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Under Armour Extra 40% off in The Online Outlet Store


After 30% off sale comes 40% off outlet on the under armour online store.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2017

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Under Armour Australia
Under Armour Australia

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    … you've got to be kidding me.

  • I know.. I just placed an order an hour ago @ 30% off

  • Nice!

  • Thanks! Just picked up a hoodie, some boardies, a tee and some unders for less than $100. Score.

  • Got some new shorts

    • And a free plus vote?

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    I’m waiting for 50%

  • +9

    I'm waiting for 100% off

    • +18

      I'm waiting for 140%! I wanna get paid baby!

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    Thanks to Ozbargain I don't have any more room in my room to keep clothes. I need to make some room in my garage before I can buy anymore clothes.

  • +3

    was just filling up the cart with 30% stuff and came back to check-out, then the 40% popped..so my cart was filled up with extra outlet goodies

    free shipping + free returns, i feel like my wife now just buying stuff and sending back 80% of it

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      Free returns eg? What's to stop us from returning stock before its dispatched (ie. cancelling) and buying again at 40% off? I feel ripped off.

      • +1

        Nothing, just reorder and return the first order when it arrives.

        I messed up and ordered via paypal instead of AMEX directly so my first order is being cancel/returns.

        • Do they cover postage costs for returning items?

        • @Sarinella: Yeah I think so but if not you can always use https://www.paypal.com/au/webapps/mpp/returns if you didn't pay with AMEX.

        • @Deebs: Thanks, I completely forgot the PayPal return policy

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          @Sarinella: From memory you just re use the bag your order was sent in and print a return form found on their website. I did it last year and just remember it being super easy and free.

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          Thanks Deebs. Turns out it was totally different stock so stuck with the 30% off order.

  • +10

    Also for AMEX holders there's currently $25 back on $75 spend at Underarmour.
    https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/341786 (Registrations Capped).

    Just got some stuff ended up being a bit more than half price.

    • Yes, same here. Got a backpack and training pants and got the Amex email straight away.

    • Do you still qualify for the credit if you have to send some items back but still over the $75- spend ?
      Might grab a few extra stuff in different sizes and use the free returns

      • yeah its $75 or more so you'll be fine. Got the email for AMEX deal straight away too.

    • Thanks! Ordered exactly $75 for an extra 33% off. Happy with the triple-decked discount!

  • Was going to get the Iron Man compression top earlier on today but held off. Got two of the white compression tops for $60 instead. Cheers!

  • +1

    You sure this is Under Armour not Uncle Martian? XD

  • +1

    Bought the black UA SC30 backpack for $51 delivered. Cheers, OP.

  • Thanks OP, found some 3/4 compression pants for males >.>

  • They accept payments via paypal too, so with Amex - Paypal promo another 20% if paid with linked Amex.

    • Thanks OP. Bought a few for myself then wife woke up and bought a few for herself.
      "Dangerous" shopping on a fine Saturday :)

    • Did u get the email from Amex? I thought we have to pay with Amex directly

      • hey there for this paypal promo u need to link your amex to paypal and pay through paypal. Having said that, I still haven't seen the transaction on my amex.

        And no, didn't get an email yet.

        Update - funds appeared on my pending transactions for the amount I paid, nothing about the 20% cash back.

    • How does the paypal 20 percent off work with AMEX? Is this a targeted offer or just for anyone who pays through paypal with AMEX?

      • Not sure it was targeted but a considerably low quota of just 8000 cards allowed to enroll.

        Offer terms below:


        • Valid online only. Excludes payments made in-person such as via PayPal Here.
        • Only valid for payments made in Australian Dollars, which will be shown by PayPal as "AUD".
        • When paying with a PayPal account, you must first link your Card here. You must also select your American Express Card at PayPal checkout.
        • Only Australian PayPal accounts are eligible for the offer, PayPal accounts created in all other countries are ineligible.
        • Offer is limited to $40 credit per registered Card. Only spend on the Card number you register counts towards the Offer.
        • Excludes transactions where you do not spend online or in-app using your registered Card through PayPal, such as payment made online at checkout without selecting “PayPal”.
        • Credit is not redeemable for cash or other payment form.
        • Credit should appear on your billing statement within 5 business days from qualifying spend but may take up to 90 days from the offer end date.
        • Credit will not be applied to your Card account if your Card has been suspended or cancelled.
        • Credit may be reversed if your qualifying purchase is refunded or cancelled.
      • I got my cashback. almost touched the maximum of $40. pretty sweet

  • Do we know of Puma are going to live up to the 50% thb they had the other day ? i received an email about my order but nothing since. Don't want to order from here and end up with double clothes

    • Puma emailed for me to call them yesterday.their system went cranky during the sale and processed all my 3 orders although the 1st 2(as presented to me) were invalid as system had no stock.but now they hv the sizes and allowed me to decide over the phone which orders to cancel or proceed.thereafter they will refund me,if any,for those i ordered.excellent initiative from their online team to hv contacted me.

    • I received my order from puma yesterday.

    • I received an email last night saying my order had been dispatched. That code is still valid too!

  • +1

    Bought some cropped women’s tights for $33 + free shipping. Huzzah! Thanks OP :)

    • How'd you qualify for free shipping? Thought it was spend over $49 for that.

      • Sign up to their email list for free shipping I think.

        • That is correct :)

        • @julesio:

          To expand on this, when you receive the welcome to UA.com email, your free shipping code will be embedded in the top of the email, above the graphic.

      • -1

        "FREE Express Shipping on all orders AU$ 49+" No email list, I qualified for 2 orders over $49 and never signed up to their mailing.

        • I know that…wasn't what I was asking

  • Anyone else getting 'Your payment was rejected. Please try again.' ?

  • +2

    If you're a male size S-M shop for a YXL fits comfortably and a lot cheaper.

    • First time trying to order a compression short. Do you go up a size for comfortable yet snug fit? or stay in the size bracket you usually are? the size guide doesn't give specifics.

      • +1

        I've got an athletic build so I tend to buy my normal size in compression gear and fits me quite well. The clothes are designed like a 2nd skin. You don't want it too tight or too loose. Suggest going into Rebel and trying them on prior to buying online. Remember UA has free returns.

        • Cheers for that - gonna zip in quick and give a pair a try!

    • Got some YXL stuff, just 18-20 sounds massive!!

  • does the PAYPAL10 discount code work? i forgot to enter it :(

    • +1

      Nah, i tried and not working

  • Do you guys think the boarder free will do the same? They have free shipping over 200 aud and the curry 4s are calling me

  • My wallet feels much lighter. Thanks, OP!

  • Has anyone actually bought products from UA website recently/before and can comment on the quality? Just been reading some reviews and apparently there's a large inconsistency in the fit guide, and the return/exchange process is also a nightmare? Does anyone also know where the products are made? The price/discount seem good, but the numerous recent negative reviews I can find is making me hesitant so figured I'd ask for any other opinions on this site.

    • +1

      Found for the hoodies better to go a size down as they are boxy fits. Im normally a medium. My shorts and gym shirts from them fit well true to size. But for the hoodie I went with a small. Anyways they have free returns so peace of mind. Very happy with their quality though.

      Edit: checked my previous order and went size down for all clothes. Medium down to Small

      • Thanks for that… so don't follow their fit guide, but instead just downsize from what you normally get?

    • +3

      I returned a load of stuff last order as am between sizes. I sized myself in Rebel before ordering and some fitted, some didn't.
      I resealed the bag it sent in, printed a return form from their website and got the refund. Was the easiest return I have ever done.
      If it's something you really want, I would order both sizes and just send the stuff that doesn't fit back.

  • Grabbed 3 tops and 2 shorts for a total of $86 after the amex cashback offer, what a score! Man this weekend is killing the credit card but how can i resist ahhhh :)

  • +1

    Dumb question - are the marked down prices what is charged? They are not 40% off

    Oh - never mind. I see what happens!

    • +3

      The discount us applied when you check out. You'll see the difference when it's on the product page to when it's on the actual cart page :)

      Also, theres no such thing as a dumb question, just dumb judgemental people.

      • +1


  • Just realised the 30% off deal is still going until Monday Midnight!
    Got some non-outlet stuff as well as some outlet, few Xmas presents sorted for under $50!

  • I think the 40% is still on for this?

  • My items still haven't shipped rip

  • got an email from UA that 1 of the 2 items i ordered had shipped.
    Will be getting a full refund on the item thats out of stock :(

    damnit i really wanted that hoodie too

    • Was that the mens sc30 thermal hoodie by any chance? I noticed it was sold out just after I paid.
      My order is still being processed, no correspondence as yet.

  • Who's got their order or at least got it shipped? I haven't heard anything from UA since a thanks for your order.

    • +1

      Update: items have just been shipped. That took a while!

  • I placed an order with this 40% discount offer.
    Just got an update for the order: We wanted to let you know that we are unable to fulfil your order. Unfortunately we are out of stock of the below item. We do apologise for this and have included a coupon code below for 30% off you to use on your next order. The terms of use of this code are included below.
    This just shows how ignorant and arrogant under armour is.

    • At least you know whats happening with your order. I now have 2 partial refunds from paypal and no word from UA what I will actually be receiving. Pretty poor form.

      • They have not even refunded me and no news for the remaining item. Their slogan ‘getting better everyday’, it’s still a long way to be good.

  • They refunded me a partial random amount and just spent 20mins on their live chat working out what it was for as they didn't bother to tell me.

    Turns out half the stuff I ordered ran out of stock. Instead of refunding what was out of stock, they refunded a couple of items that were in stock so it's going to be a surprise what I get!

    Being busy due to a large volume of orders is one thing, but they are just making themselves busy due to their incompetence.

  • +1

    Got a partial refund and the rest just sitting there being processed…..

  • My order is saying "being processed" still. I got an e-mail saying that the order was slightly delayed last week, so no refund on any items yet.
    My ten items still say "not shipped". Wonder when there'll be some movement…

  • From 8 items 2 were refunded (not received yet) and 6 arrived. The items i got i'm not impressed with at all, the sizing is all over the place two of the Large are more like a 2XL I'm 5'11" and 95kg and they hang down like a dress.

    So they can go back, should of read all the negative reviews https://www.underarmour.com.au/en-au/mens-ua-charged-cotton-...

    • +1

      Hopefully the returns process is as easy as I remember. Print out a return authorisation and post back in original bag. No questions and fast refund.

      I ended up getting 2/5 of my order and 2 refunded amounts.

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