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20% off at The Good Guys eBay [eg GoPro Hero 5 Black $317.60, Kindle PW $123.20, LG OLED55B7T $1996, Galaxy S8+ Gold $853.6 C&C]


Another eBay deal is upon us, looks like a good one!

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This deal only lasts until tomorrow night so think quickly. The offer does not apply to selected advertised lines in The Good Guys’ catalogue.

Max Discount is $1000, 3 Transactions Per Account.
Terms and Conditions Here

Some bargain examples:

As always, enjoy!

Note: If you are unable to add items to cart try the buy it now option. Note that the code requires an Australian PayPal account as always.

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  • Time to find my credit card…

    • I found my Credit Card, but don't want to use it until I get to the bottom of this…
      Does anyone know if the Click & Collect Store Credit works if I buy through ebay and C&C?

      • Id say its a website only special, not via eBay store, but happy to be proven wrong..

      • works for me. bought via eBay and "Click and collect"

  • it said end Nov 6

    • +5

      This offer commences at 10.00 (AEDT) on 18 December 2017 and ends at 23.59 (AEDT) on 19 December 2017 (“Offer Period”).

  • +2

    Makes the Fetch TV Mini $106.40 pickup:


  • +2

    Picked up Note 8 from Hardly Normal Yesterday :(

    • +1

      Sydney Wide Shutters?

    • +3

      buy another Note 8. Refund the new one using the old receipt :D

      • *

      • +1

        I would but I just landed in Singapore and claimed Trs

    • +1

      yup - that's hardly normal!

  • +6

    55" Hisense 55N7 - $956
    65" Hisense 65N7 - $1596
    75" Hisense 75N7 - $2796

    • +1

      If you are buying a Hisense TV I highly recommend you test for any faults within the first 2 days as their DOA replacement warranty is only 2 days after that you will need to claim it under repair warranty.

      • What are typical faults with this model to check?

        • Just the usuals.

        • flickering. not very often once in an hour but enough to annoy you when you are in the middle of a movie.

    • +2

      There wasn't any click and collect of the 65 inch N7 near me, so its an additional $50 for delivery.
      Videopro also has it on sale for a $1 cheaper with free delivery https://www.videopro.com.au/p-10834-hisense-65-65n7-uled-tv....

      • Seems there is no option for collection from anywhere in Aus! Which is BS.. was at a store late last week and they said they have plenty of stock.

        • FWIW I had the same issue multiple times with TGG sales via Ebay - I contacted them several times asking for explanation and eventually on third time got a response that stated that their policy is that if a retail store has 5 or less of an item - their Ebay division will show it as OUT OF STOCK.

          Their rationale for this was that 5 or less items meant they felt those items might sell out before the Ebay customer collected their item - and cause issues.

          I thought this was a poor excuse and felt like 'forcing' the Ebay customer into paying delivery costs that would likely be sent via the local store anyway - but who knows. Anyway thats their excuse. :-)

  • +3
    Merged from LG OLED55B7T $1996 C&C @ The Good Guys eBay

    I thought this would be worth a seperate post on it's own, an absolute steal! The cheapest ever from what I can tell for this model.

    Same price as the Panasonic OLED from a few days ago :)

    The listing seems to be geo-targeted, they must put OOS if the stock in your particular area is completely sold out.

    As always, enjoy!

    Original 20% off The Good Guys eBay

    • +1

      Good deal. I just checked the ld oled 65inch model, not available yet?

      • +1

        Here's the 65". It's $3,596 after the coupon, not sure if it's a good deal or not?

      • Sadly appears out of stock… I'd be keen otherwise

    • +2

      Where are the C7s?
      I cannot un-see that silver bezel!

      • +1

        C7T is a bit more expensive :(

        • Thanks mate!

      • Not hard to vinyl wrap the outer bezel for a few bucks, it would piss me off to

      • you wont notice it and now the b7 has a good stand, better off spending the extra $150 on a blu ray player or sound system

    • +10

      I want a 65" OLED and an Xbox One X for Christmas.

      • Hopefully you are not on the naughty list!

      • We all do, Scab. We all do.

        • Yeah, but I've been a good boy.

    • damn the prices just keep dropping!

    • The Stand looks different to the usual B7 stand seen on this video for example


      • +1

        Mr. Teoh is in the UK and is demonstrating the British 55B7V, not Australia's B7T.

    • I'm on the hunt for a 65incher. Around $1600 diff for 10 inches more…ouch!!

      • +2

        Only 10" more on the diagonal, but 40% more viewing area. Huge difference.

    • +1

      Out of stock already?

      • +1

        Still shows up all good for me? Maybe it's geo-targeted so shows OOS if it's not available in your area?

    • Further 15% off using the gift card deal for ebay/paypal?

    • OH MAN!….

      I thought it was removed so I panicked and bought it….

  • +2

    Google home mini 43.20 Pickup :)

  • Any great deals for perhaps OLED 65" TV?

  • Logitech UE Boom 2 down to $135.20

  • No google home 😤

  • +2

    Bought Note 8 - $1,078.40. Didn't allow me to ship it for some reason, so did pick up instead.

    • What colour did you choose? I tried to order a black one and got this error:
      "Order service temporarily unavailable or invalid parameters in the request URL."

      • Black. I had an error when asking for it to be shipped. Can't remember if it said that however.

        • Thanks mate! Managed to secure one at Brighton. I had the same issue with shipping and one other store.

  • +6

    i didn't need another gopro5 till this morning.. thanks

    • -4

      I'm really curious as to what situation would ever warrant a need for a gopro…

      • +15

        the situation called Ozbargain…

    • me too… my wallet is struggling to keep up with my buying lol

    • +1

      Heads up, If you use TRS when you travel the Hero 5 Black comes down to ~$289AUD, only a difference of $25 compared to the Hero 5 Session. That's gotta be worth the extra features?

      • is it worth getting the hero 6 over hero 5?

        • Not for $300 more, maybe if you're willing to wait for a couple of months, I'm sure the price for hero 6 will go down.

  • +1

    No Chromecast Audio.. :( I have been holding out for a deal on the CCA for ages

    Edit: ignore ignore.. my search skills suck.

  • Dyson everywhere seems to be back to RRP :(

  • Was planning to buy LG SJ9 soundbar but they don't seem to have it on ebay.

  • Best Blender?

  • Item(s) in your cart aren't available in the quantity you originally requested. We've updated your shopping cart to reflect the amount that is currently available. Please review these changes before proceeding to checkout.

    This is click and collect for all stores that states still available :(

  • +1

    Does anyone know if buying the Note 8 here will qualify you for the Qantas Frequent Flyer bonus points promotion? I remember the T&C's saying eBay shops aren't covered but maybe buying from The Good Guys and picking up in store might?

    • +2

      Yes it will, it doesn't show the eBay part on the invoice, previous purchases have warranted the points.

      • Thanks very much

  • No weber q2000 … dammit

    • +2

      Isn't this the Q2000?

      • I wish. its a q1000. I been hunting for a cheap q2000 for a chirssy gift for weeks!

        • +3

          Ahhh damn, well I've got a solution for you!

          Go buy some reduced gift cards from Here for BCF. Then price match against The Good Guys for $399 at BCF. Use the gift cards and get it for $339.15 :)

        • @doweyy:

          Holy sh1t you're a genius! i'm going to go do that right now, thanks a lot!

        • +3


          Wait up!!

          DJ's has it cheaper, they have it for $364.65 so price match them. So damn cheap, I hope you see this before you buy lol, otherwise you might be able to claim a price difference.

        • @doweyy:

          Thanks i'll give that a go.

          Bought the vouchers at 10.30 this morning, still waiting for them to turn up in my inbox.

        • @rolin7:

          Damn that’s taking a while then, once they come through it should be sweet!

        • @doweyy:

          yeah im in no rush, dont need till the weekend

  • I wonder if TGG ebay store is covered under the Canon cashback redemption - would make the 80D a sweet deal? I can see their general store is covered in the list of authorized sellers, would anybody be able to confirm if it is the same for the Ebay Store?

    • Yes it is covered :) TGG eBay provides a tax invoice just under TGG, so eligible for redemption.

      • Wow, awesome - thank you!

    • Canon cashback is so bloody good.

      I remember I got $100 cashback on a $300 camera a while ago and I even got a $50 Good guys coupon. Best buy I've ever done there.

  • Does anyone know if you can use a store credit on the eBay store?

  • GG eBay store has a terrible range of 43" TV's..


  • +2

    Does anyone know if you buy an aircon unit from their ebay store if you can still get them to install it?

    • also curious about this
      do we need to have it delivered to our premises or picked up in store?

  • Just bought the 65n5 and a bluetooth speaker, I was halfway through checking out as many jbhifi 15% off vouchers as i could buy when this deal came up… woohoo thanks.

  • +2

    anyone having issue adding items to cart? can buy but cant ad to cart

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