discounts. But when u get to 4 and 5, you start needing a Phd.

    • +2

      Black Friday (Weekend) is one of the most stressful periods of the year for me.

  • +1

    Code is case sensitive, has to be all caps.

  • +1

    Only one time use though. I had 2 x 2 $50 orders to put through. Shame that the 10% code doesn't work more than once. And if you create another account, you need to create Shipster account as well.

    • Do a guest checkout. use + in email if gmail

      • Both options don't work for Shipster.

        • +2

          Then perhaps order $55 worth of stuff and get free shipping anyway (without the need for Shipster)?

        • -1

          @ozberg: Did that twice. It’s very difficult to find items such as $2 Telstra sim for Harvey Norman iPad deal to match up to $55 :D

        • +3

          @gentlecrack: Christmas cards are $1.50

    • +6

      10% off takes total to less than $55 so adds shipping back on.

      • -1

        Exact price I paid is $61.74.

        If what u say is correct 10% off should be 55.56. Thus should have been free shipping still.

        • Already took 10% off to $61.74 ( including $52.74 stuff and $9 shipping)

  • -1

    Okay, I feel like it's time to jump on board this AmEx thing. Is it possible for me to quickly sign up and use AmEx for the purpose of this deal?

    • Won't make it in time for this black friday sale unfortunately! Better sign up now and wait for boxing day sales perhaps? Though not sure what amex deals will be pushed out before then!

    • No, the AmEx will take too long to come. If you'd like to use this deal, PM me and I'll tell you how you can use this deal without having your own AmEx.

      • I've just signed up and would like to learn more but new user account are PM throttled for 1 day.

  • +1

    Bought $50.22 of stuff (black friday prices plus BLACK10 code)
    Free delivery shipster
    Amex $20 back
    CR back $5.27
    Total just under $25
    Missus happy as

    • +1

      your CR back is about $4.79 rather than $5.27 as CR is calculated based on exclusive GST amount

      • Ok thanks, still bargain!

  • All good, but Cashrewards ends up at around 4% of invoice not 10.5%

    • I puchased one yesterday, cashrewards was 10.5% of pre GST amount

      • Just did one, the "Sale value" on Cashrewards was around half the invoice, so cashback was around 4.8% of pre-GST invoice.

        Says "* Purchase price may not include delivery, taxes, surcharges, GST and other fees.", invoice was $56 so don't know how it worked in my case.

        • I have no clue. In my case, sale value was the pre-GST value on the invoice.

        • Update. Just receive cashrewards notification for another order today. My purchase was $50.26 and I got $4.8 CR

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    Hi, Just in case anyone was wondering. I emailed Cotton-On and requested a refund for the extra 10% (I made one order during the initial 30% only). I gave them the code details and my order no/time of day. They just emailed me telling me they had refunded $5.93 (the 10%). Champions!

    • Did you used it before? Thinking of doing the same since I made my first order before code was out. but I used the code for my second order, not sure if they will refund 10percent from my first

      • +1

        I emailed them about the first and used the code for the second :p they still refunded me. Top service :)

        • No luck for me. Said the code wasn't valid when i made the order (which is true, the 30% had started but not the extra voucher).

          Bit weird to add a voucher after a sale has started.

  • Buying clothes online is new for me. I once bought a hat and from Surf Stitch and I hate it (fits badly).

    So is the trick here to go to the Cotton On shop (in Homebush DFO about a 30 min ride), try on stuff and see what I like, then go home and order it online (spending $55+ for free shipping) with all the discount codes?

    I can't order online with discounts and just go pick it up, can I?

  • wow what a great stackable deal !! thanks heaps :)

  • no longer appears to stack with black friday sale (or i did myself in) had one item that was 30% off from sale and one that wasn't on sale at all, this code and my first order code did not apply to the already on sale item, but did apply and stack on the non sale item.

  • I tried to lodge an order with the coupon code but got the orange banner ‘your order has been rejected…’ but they still charged my credit card for the full amount, anyone else having the same issue?

    Pretty pissed at the moment.

  • Not active anymore.

    "No active promotions related to coupon code"

  • +3

    New code is "BLACKOUT" until 11.59pm AEDT Sunday 26 November, 2017

    OP may wanna update post.

    • Even this one is not working now.

    • Any source?

      • Cotton On email. I tried it before it did work though.

        • +2

          Working for me -logged into account which has previously used the original BLACK10 code :) Thank you!

    • +1

      Code just worked for me. Thanks!

  • New code didn’t work

  • Went in store today, but then came home to order online.. extra % off + CR :)

  • +1

    40%-70% off today

  • The other 2 have expired but CYBER10 works

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