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Xiaomi ZMI 20,000mAh PowerBank US$38.99/AU $51.31,USB Type-C Male To Micro USB Female Connector (2 Pack) US$0.56 @ LightInTheBox


due to too many order complain their order don't have any new update on track number, i confirmed again with ship team and shipping company. this new shipping company still have problem deliver powerbank to AU, all package was reject and return to our warehouse.

one of order record:
AllSentToWH(全部发送库房) 2017-11-29 06:27:26.0 System all items sent to warehouse
Shipped(已发货) 2017-11-29 13:07:17.0 System all items shipped
Shipped(已发货) 2017-12-04 16:17:40.0 qianshouyuan 收到此单退回,安检不合格,重发
Shipped(已发货) 2017-12-05 01:19:17.0 zhangnannan 纯电池入库,zhaodan

our customer service will email every user who bought this powerbank and process refund asap, and we will offer US$2 unrestricted rewards to your lightinthebox's account as compensation, very apologize for all these issues, we failed again. if anyone's order have any problem, please pm me to solve it.


hi Guys, lots of user ask me to share some xiaomi powerbank deal to OZB before, after keep trying, our shipping can send powerbank to AU now.
enjoy our first powerbank deal:

Xiaomi ZMI 10 20,000mAh Power Bank with USB-C Power
US$38.99/AU$51.31 and free Postal Expedited shipping(similar shipping way like gearbest's priority line)
cheaper than last frontpage deal
and also lowest price on OZB for now
AU$ based on current exchange rate at time of posting.

thanks for hamza
Pay in USD (set by default) and let your bank do the conversaion, as LITB's AUD rate is inflated. Also untick insurance if you don't want to pay extra.

Date Item Deal Price
2017-11-28 Apple Accessories all free shipping US$1.8-29.99
2017-11-28 Apple case 10% OFF (buy ≥3 Items)15% OFF (buy ≥5 Items)20% OFF (buy ≥10 Items)30% OFF (buy ≥20 Items)
2017-11-28 Xiaomi ZMI 20,000mAh PowerBank US$38.99
2017-11-28 Usb Type-C Male To Micro Usb Female Connector (2 Pack) US$0.56
2017-11-28 xiaomi tv box international version US$58.99
2017-11-28 Xiaomi bluetooth Foldable Tripod US$13.99
2017-11-28 Xiaomi selfie stick US$9.9
2017-11-28 Vinsic IRON P6 20000mAh Power Bank US$23.99
2017-11-28 Leather Replacement Band For Apple Watch 3 38mm 42mm US$12.99
2017-11-28 Lightning MFI USB Quick Charge Braided Cable US$7.99
2017-11-28 Xiaomi Backpacks for New MacBook Pro US$39.99
2017-11-28 Xiaomi Shoulder Bags US$14.99

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  • QB820. Bought one of these a couple of months ago. Great powerbank and has two USB-A output. USB-C input and output. 40w power delivery.

    • Did you buy from this supplier, any idea on the shipping time?

    • I just realised it can be used as a USB hub too. Double press the power button, the light goes blue and it's suddenly a hub. Also good for low amp devices as it restricts output to 500mA.

      This is literally the greatest power bank around.

  • How about some AUD prices OP - we're in Australia


    It comes up as $53.87 for me

  • Will this charge a Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air?

  • Guessing it's expedited to AU as well. Leaving for overseas next week wondering if it'll get here on time.

  • what is the best charger for the ZMI power bank?

  • Do you guys sell a cover/skin for the QB820? Mine is getting scratched and has a small dent and I'd like hard cover or gel skin to protect it.

  • Been waiting for so long for one of these to go on special! Now all I need is to buy a case

  • Can charge the macbook 12 inch with usb c

  • Bought the ZMI for the switch. Cheapest power bank that supports PD that I know of.

  • Is the ZMI power bank 20000mAh or 10000mAh? The title says 20000 but the specification on the product page says 10000.

  • Hi rep, can you make this free shipping too? Thanks :)

  • Thanks for this deal, have been waiting awhile for this one.

    Note to all: Remember to change the currency. It's located at the top right, hit the "Ship to {AU FLAG} | AUD" button and change it to USD currency. If you use a low rate card like 28 degrees, mine ended up being 51.31 instead of 53.xx.

  • grabbed one of these last time it is an absolute beast. charges my usb-c hp chromebook 13 fast and easily while eats up latest samsungs apples etc. does not charge down quick either. seriously good and seriously heavy :)

  • Whats the likely hood of the powerbank staying around this price for the next 3/4 months? I want one for switch on long plane trip in April but no need for it until then?

  • Great Powerbank, recommended (though some quirks, you need to press the button to activate it after it is in "sleep mode")

    I bought mine at Gearbest (last deal listed here) and was surprisingly fast delivery

    • It doesn't have a sleep mode and I've never had to press anything after plugging something in. What bank did you get?

      • I have my USB A cables plugged in at all times, when I connect my iPhone it doesn’t register it being active and I need to press the button.

        If however I plug in the USB A cable it registers it and wakes it up. Not sure if this is how it’s meant to work

  • Hi all. This is probably a silly question however how is this not a better deal? Obviously it's only got half the charge capacity but it's less than $20 and supports quick charge.

    • Much higher power delivery through USB C PD. Can charge Macbooks, the Nintendo Switch and fast charge iPhone 8, X etc. I own both the ZMI and the one you linked, and the ZMI absolutely is the better product by a mile.

  • Are these various USB-C to microUSB adapters actually any good?
    I get that they might not be Benson Leung approved and what not, but just in terms of a stable basic connectivity and charging uses while USB C cabling becomes more mainstream.

    • The included Xiaomi one is incredibly well made and works like a dream. I actually purchased a second one standalone so I wouldn't have to carry more cables around.

      • Cheers. Yeah I got a couple of freebie ones, one of them the Xiaomi one but no USB C devices yet. I'd need a couple more to cover all the main areas I plug in the phone.

  • Will this charge Samsung s7 Edge?

  • I'm going to humor this question: Has anyone ordered from this source before and how long does it take? Thanks.

  • trying to order in USD … shipping $15.10 ???? what am I missing ?

    • Got it working in incognito mode. Mistake was to click on paypal checkout on the first page.

  • Excellent thanks. Should be able to charge my X1 Carbon and also my S8.

  • I have 2 of this. They are great powerbanks and I have tested them on a few devices. They come with 2 cables: USB C to USB C, and USB A to hybrid USB B or C.

    They support Power Delivery and they do charge Nintendo Switch devices.

    A few things to note although none is due to the powerbanks' fault.

    You cannot quick charge Galaxy Note 8 (and to that matter, S8 as well) using this powerbank with USB C to USB C cable. You must use the latter cable: - A to C. It may show it does Quick Charge but after 2 minutes, the current will fall back to max 1400mAh whereas using A to C, the max attained was circa 2450mAh.

    The mAh capacity shown of 20,000 is based on 3.7v whereas USB charges at 5v. Therefore, the real mAh capacity is circa 14,000mAh. That means in theory, you can only charge your Note 8 or S8 maximum of 4 times. In my test, it did barely 4x if you screen off. For Switch, it did minimum of 2x but I had 3x at times. It never did 4x.

    The device is inherently cold to touch but I noticed even when left in the car, they only get warm but never hot.

    It is quick to charge this device. I didn't measure it precisely but at least 2.5hrs was needed based on my observation. I used my Switch power adapter to charge this thing. Please note this powerbank is quite slippery on hand. :-)

    and lastly, if your workplace starts using Laptop (as everything is Cloud these days) and that laptop uses USB C interface to dock to your port replicator, then you can use that USB C to charge your Powerbank although I cannot measure the inward current but I can confirm it will charge the powerbank. This is handy if you are super tightass and don't want to pay electricity cost so you charge the powerbank while at lunch since you're not using the laptop anyway. Hooray for USB C!

    • The real capacity of this power bank is 20ah at 3.7v as this is the internal voltage of the lithium ion cells. This is equalent to 74Wh of power.
      The power bank can supply a range of voltages as per USB-PD with a max power output of 45W.

      The Nintendo switch has a 16Wh battery.
      The Note 8 has about 12.2Wh

      • In regard to power measure, it doesn't seem to work that. I don't know why. Maybe a sparkie can explain better.

        The powerbank only managed to charge Note 8 barely 4x. If you think about the fact that Note 8 has 3,300mAh battery then 4x charging means 13,200mAh (but then I never charged it from 0%, I charged it at 5%) so allowing 5% means 12,540mAh. Closer to 14,000mAh as described above.

        If it was to be measured as 12.2Wh and the powerbank has 74Wh, then in theory, it should at least charge 5x easily if not 6x. But it never got that much.

        Likewise with Switch. It has 4,310mAh battery and I managed to charge it at times up to 3x. Again about 12,930mAh, closer to the 14,000mAh. But if it was to be measured as power of 16Wh, then it should charge at least 4x. It doesn't.

        Yet, it perfectly makes sense to see it in terms of power of 74Wh. After all, 20,000mAh or 20a x 3.7v = 74Wh.

        Perhaps someone can explain the difference better.

        • To prevent the cells from going below a certain capacity, which risks premature degradation, batteries do not fully discharge.

        • Likewise with Switch. It has 4,310mAh battery and I managed to charge it at times up to 3x. Again about 12,930mAh, closer to the 14,000mAh. But if it was to be measured as power of 16Wh, then it should charge at least 4x. It doesn't.

          Reason being is due to energy losses. Do you feel the battery pack and the device heat up when charging? That's where you're loosing energy.

          The voltage conversion from 3.7v inside the pack, the voltage conversion to 3.7v inside the target device and the chemical changes inside the lithium cells being charged all lead to energy losses. You could probably expect to lose ~10% at each step.

          Further more the battery pack will not fully discharge to protect the lithium cells.
          Bear in mind also that the device is actively consuming power as it is being charged, especially if you are playing games on your switch.

  • Does this thing come with the quickest wall charger possible or need to buy elsewhere?

    I hear people talking about using their Nintendo switch charger so I'm guessing we need to shop around?

    • It doesn't come with any wall charger.

    • need to buy a USB-C PD (power delivery) wall charger to charge at max speed. It can take 45W input, so you'd need a high powered wall charger (most USB-C chargers are only 15-30W, but there is a Xiaomi that is 45W).

      • Thank you that's what I needed to know. I only have quickcharge 2.0 and 3.0 which I'm guessing won't cut it.

        Yep QC3 is 18w. No wonder my other xiaomi 20k powerbank takes forever to charge…

        • They will charge it fine, they will just take longer.

          If you're charging overnight, a slower charger is perfectly fine (and perhaps even preferable to prevent the unit getting hot). But if you want to be able to quickly fill it up in a few hours, then 45W charger is the way to go - the higher W the charger, the more juice you can pack into it with a quick charge up whenever you can plug it in (eg. a quick top up while waiting at the airport).

          Charging time:
          About 3.8 hours (5-20V / 45W USB PD charger);
          About 5.5 hours (9V/2A 12V/1.5A with charging cable);
          About 8.7 hours (5V/2A charger with charging cable)

        • @caprimulgus:

          Hmm considering the cost is quite high I'm going to stick with my 5.5hr charge, it's only about 100min slower and as you say, could be healthier for it over the life span.

        • @Click_It:

          Yeah I personally am sticking with a 15W USB-C charger. The next charger I buy will be a 30W/45W for sure, but happy to wait for a good deal on a faster charger, and keep using the 15W to charge it overnight.

    • Fyi, using Switch charger will charge at 5v with 3amp current meaning 15W.

  • Hi, guys, anyone know if this works with the Dell Inspiron 7000 (7378)?

  • Does this support low current charging? E.g. Charging smart watches, bluetooth headphones, etc?

  • Will this thing run my electricity for my house?

  • sorry for the noob question whats the difference between lightinthebox and miniinthebox?

  • Will this QuickCharge iPhone X? Do I need to buy USB-C to lighting cable for that?

    Or can I just use the USB-A to lightning and it will do QuickCharge for iPhone X?

  • Is it free shipping? — I am getting 19$ shipping. am I doing something wrong

    • free Postal Expedited shipping(similar shipping way like gearbest's priority line)

      Choose the correct shipping option.

  • It is not giving me that option— only the express expedited option

    • do you use AU address? other country may not have Postal Expedited shipping option.

      • yes I did—its regional australia though—does that make a difference— only one option is activated and that is the paid shipping .. Free shipping link cannot be clicked on

  • hi OP, price is now showing $75.97?

  • Best case for the ZMI 10 QB820? (or best place - finding it quite hard to find some - any links would be awesome)

    Ps. Someone should probably also mark this deal as expired since all the cheap ones are gone

  • back to US$54.99

  • Hi Rep, any good deals on Xiaomi mi band 2?

    • don't have any plan recently, mi band 2 is crazy popular this year, so don't have enough stock to make a deal

  • +2 votes

    Paid for expedited shipping, and they gave me a bogus EMS tracking number that didn't exist since day 1 until now.

    Asked CS, told me to wait for 15-30 days for shipping, although I already paid for express shipping 5-8 days, and they even gave an EMS tracking number for that!

    CS didn't answer when asked what the tracking number was for. Closed my ticket and claim the package was rejected by customs and returned to their warehouse, although the the tracking no had no history whatsoever, they're just making their own story and excuses!!!

    Fake service, BEWARE!!