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Fetch TV Mighty - $319 @ JB Hi-Fi


Model: M616T

Edited blurb from webpage:
Quad Tuner PVR with 1TB HDD
Up to six recordings, 7-day EPG, Series Tag recording, Netflix & Stan*
Record up to 585 hours of TV
Wi-Fi Enabled

AFAIK, looking at the Fetch TV tag here on OzBargain, it looks like the same deal as this time last year?

Think I’ll go buy one today. I want to churn Foxtel and find cheaper broadband. Will be good to try the free channels until Dec 31 deal, I see listed on OzBargain. Shopping centre aircon will be a lovely relief from the heat today!

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    Good if you can get this matched at Harvey Norman with amex deal if you need something else

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    I remember when fetch was on IPTV on TPG and I got the playboy channel for free!
    RIP Hugh

  • I’ve been reported for sockpuppeting. Does that mean that someone thinks I’m a store rep? First I’d heard of the term was when signing up. What happens now?

    • +24

      It means you need to stop using socks as puppets.

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      Oh, just pretend you dont work for JB Hi-Fi. Deny DENY DENY!

    • well you know where the hand hand goes to animate a sock puppet …..

      • As long as it’s the puppet sock, it’s OK. It’s the other one I use that I don’t put my hand in. 😂

  • Is this better than the Humax 4tune HMS-1000T??

    • I don’t know, other than a quick search shows it’s a PVR and media server. No capacity to get the Fetch TV service at least. I have an NVidia sheild Android Box for streaming apps and Plex server. The Good Guys site doesn’t mention how the media server side of things is configured.

      • Have you set it up yet? Interested to know how it functions as a PVR and how easy it is to program to record TV. The Humax is a pos.

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          I helped my dad set one of these up last weekend, he used to have a Humax although its been a while since I used that I recall thinking it wasn't great when we first got it set up.

          I found the Fetch interface pretty good. Recording was super simple, you can press the Record button direct on the remote or find the show you want to record and schedule it (or the series) with a couple of clicks.

  • @sammyboy No. I called my local store to see if they had stock. Website said they did, but sometimes it’s just one and its a stock error. I hate crowds, so not worth my effort for nothing. They have plenty, so I’m going to have a cool shower and head out there. Will let you know what it’s like once I’ve set it up and tried it out.

  • +3

    I am a fan of the fetchtv, and it is fine as a PVR , but as a media player it is useless.

    Audio often does not work for me on media playback; and if you try real 4k totally forget it. Does netflix 4k fine, but that is not real 4k.

    • +1

      I have been begging Plex to dump their clunky old in-built media player and include Plex for months.
      No sign of it yet.

      • Yeah, that’d be great! I have a lifetime Plex subscription. Being able to have that as part of the box would be good if I were to place it elsewhere in the house. I’m not a fan of casting to a generic app.

    • +1

      The Fetch box doesn't support DTS when playing back media files, so if you're downloading these files you just need to choose AC3 or AAC for the audio codec. You can also download a program that will convert videos with DTS audio to AC3 or AAC. It only takes a few minutes.

  • -1

    Serious question, why would anyone under 40 want a PVR in 2017…?

    • +3

      Some of us have household members who are over 40.

    • You’d have to ask someone under 40, not me. I don’t think they’re buying them anyway. Probably not too interested in the pay TV offering either, I suppose. Main benefit over catch-up is that not all shows are on the catch-up services. Live sport usually isn’t. Zattoo (not available in Australia without a VPN) have a cloud PVR for their premium service.

    • +21

      Not everything shown on free to air TV is available on ABC iview, SBS ON DEMAND, Plus7, 9NOW or tenplay.

      Using a PVR gives the ability to fast forward through advertising. The on-demand services do not allow ad-skipping.

      Using a PVR gives the ability to pause live TV and go make a cup of tea without missing any action.

      It's easier to use a PVR than finding a program online then casting it to the TV.

      The Fetch box has Netflix and Stan built in. Although a subscription is required it is easy to use the Fetch remote to control Netflix and Stan.

      Negatives are it is quite costly, it requires an active internet subscription and to be always connected to the internet so the electronic program guide can be downloaded.

      • -5

        Not everything shown on free to air TV is available on ABC iview, SBS ON DEMAND, Plus7, 9NOW or tenplay.

        If the tv channel cant be bothered to add it to libraries for you to watch online, that tells you how worthless said show is.

        Using a PVR gives the ability to fast forward through advertising. The on-demand services do not allow ad-skipping

        Fair point.

        It's easier to use a PVR than finding a program online then casting it to the TV.

        Why do you even waste your time with free to air.

        WHo cares about Koshie, Stefanovic, or any of those other fools.

        • +1

          I watch free to air because I like watching the AFL but I refuse to pay for Foxtel and the AFL's streaming service is a sick joke.

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      I just ditched Foxtel Satellite, whilst it is possible to live without a PVR, there are still plenty of reasons to have one.

      Poor FTA catch-up services, in particular Tenplay, where you are lucky to get SD picture quality.
      Lack of Chromecast support in Tenplay and new version of Channel 7 app.
      Lack of Closed Caption support in most FTA catch-up apps.
      The ability to pause TV and answer a phone call, go to the toilet etc.
      Permanently keep a copy of a movie or TV show.
      Don't have to worry about shows expiring on catch-up.
      Many Australian's still have poor internet connectivity.

    • So from the comments, some people actually want to watch Australian programing…interesting.

      Personally, I can't think of anything worse.

      • +3

        Australian programming tends to be made available on the catch up services so a PVR is not required. It's the non-Australian programming that is not available and either needs searching for online or recording on a PVR.

        I should add that I use or have used a Chromecast, an Amazon Fire Stick, Foxtel IQ3 and Fetch Mighty with Fetch Mini.

        • +3

          catch up is less than 480 p quality wise to save bandwidth and processing …. when originally broadcast it often 720p for newer content or 1080p for very new content …… catch-up tv quality sucks ……

          the words “get a subscription” has me worried about ongoing costs or am i buying a brick ….

        • @garage sale: FetchTV is an online subscription based service similar to Foxtel and gives you access to a number of premium channels. You don't need a subscription to use this as a PVR though.

      • Not exactly watching shows like The Secret Daughter or Offspring. ;)

      • +1

        ABC and SBS. AU produced dramas, documentaries

        Also steaming quality from both of them is way worse than FTA, and delayed (eg ABC News takes approx an hour to be avail to stream)

        Having said that I am using Kodi and TVHeadend running on my NAS to do this.

        • +2

          @PainToad: what about troll and away or the trollette or please troll me? There’s something for everyone on Aussie TV (guess what the T stands for :))

        • -1


          guess what the T stands for

          Thank God for the internet?

    • +1

      a lot of programs broadcast via free to air are higher res than if pirated off the internet …..720p is actually 480 and 1080is 710 or 480 ….bigger files but same source and quality ….. so if you are over 40 you might appreciate the quality that free to air has on some content as compared to capturing via you tube in ultra low quality.

    • I'm over 40 and haven't watched free to air since 1989. I am thinking of buying one for my parents but wouldn't ever bother using a PVR myself.

    • Ha I bought one for my parents since their existing PVR broke! They record mainly game shows and the news! My dad likes to pause the weather forecast. He hasn't quite worked out how to use BOM or the internet for that matter!

      However, I'm actually thinking of getting one for the $6/month ESPN subscription.

    • +1

      Because not everything is available on streaming/ on demand.

    • +2

      I like PVRs as they allow me to record the soccer at 2:30am and then watch it before I go to work.

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    Dont forget the Fetch mighty can talk to the mini's and stream recorded content to the little ones in other bedrooms !!

  • Great deal if you can harvey norman price match and use amex voucher.

    For those just wanting PVR, you can pickup a cheap tivo off gumtree for under 25 and get chipped to work with oztivo.

    • Unless you’re buying 2 or something else the Amex voucher isn’t much use for things under $400.

    • +1

      I see Harvey Norman have it for $318 anyway:

      • That’s only changed in the last couple of hours then. Was still $399 when I was comparing them, JB and Good Guys today.

        • Cool. I'm very tempted to combine it with a $128 Google Home (for the $400 amex deal) and the Shipster free delivery deal..

          I've been rocking a Beyonwiz PVR for 10 years but it's been bugging out all over the place.

          Can this thing skip advertisements with a configurable button press or do you have to fast forward through them?

  • Used Fetch before when with Optus, it's a solid product. Catch up is pretty bad- low quality, slow to make it available after it airs, not having the programming on for long enough or at all (and then having to find a dodgy stream on PC if you really want it). I have saved myself and my wife the trouble with Telstra TV and bought this deal instead. Thanks OP.

    I know it's not the cheapest or open solution, but I got to hand it to Fetch: it works. Really well. No messing about anymore.

  • +1

    Love my Fetch Mighty, I see the mini’s are on special too, been wanting to extend the PVR upstairs. Thanks OP

  • +1

    Looks like the Mini is on sale too at $135.

    I've been using Windows 7 MCE on an Intel NUC for years. Thinking that it's about time to ditch that and jump on Fetch. Has anyone compared the two?
    We watch a lot of FTA TV (schedule recording - especially kids shows on ABC), Netflix and Optus Sports (EPL).

    I like the multiroom support to and have a Mini in the bedroom.

    • I jumped from MCE to Fetch about a year ago, haven’t looked back. Have a lot less problems with Fetch, catchup works great. There is a huge thread on WP about this box. Thinking of grabbing a mini today.

    • Optus Sports/EPL is the tricky bit.

      I think that this only works if you buy the Fetch through Optus.

      Optus will only give you a Mighty if you have Cable/NBN/ADSL with them.

      Optus will give you a Mini if you have a Post Paid Mobile with them above a certain spend, and then you pay a fee on top, or some mobiles include the "optus sport" package which I don't know if it can be extended to be watched on the Fetch Mini

      Maybe there is some hack around it? I would love to know.

      • What! Noooooo. That's a bit silly! Gotta do some research on this.

        • +1

          This seems to be the go:

 $30 SIM-only on 12 months seems to be the cheapest

          edit: Just double checked with Optus Live chat, there is an unlisted special offer to get Fetch TV mini added on to that for $5 extra per month, not $10, until Christmas (no exact expiry date yet, but after that is not guaranteed).

          edit2: I wonder if a retail Fetch Mighty + a Optus Fetch Mini would play nice together in watching recordings done on the Mighty off the Mini? edit3: No you can't, they have to be under the same account and can't mix ISP+retail accounts.

          Also, sideloading the Optus sports app to a generic Android TV box is an option to get it on the TV, which while messy would probably be better than a Chromecast/Apple TV.

        • +1

          @The Land of Smeg:

          You can get a Mighty from Optus on just a regular phone plan. They may not tell you that you can, and it may not say so on the website, but as soon as your account is active you can add one through the web portal. I have an Optus Mighty (no Mini) and I only have a mobile phone plan.

        • @S-Hart: How much is that costing you? I have asked for the mighty on a mobile plan before over live chat and was told no.

        • @The Land of Smeg:

          That's interesting thanks.

        • @The Land of Smeg: I tried that with the BEIN Sports Connect app sideloaded onto my Shield. Doesn’t open in landscape and needs a mouse. Hopefully Optus app isn’t as problematic for those who want to try it.

        • @S-Hart: how do you do this? trying to get mighty with only optus postpaid mobile.

        • @The Land of Smeg:

          It's actually costing me nothing, because as can often be the case with Optus, they messed up my billing. For once rather than overcharging me they are undercharging me - the Fetch never appears on my bill. :) As far as getting a Mighty - rather than waiting for my account to be active I jumped on Twitter (for the first time ever) and DM'd Optus. A very helpful fellow took the details and made the order for my Fetch Mighty and it arrived a few days later. Apparently that doesn't always work - but dealing with the online chat is basically a waste of your time. What you should be able to do though is at worst, order a Mini to get the ball rolling. You can definitely do that on a postpaid mobile plan. When your Mini is activated on your web portal, the "Yes TV by Fetch" section will be there (if it isn't already), and have a "Add Another Set Top Box" option - at which time the web portal lets you add a Mighty. Or at least it used to (mine still does, just checked). You can order the Mighty, and when it arrives send the Mini back. Kinda jumping through hoops, but if you watch the EPL, I'd say it's worth it, as the quality of the Fetch Mighty (can't speak for Mini but assume it's similar) is FAR superior and more reliable than any of the other streaming options I've tried.

        • @ssdexecutor82:

          See above. :)

    • +2

      have a Mini in the bedroom - hahaha

      • +1

        Sorry, I meant the other way. It's Mighty in the bedroom ;)

  • +1
  • whats the catch here?!

  • I have the Fetch TV mini and love it… basically does everything the mighty does except can't record TV. It can however still pause live TV for up to 15 mins which TBH I find the most useful feature.

    On top of that it has good movie box selection $1 per month for a new on demand movie everyday, and generally they are pretty good. Plus their own movie store for rentals, again very good.

    The packages to get CNN, BBC, ESPN, Nat Geo etc are very competitive only $6 per month.

    Plus has Netflix, Stan built in and lastly for anyone that doesn't have a TV that will decode the new HD channels this will also do that. Has a very nice and slick inbuilt TV guide as well.

    For me a massive winner, chicken dinner.

    • A selection of Movies on Movie Box right now are…

      Bob the Builder - The Big Dino Dig
      Scary Movie 5
      Austin Powers Goldmember
      Lord of the Rings - The Return of the Ring
      The Great Gatsby
      X-Men - The Last Stand

      There's another 21 Movies one for each day but that'll do for an idea of what's available for $1 per month. It's a bit of everything.

  • What's the difference between this Fetch, and the Fetch you get from Optus (eg when you sign up to NBN)

    • Optus locks you into a monthly plan for $10 to get basically the same thing. If you buy retail, there is no monthly fee but you instead opt into what you want.

      Be mindful though a second hand box tied to an ISP wont activate for use as a independent box. It will need to be on a plan and activated by that ISP only.

      Not sure if the Optus fetch box would give foxtel as an option though or that is different.

      • No Foxtel, but a few of the channels are the same between Foxtel and Fetch, although not many.

        Optus Mighty is $15 a month with Cable/NBN/ADSL (or it could be included in the plan), Optus Mini is $10 a month (or maybe there is a deal on Mini for $5 a month on post-post mobile > $30).

        If you leave Optus, bye bye Fetch box.

        • +1

          Thanks guys.

  • Few questions for anyone who has one of these :)

    How long do they take to start up?
    Can you do auto record based off an epg keyword?
    Can you set programs to automatically delete after x period?


    • +3

      Ages…one minute. Leave it on. It takes less than 5 seconds to come out of standby which is fine.

      You can record every episode of a series without having to search for it in the EPG. If an episode of your program is being shown at 3AM and that episode does not exist in your recordings then it'll be recorded. It's called Series Tags and it's very good.

      Once the box is full it will delete the oldest items unless they have been protected.

  • +1

    The PVR will be great to record live sport, especially overnight games, like I do now on the iQ2. They’ the kind of thing that rarely make it on catch-up.

    I have the docos and sport packages on Foxtel with Telstra, but planning to cancel the lot. I watch all the doco ones that are available on Fetch, so that’s a plus for me. Will miss the Super Rugby but there’s other ways to find that. 😉Just not that reliable. Have BEIn on Foxtel and am contemplating whether to get the single channel through Fetch + Sports Connect thru Fetch or directly from BEin. I want access to their other to channels for European rugby and Bundesliga.

  • Do these have the free to air catch up apps built into them? Or something like them? I watch a lot of iView and would like something to replace Windows Media Center.

    • Yes they are built in.

  • +3

    Also at Harvey's for $318……….but you will have to deal with the antichrist !!!

    • i dealt with the antichrist and price matched - then they reduced it anyway .. so then price matched a note 8 case (with amazon AU) for my previous note 8 deal and microsd to bring it to 405 and use the amex

  • +1

    Good to see Hardly Normal price match. Was still $399 when I was comparing them, JB, Bing Lee and Good Guys today. HN & Bing Lee are located in the same complex about the same distance south as JB are west from me. Bing Lee and Good Guys still $399.

  • I’m paying $10 a month for Foxtel IQ2 to simply use it as a FTA PVR.

    Considering this as a replacement, but that said, my Sony X9400C has built in Android TV and recording functionality that I haven’t tried.

    Given that the IQ2 is getting on but still serving us well, would the Fetch Mighty be a better option at this $319 price point and kill the Foxtel IQ2 $10 rental???

    • In case you don't know, there is a new version of that $10 package that also includes 10 Foxtel channels. Something to consider before ditching it.

      You could possibly convince Foxtel cancellations to give you a free iQ3 upgrade, would likely need to switch back to at least the $26 base package though, and could switch back to the $10 pack the next month. Look up the Whirlpool Foxtel Bargaining thread. I managed to get myself two free iQ3 upgrades.

      Just a couple of things to consider, as $10 per month is better value than $320 upfront, and the Foxtel box would immediately be replaced if anything went wrong. Love Fetch TV, though they weren't that helpful when a gen 2 box I gave to a relative died.

  • +1

    Too bad Freeview is useless to me

  • Fetch TV Mighty owner for a bit over a year. I had a Tivo and find that the Mighty is just as easy to use. Mostly use it to record TV series and stream movies.

    • just found out that i missed the swap deal with tivo for this …👎

  • Anyone figured out how to unlock Optus fetch tv boxes? Or what else can they be used for other than paper weight?

    • +1

      Will it work with an Optus Internet connection?

    • +1

      It is a huge waste, though may as well chuck it in the bin. That's what I did with my Gen 2 box after Optus didn't collect it.

  • Is the remote picky about having a clear line of sight? I have line of sight issues with my setup and this is the only thing holding me back.

    Would buy in a heartbeat if the remote was bluetooth :(

  • i have the fetch box previous to the mighty/mini with optus cable (gen 2 think it was called)

    can i buy one of these and use both with my optus plan?

    • +1

      Yes, but the two won't link to one another

  • +1

    I bought only a Fetch Mini a few months ago. It is worth noting if you don't want the PVR the Fetch Mini is a great choice. After Foxtel Play dumped all the channels I liked to watch it was great to get this device and get them back in HD. The Fetch Mini works on its own without needing a Fetch Mighty in the house and streams all the channels I like for $19 a month (I don't get the kids pack). Cheers.

  • Mini going for $126 pickup from Good Guys ebay store using code P5OZZIE:

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