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40% off UK + Europe + 12 Countries SIM Stock 5GB ($27) & 12GB ($36) Data + 3000 Mins Calls + 3000 Texts @ SoEasy.travel


*** DECEMBER SPECIAL NOW ON *** LIMITED TIME ONLY UNTIL SATURDAY *** 40% off Our ENTIRE Europe SIM stock 5GB and 12GB Versions ***

Hey there Ozbargainers!

It's December and I hope all our fellow oz bargain customers have had a fantastic year! Christmas is around the corner and a significant amount of Australians will be travelling overseas and we want to help them avoid expensive roaming bills when abroad so that their holiday does not become a helliday!

You can purchase these SIM cards in advance for the coming holidays or to save with you for any travel plans for 2018 as these SIM cards will be flying off the shelves in December, and demand is huge at this time, so make sure you reserve yours!

Enjoy Europe & 12 other countries without the hassle of roaming charges and save a tonne by getting a prepaid travel SIM card before you fly !:)

The SIM card requires NO IDENTITY REGISTRATION! all you need to do is pop it into your phone and turn your data roaming ON (This activates the SIM so It will work in 60 countries)

Apart from UK & Europe, here is the countries the data for the SIM card also works in: Australia, Brazil (NEW), Hong Kong (NEW), Indonesia, Israel, Macau, Puerto Rico, New Zealand, Singapore, Sri Lanka, US Virgin Islands, USA

GREAT NEWS: This SIM card can also be used to make calls and text messages within the UK & Europe, Just be sure to dial the country code before calling and texting!

Here's What You Get:
- 12Gb Data (For Use In UK Only)
• 9GB Data (for use in 60 countries)
• 3000 minutes calls (to UK & EU numbers only)
• 3000 texts (to UK & EU numbers only)

Here's what you need to know:
• SIM can be activated in 60 countries
• Bundle has a validity of 30 days from date of activation
• SIM card expires after 12 months if not Activated
• Pop out the right sized SIM Card out of your 3-in-1 SIM pack
• Insert the SIM into your device and turn it on
• No ID, no long process, Super easy!

Important: You must turn 'data roaming' on your phones settings to 'ON' so the data can be used in all the 60 destinations.

Important: The Three AIO So Easy Bundle plan does not work in Mi-Fi Devices nor does it allow 'mobile hotspot' or 'tethering'.

*Activation can happen as soon as your plane lands at the airport and in any of the 60 destinations

National Priority Shipping 1-4 business days - FREE (For Ozbargain Customers Only
National Express Shipping 1-3 business days - $10

Please don't hesitate to speak to our friendly staff if you happen to require any assistance at all! We’re here to help!

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  • +1

    How long are they valid for 'before' activation? (i.e. do they need to be activated by a particular date?)

    • +1

      SIM card expires after 12 months if not Activated. Says in the body of the post

      • +1

        ah sorry - my bad! this a great deal then - cheaper than buying them here in the UK!

  • +1

    Last one of these I bought didn't work. The SIM wouldn't register on the network.

    • Hi

      Did you buy the SIM card from us ?

      If so could you please provide me with your order number so i can investigate this? :)

      • Amanda
      • no point. I don't need it anymore. I can't recall if it was from you or someone else

  • From personal experience in the USA - this ran on slow network bands… mostly H and H+ but sometimes as slow as E. Occasionally it would drop the data connection altogether for several minutes.

    • Hi

      The usa is a bit of a hit and miss location for three. You will get high speed data depending on the location you are in regardless if you are on H or H+

      America is so vast and large even the carriers there struggle to have coverage in most areas.

      Hope that clears up the confusion.

      • Amanda
  • So i cannot phone/text Australian numbers?

    • 3000 minutes calls (to UK & EU numbers only)
    • 3000 texts (to UK & EU numbers only)

    • Hi

      yes that's correct you cannot text or call australian numbers.

      But you can use a VOIP service such as watsapp or skype to make calls to here anyone in Australia :)

      • Amanda
  • +1

    I bought one of these for New Zealand, wouldn't register. I tried contacting the seller, no response. Don't expect any help with these.

    • Hi there

      could you please provide me with your order number so I can investigate this?

      I am unsure we have received a case regarding this and I am more than happy to follow it up with you.

      • Amanda
  • I had one for my last trip to the UK. Just be aware that when you read the three terms and conditions, they say that you have to perform first activation from WITHIN the UK, before you can roam with it. It's a bit strange, as mine managed to activate within Singapore airport, but it took 12 hours. Hmmmmm. Worked fine in the UK though, and cheaper than buying a SIM at the airport, considering the data you get.

    • Hi Robc

      Sometimes activation can happen immediately or require restarting your phone, it depends on how the three servers connect to the roaming carriers when abroad.

      Just be sure to turn data roaming on straight away!

      I agree it is much cheaper than buying a sim for the airport.

      • Amanda
  • +1

    Activated mine last night in Australia (for my OS trip on Saturday). All seems to be all working fine, have some data and could make calls to UK numbers and receive SMS.

    • Same for me.
      Put the SIM card in here in Melbourne. Received a couple of 3UK SMSs, then had to turn phone off and on to get data going (instructed to do so on one of the SMSs).
      Only connects to Telstra 3G and was pretty slow, but at least it worked (in iPhone 5).

      Tried putting it in a Pocket Wifi (I don't think it is locked as I have used both Vodafone and Amaysim (Optus) in it previously) - did not work :(.
      It could see 4 bars of Telstra signal but could not connect.

      Maybe the Pocket wifi will work in Europe anyway - undecided whether to take it along to try….

      • Hi

        did you happen to purchase the three all in one 20 SIM card

        just to let you know that the SIM card does not support tethering or pocket wifi devices. But sometimes customers give it a shot and it can work but its dependent on your luck really!

        Hope that clears up the confusion.

        • Amanda
    • Thats great to hear!

      Looking forward to hearing how the SIM card go's!

      Please leave us a review if you loved the service.

      • Amanda
  • HI Amanda,

    is it 300 minutes or 3000 minutes?

    the ad says 3000 minutes but your website says 300 minutes

    Also, we are travelling to the UK and european countries, how much data will i get?

    can i receive it by 14/12 in Melbourne?

  • My sims are working fine in UK. Also worked well in Hong Kong. Did have trouble with calling other UK numbers from Hong Kong though.

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