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Samsung Galaxy S8 / iPhone 8 20GB $59 Per Month with Optus


iPhone 8 64GB EXPIRED

$1 cheaper then with virgin, plus includes 20gb of data, streaming of Optus sport (football and cricket), national geographic and tv/music data free.

Confirmed no student discount. Looks like students can save an extra 10% on plans, but someone would have to confirm.

Edit: Appears to be available for both new and existing customers.

Customers who are still in-contract with Optus may be eligible to upgrade. Confirmed possible on SIM-only plan.

Edit edit: various other phones appear to be included in this $59 deal
From comments:
*Huawei Mate10 Pro
*Sony Xperia XZ Premium

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  • When I clicked on the link for S8, it is showing $62/month?

    Is this deal in HN or in Optus store?

    • +1

      After clicking on the link for S8, find the yellow button to the right of the picture of the phone which says "View all plans".

      Select whether or not you are a new or current Optus customer and select the option to own the phone, the $59, 20GB per month deal will show then.

  • Did anyone get Mate 10 pro from Harvey Norman? Looks like no store have stock

    • If it's available on the optus store then they can do a reincheck for you and then you just need to wait for the handset to arrive. Optus stock usually takes about 3 days, foreign stock could be transferred from another store though

  • I am currently on VirginMobile's 24months $38per month plan (Samsung S5) which is about to finish ( $87 left to pay off on current commitment (3 months))

    If I have to buy this IPHONE deal how should I processed?

    • Go to Harvey Norman choose the phone plan you want, they will sign u up + you will get a $200 eftpos card

  • I had a chat with LiveChat guys and they said no such deal exists?!?! He said I can upgrade from my current SIM only plan at no cost, but it will be $72 a month with 2GB of data! Anyone else getting this?

    • I went into an optus store few hours ago while doing the weekly shopping and they confirmed this deal and said available in store also

      • Awesome mate, thanks for that. I will be heading there tomorrow!

        • Don't bother. It says specifically that recontacting customers can only do this online or via Web chat. Store won't be able to help unless it's a new number for optus post paid.

        • @jffk47: all sorted. Managed to get the link online and upgrade. The Live Chat guys still have no clue!!

  • -1

    Would they be able to do this for an iPhone X and just pay the extra $500 it is worth upfront?

    • No

    • ask the livechat :)

  • 90% of our home internet Data is used up by NetFlix. Just wondering how effective it would be canceling existing home broadband for this and casting the netflix direct to TV given that its unmetered. Would this work?

    • it is SD quality

      • +1

        Might adjust Netflix to 720 for a few days to see if I can tolerate it.

    • I don't think so.

      Netflix needs to be via the app on your phone, and when you cast you're basically sending the link to the Chromecast to stream direct from the internet ie. it doesn't go from internet to phone to chromecast, it goes straight from internet to chromecast.

      But perhaps I'm wrong?

      Edit: spelling

  • I have one more year contract left with Optus with a cancellation fee of $660. Will I be able to recontract at Harvey Norman and get $200 gift card ?

    • -1

      Upgrades can only get this offer via online or webchat.

      New connections can get it in store (including Harvey Norman) and online etc.

      So … no

      Got mine in store (with new number)

      • Optus chat confirmed recontracting can be done in store.

        • Two Optus stores I went too (didn’t have stock) asked if I was new or upgrade when I enquired about the deal. When I said I was new both said yes if you are new customer we can do in store.
          The terms on the website state upgrades are online only.

          The HN store I went too also said new connections only.

          I am basing it on my experience and the website (scroll up someone posted the t’s&c’s I think.

        • Found it:

          Offer available to new services in Retail, Telesales, Online and Webchat. Offer available to recontracting services Online and Webchat only. Available with selected handsets. Not available with other offers. Offer ends 3/1/18.

      • I can see you got the 256gb. How much extra did you pay?

  • Which phone is everyone going for s8 or iphone 8?

    • +3

      I'm going for the Mate 10 pro

      • Does mate 10 pro has better camera? I like nice photos

    • +1

      No going for any, but iPhone 8 is the newer phone released in sept so would be the better choice, as the Samsung S9 will be out early next year usually first qtr doesn’t make the s8 deal as appealing

  • +1

    Just spoke on the live chat. He gave this list:

    · Samsung Galaxy S8

    · HTC U11

    · Huawei Mate 10 Pro

    · Sony Xperia XZ Premium

    · iPhone 8 64GB

    · iPhone 8 256GB

    · iPhone 7 256GB

    · iPhone 7 Plus 256GB

    These are the 8 phones we have with $59 plan.

    I will be upgrading my contract at a 99 dollar cost and handing in my handset for this which many of you may have an option to do.

    • iPhone 8 256gb … no extra cost?

    • hi @nomunny do you have a reference number or chatlog? have tried calling them and they say iphone 7+ is an extra $26 a month for handset.

      • +1

        I don't, but he did not mention handset costs this may just be the plan.

        • Just got off live chat. It’s $10 for 256gb

    • How are you upgrading for $99? They told me this is not possible online when I wanted to.

  • +1

    Would the Mate 10 be a better choice then than the S8? I prefer a bigger screen where possible. Wish Optus would allow the S8+ for a small upgrade fee

    • Also not sure which one to get, such a hard choice. Leaning towards the Mate 10 Pro, but the fact that the 4000 mAh battery doesn't give it a considerably better battery life is putting me off.

  • +1

    Ordered iphone 8 online but not yet received email confirm. Has anyone been the same situation?

    • Yep, no confirmation email after 5 hours..

      • +2

        Last time I made an order the confirmation email took 2 days.

    • I also didn't receive any email and I ordered on Sunday :(
      very poor Optus

      • I didn't either I printed the screen so I had the temporary order number.

        Usually you get an email with the temporary order number and 48hrs later you get a confirmation email with the actual order number..

  • Went to Auburn store and got it confirmed that $200 EFTPOS gift card is applicable for this $59 plan similar to any other 24 months plan. This EFTPOS offer ends by this Monday! Applicable for new sim or port in one! Auburn has iphone 8 stocks for all three colours.

    • Hey how long did it take you? Today I went to the Wiley Park store and the sales rep was on the phone for an hour or so and getting bumped between different Optus operators trying to get Optus to do info from their end.

      • HN has two shops in Auburn and I went to the Flagship one that is located in 250 Parramatta road. They were pretty quick and it wasnt crowded since they sell limited but high end products with no bargains usually☺️.

        • Can you please share link to $200 EFTPOS gift card offer? I couldn't find the info.

        • +1

          Do they have S8 in stock?

        • @virhlpool:
          Even I cdnt find the information online buddy. Thats why went to the store in person! S8 stock was available last night. Just ring all the stores or chek their stock availability online. That will do.

  • What's the usual amount of time left on your Optus contact before you can recontract with them for no payout?

    • You maybe targetted for an early upgrade within the month or two of your plan. Just look out for the text message.

  • I managed to upgrade my wife's $40/month Optus plan ($40/month with 25% discount) to this plan, without early termination charges. She had about 3 months left to go. But the people I spoke with would not 'upgrade' my own plan (same $40/month plan with 25% discount). Kind of silly, because when my contract is up I will be going shopping, and I may not pick Optus.

    • Hmm, I just tried it then to upgrade and they happily obliged on web chat with no fees, how long do you have to go? I have 5/12 months to go..

    • that is weird, I am on the $30 plan (25% off $40 plan) I signed up maybe 3 months ago, just got off LiveChat. He said I can upgrade without charges

    • Talk to another rep. In the critical information statement for your SIM only plan, it clearly states that you can upgrade your plan with no upgrade fees and you do not have to complete the 12 months to do so

      • But we need to payout the handset, right?

        • If you are currently on a plan with a handset, then yes you have to pay off your handset. Handset cost * X months to pay it off.
          The fee will be divided into three bills which lets you pay it off easier.

          If you're on a SIM only plan then there's no fee to be paid to upgrade

        • @sleepingpanda:
          Do you have to pay off your handset fee in full cost if you are receiving Handset Credit?

        • @lufee:
          Yes so if the handset fee was $59 and they gave you a credit of $19, they disregard the credit and you'd pay $59 * X months to get out of the contract/early recontract

  • +1

    I and my partnet just tried to sign up for this deal for her to switch from Vodafone in Harvey Norman. The optus credit check declined her application and we don't know why because all her info was normal (full time job, no debt,…). The guy from HN said they cannot call Optus and we have to call them ourselves. We called and was transferred multiple time by Optus to different departments and after 2 hours we got no where. Really dissapointed at both Optus and HN customer service and we probably will never deal with Optus again…

    • +2

      Not to mention the negative hit on her credit report!

      • yes that is frustrating to see. After careful thoughts, we will try again one more time today with the Optus store close to our home (willing to sacrifice the $200 HN gift card). If they can't solve it then, we will just go with Telstra F&F deal.

        • Thanks for sharing the story. Makes me think twice before ordering it.

        • +1

          @beckieQ: nope didnt get fixed. Plus the rep at Optus store did not seem too keen to help us either. Telstra has much better service and same price deal now so definitely go with them instead

  • Anyone receiving confirmation emails?

  • Has anyone ever succeeded in paying the contract up front or at least the phone componant of contract in order to get TRS?

    • +1

      Lol for real?

  • +4

    So let me get this right. You can go to Harvey Norman and get an iPhone 8 64GB over 24 months (own) for $59 / month and also get a $200 EFTPOS card? With unlimited calls/SMS and 20GB of data.

    Almost seems too good to be true. Amazing price.

    • +1

      YES - I did that.
      2 iPhone 8 64GB GOLD + 2*200 EFTPOS card for $59.00/month with unlimited calls/SMS and 20 GB of date per month.

      • Do they have Android phones in stock too? Which HN did you go to?

        • Before I go to store, I checked online to see which store has iPhone 8 64GB.
          you can check that too.

  • I am interested in the 20 GB internet but will sell the handset itself. Which route I am better off going, iPhone 8 64 ($59/M) or iPhone 8 256GB($69/M)?

    • 256GB

      • Thanks!

        Do you happen to know what is the normal price for 256GB is on gumtree, and which colour sells best?

        • You can do a quick search on Gumtree, as I’m stuck at work right now

    • Isn't handset locked by Optus?

      • Nope. Telstra, optus etc have not locked postpaid handsets for a long time.

  • Out of curiosity what is luring people to the other android phones available in this detail instead of the S8?

    • +1

      Huawei mate 10 pro. Newly released. Has android Oreo and has better specs overall. Also worth more outright.

      The Huawei mate 10 pro is the better deal in this post imo.

      • +1

        Was looking to go mate 10 but different post earlier this week received a lot of negative feedback on huawei customer service with warranty issues so might stick with the Samsung. At least they have stores

  • this is amazing

    gonna recontract at hn tomorrow

    thanks op

  • Is this phone locked to Optus or unlocked? And is it dual sim?

    • Most (all?) iphones are unlocked.

      • Samsung s8 is unlocked too?

        • Yes, all of them are unlocked.

  • +1

    how is this possible?

    1656 over 2 years with an iphone 8 256gb
    - 200 harvey norman gift card - 1329 handset cost

    comes to a little over $5/month for the plan

    holy shit!

    • I can't work it out either, perhaps they're making a small loss to lure customers?

      • looks like a big loss!

      • +6

        The phones don't cost the telcos that much. And using their network don't really cost them anything. It only costs them if it gets congested and they have to upgrade the towers. Knowing optus, they'll just leave it congested.

  • Awesome deal!!!
    Pity I have another 11 months ($60/m) to go with Vodafone, with poorly 5gb data allowance per month :(
    Still want to jump in this one … Somebody help me!!!

    • Just buy out the remainder of your plan with Voda

  • Currently in contract with Optus for another 10 months, is there no way I can trade in and get the $200 Harvey Norman gift card?

  • Does the 30-day Optus network guarantee apply for services provisioned at Harvey Norman?

    • +1

      Sure does!

  • anyone have a link for the $200 gift card offer? can't find it online

  • +7

    Thanks OP.

    Can confirm the $200 eftpos deal at HN Bondi Junction - this ends on Monday.

    Also HN gave me a free case (~$89 lifeproof) and cygnet screen protector.

    • That's a really good deal. Do you happen to have a receipt, i might try and get them to throw these in as well tomorrow

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