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Kogan 55" 4K LED TV (Series 8 KU8000) $549 + Free Delivery @ Kogan


Just saw this deal watching Channel 9, they were advertising it as a Today Show exclusive.

Kogan 55" 4K LED TV for $549.

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  • If you waste 10 seconds and have a look through the store you will find same tv for $499

    In my case shipping is around $25

  • The JVC 55” UHD TV from BigW was $383, a couple of weeks ago

  • Shipping is about $73 for me. Postcode 2780. So this deal is ok but not as great as the $499 free shipping deals.

  • is it a good TV though?

      • Why do Kogan state KU8000, is that literally to say its the SAME panel as the famous Samsung KU8000 - which everyone LOVED (ie one to the top rated 4K TV's from 2016)

        • Yeah, it can't be. The contrast ratio on the Kogan is 1400:1, so it must be an IPS panel.

        • Well the Samsung model you're talking about is actually the KS8000. Close… and that's why they did it because they say they use a Samsung panel too. But just like the other comment it can't be, as these are specs of an inferior IPS panel with awful contrast and brightness. Samsung only use VA panels. LG only use IPS panels for their LCD TV's. So it looks like they would all be reject panels that they bought from them.

    • I bought one and ………….it lasted 10 days before it dropped into an endless test loop that couldn't be resolved, I have sent it back to kogan and i'm waiting a response.

      Other issues
      - had to go through their helpdesk to get the netflix app emailed to me since the app store doesn't recognise the kogan version of android.
      - on an xbox one the last 10mm or so of the screen edges can't be viewed (super annoying for forza horizon 3), there is no way of fine tuning the screen size.
      - the ARC HDMI wouldn't work to my denon amplifier and the only way this was finally resolved was running two HDMI cables (one from the TV into the amp, one from the TV out to the TV) and turning the amp on and off after the TV had started. Every. Single. Time.

      Was it cheap? yes. Was it worth it? Not at this stage.

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    You can also get the Agora model with Smart TV for $499 + delivery (Presale - Ships on 23rd Jan)…

    Kogan 55" Agora Smart 4K LED TV (Series 8 KU8000)

    • aside from the internet connectivity, do you know if there are any other significant differences between the two models?

      • A quick comparison of features/specs show the Agora Smart TV has the following differences…

        • 3 x HDMI and 2 x USB 2.0 and VGA (D-sub) inputs (vs 4 x HDMI and 1 x USB 2.0).
        • Smart Remote with full keyboard on the reverse (vs standard remote).
        • Weight of TV with Stand: 15.5kg (vs 23.6kg).
        • Dynamic Contrast Ratio: 1400:1 (vs 1200:1).
        • Refresh Rate: 120Hz (vs 60Hz).
        • Offered and supplied by Kogan HK Limited (vs Kogan Australia Pty Ltd).
        • On Presale - Ships on 23rd Jan (vs Leaves warehouse in 1-3 business days).
  • how good would these be to go with the xbox one X ?


      It would look fine, but the TV doesn't have HDR, so you won't get the absolute best out of your XB1X, I'd spend a bit more personally. My brother just bought a new Hisense 55" for about $1200, it's incredible!

  • Looks like an updated version (based on images) what I'm wondering is how are the speakers. The ones on my model are more tinny than a phone, I had to add a sound bar which significantly added to cost.

  • It has a 1 year default warranty. Would the ACCC approach help you if it fails after 1 year and 2 months?

    I gave Kogan a chance. Bought a 27" 1440p IPS monitor for about $380 shipped I think? about two and a half years ago and it has started dropping the power out for anywhere from a couple of seconds to over a couple of minutes in the last month or two.

    Was it a lot of money? no. Do I buy large electronics and intend to replace them within 2 and a half years due to severe fault? no and never again

    • I had a problem with a Soniq tv that was out of warranty and I was able to get a refund thanks to the ACCC

      • Was this via Kogan? Can you tell me more about how you went about it and how much legwork was involved in the process please?

        • This was through jb hifi (Soniq is their cheap brand TV) but I assume it would be a similar process with kogan.

          The TV was 2 years old or something and stopped working, they refused to refund it so I got a template from the ACCC, filled it out and sent it in.

          A few days later I got a call offering a refund

        • @jrjr: Do you recall the price you paid for the tv originally?

        • @hetzjagd: $400-450ish I believe

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    saw this deal watching Channel 9

    Just admit it, you were watching A Current Affair.

  • Dont buy any Kogan tv before reviewing the below link.

    Kogan Tv poor quality & even worse customer support should make you think twice before purchasing any Kogan brand tv from them.


    There are much better tv alternatives to Koggan, suggest you save yourself the pain & hassle & look elsewhere.