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Vodafone Prepaid Mobile Data 20GB for $25 180 Day Expiry


Was looking for something cheaper than Telstra’s ridiculously overpriced recharge options for prepaid mobile data, and I stumbled on this deal from Vodafone.
$50 Starter pack for half price with bonus 10gb of data with 180 day expiry period. So $25 for 20gb with long expiry- sounds good to me and thought it was worth sharing.
Half price offer expires 9/1/18

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  • Any idea when it has to be activated by?

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      31 Jan 2018 is my best guess, since the 10GB bonus offer expires on that date. SIMs are typically valid for much longer, but not much point without the bonus 10GB.

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        Even without the 10GB bonus, 10GB for $25 (half price) with 6 months expiry is pretty good value and has been posted several times in the past when on at Ozbargain

  • Thanks. Good Ozb post!
    Great for kids who only seem to only need data these days.

    • Me too. I Skype, or use one of the hundred messenger apps.

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  • Just what I needed! Thanks op. Just moved house and it looks like NBN may be a while getting set up :(

  • This bonus 10GB that continues every time you recharge, is that with a $40 recharge like the 12.5GB Sim?

  • so its a $50 start pack? can I use to activate a long life prepaid PAYG plan?

  • You're right about Telstra data charges. They are virtual thieves when it comes to charging you for 'data usage'. wont trust that network especially Telstra Prepaid.

  • Thanks OP

  • Can someone please help me with Vodafone question? I have switched from Optus to Lebara early this year, and Lebara doesn't have that many deals most of the time, so I want to move to another telco. My phone is prepaid and I hardly use my phone for talk and text (do it maybe few times overseas per month for a couple of minutes, and not that much locally either), so can any Vodafone user tell me a better Vodafone prepaid plan for someone like me (i.e. with less talk and text usage)? I'm thinking to take advantage of this deal if Voda has better prepaid plans/services than other companies. Thanks in advance.

    • This is only a data plan. There are no calls or txt in the offer included.

      • I understand. I was talking about a cheaper prepaid plan, and then get this one after that on top.

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          You can use Aldi for phone calls, this for data, if you have a dual SIM phone or portable WiFi modem. Aldi is $15 for 365 days.

      • From past experience, 10 TXT messages are included in this pack. The only way to use them is if you somehow convince vodafone chat person to unblock the text barr.

  • This is a decent deal. Still worth looking for 5 dollar voda sims from Harvey Norman, they give you 8gb for 5 dollars, lasts for a month. I would say, if your not on Vodafone, check out your reception. I dual sim, consistently get 2 bars less signal on voda compared to my optus based sim. Lycra are telstra based, so should be awesome signal, they had a recent sim deal with Groupon.
    I've not used them yet, might try in 17 days when I run outta kogan.

    • Two bars on Voda you say? Hmm! I might need to do more shopping around then before I move to another shitty provider again.

      • There are quite a few factors influencing whether your signal will be goof or not. it is not 1 fits all. Since you have been here for a while and made quite a few comments I'd expect you to know you can't just rely on someone saying I consistently get 2 bars less signal on voda compared to Optus. I consistently get 4g 3-4 bars regardless of which provider I use. Telstra is supposed to have the best network, but I'm sure there are some who would disagree.
        Common sense man.

        PS; just because it's 2 bars doesn't mean it will be bad.

        • Yep, that's why I told him to check out his reception. I only use my phone between Northern beaches Sydney and upper central coast. Ymmv. Voda isn't the best reception, but does always seem to have the best deals. As I dual sim, it's not a massive issue for me takes 30sec to swipe, swop data to sim 1, use my amaysim data for internet radio when driving up.

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          Driving up… what do you do when driving down :P

    • Kogan has been terrible for me. Very inconsistent data speeds has made streaming youtube on the go impossible.

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    I just want to see the girl in the thumbnail

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    I've still got an unopened $50 starter pack from a couple of months ago.. If I activate, should get the 10gb free right?

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      You should…

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      I did this and I got 20GB :) definitely works.

  • Why would I get much faster data speeds on Vodafone, than on Telstra or Optus? In a semi rural area with 1 bar 4G out on porch. Speeds are:

    Vodafone 2MB/s
    Telstra 500KB/s
    Optus 500KB/s

    All devices are unlocked Oz stock with B28. Until I tried Voda I was disillusioned thinking Telstra must be the best as it's the only provider to get reception throughout inside of the house.

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      Likely cause nobody else is connected to it.
      3G/4G are shared.. The more people connected, the slower the performance (and range is reduced to boot).

      Most country folk are with Telstra or at worst Optus… Nobody bothers with Vodafone cause there's too many blackspots.

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      Vodafone seem to have towers in odd spots that Telstra and Optus no longer service.

      My parents place has low reception on all but Vodafone as they have an old tower 400m away with full signal.

      OzTowers may help see what the closest services are and what bands are available to use:

  • Is it possible to receive incoming calls and txt messages on this SIM/plan?

    Also, can it be used in a phone (as opposed to a mobile modem)?

    {sorry, if this is a noob question; I would port my number to VF on this plan if it's possible to receive incoming calls and txts}

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      Is it possible to receive incoming calls and txt messages on this SIM/plan?

      No, I've tried it. They are blocked.

      Also, can it be used in a phone (as opposed to a mobile modem)?


      • Thanks @greenpossum. Just the information I needed to arrive at a decision.

        It doesn't fit my use case, so not for me. Good deal, though.

    • If you use it in a phone, you can't receive calls, but you can definitely receive SMS. You can send a few too. Last i checked I could send 30 SMS, can't check atm though, for some reason I can't login

      • No I couldn't receive SMSes last time I tried in mid-2017, they just never arrived. You're supposed to have 30 free SMSes but I couldn't get that to work either. Somebody claimed that it only works from modem devices, perhaps for "I need service" messages.

        • Are you really going to tell me that it doesn't work for me…

          I carry 2 phones around with me all the time, and SMS from my main phone to forward stuff to my mobile broadband phone all the time.

          Here's some proof that I've sent a text msg. I've only done it once to figure out what the phone number is for my MBB.


          Or do i need to make a video for you?

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          @Butt Scratcher: I'm just saying that it didn't work for me so others may want to be careful. Note that VF doesn't specify any incoming voice or text on these plans, only 30 outgoing texts.

    • I've tried with vodafone chat. Got it unblocked twice for both receiving TXT messages and sending too. YMMV.

  • Are Vodafone prepaid accounts eligible for the $5/day roaming?

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    Good timing as the SIM on my Telstra one is about to expire, and was planning to pay $150 for 40GB, 365 days.

    $39 for the Vodafone modem (my Telstra 4G Advanced II is locked and doesn't do 850 MHz) and first month, $25 to switch it to this deal in a month, presumably $50 to recharge it six months after that, so $114 all up. Looks like I could net about $35 on eBay for the Telstra modem, so overall I'd gain a month and be up $71 (maybe more if there's another deal).

    Question is whether it's worth the hassle and modem downgrade.

  • Can I use this sim card in an iphone and purely use it as a personal hotspot?

    Thx :)

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      I can't see why not.

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    Thanks for Sharing, my old 180 days ozbargin deal is expiring in 19 days, was waiting for this one

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    Tooooooo much! Kogan 16 GB for $4.95 for 30 days.

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    Where are these starter packs available from?
    Vodafone online only, stores, anyone selling the starter packs like Coles?

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    Yay buying one!
    I can use that in my extra sim slot and tether it for data as I don't have the internet at home currently :)

  • Can i buy multiple and use ?

    • Only if you are using all simultaneously (if your usage is high)…. i guess you have to activate by 31st Jan 18

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    Is it possible to get this in store? it says "online only" but that seems tedious since the store is close by

  • what do I need for this to work?

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      $25.00, but you get $15.00 back with Cashrewards now.

      • done. waiting for the cashrewards email now. thx.

  • this is a data only plan, no voice

  • Does this automatically charge your CC after 6 months?

  • Do you guys still have problems using Skype on a Vodafone data SIM? Just read some horror stories online.

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    Exactly what I was looking for. Long live the King.

  • So 20gb now. If we recharge extra before 31st Jan and then get a bonus 10gb. Does that roll over and therefore will have base plus 10gb for 6 months? Or does all bonuses expire by Feb? Cheere

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