Kogan Mobile Data Upgrades on Selected Prepaid Mobile Plans (Small Now 2GB, Large Now 16GB, XL Now 23GB) (New and Exist. Cust)


Got a text saying My 16GB has increased to 23GB.

We’ve beefed up the data in all SMALL, LARGE and EXTRA LARGE prepaid plans, at no extra cost.

Here are the new data inclusions.

Kogan Mobile Plan Tier Before Upgraded To
Small 1.5GB 2GB
Medium 6GB 6GB (No change)
Large 11GB 16GB
Xtra Large 16GB 23GB

Users on Medium plan will miss out. The data upgrades will apply to 30 Day, 90 Day and 1 Year Plans. There is no data rollover.

The increases to data will also benefit new customers, not just pre-existing ones.

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This deal replaces the old deal

Kogan Mobile

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