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Samsung UA65MU6100 65" 4K UHD Smart LED TV $1498 (Save $1000), Samsung 43" 4K UHD Smart TV $598 (Save $400) @ JB Hi-Fi


2 New TV Deals from JB But for 1 DAY ONLY

Samsung UA65MU6100 65" 4K UHD Smart LED TV $1498 (Save $1000),
Samsung 43" 4K UHD Smart TV $598 (Save $400)


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  • Awesome price

  • Someone had some insider information about this as work. If I needed a Tv right now i'd be all over this.

  • No 10 Bit or HDR Support on these tv's. You could get something much better for not a bit more in my opinion.

    • Says HDR in specs but I would suspect its 8-bit not 10

      • It's 10 bit but no wide colour gamut so it's really no better than a SDR, according to review here: https://www.rtings.com/tv/reviews/samsung/mu6100

        Would save the money and go for a Sony instead

        • That's not the same TV - wrong stand, and the MU6100 only comes in 58" (in the US). This is the correct one:


        • why is that the right one for the 6100?

        • @petry: he's right, check the model number in the article that he linked. for the UK its called MU6100 even though its the MU6300 everywhere else - TV sizes match up with 43 inch and 65 inch.

          regardless, it's still a crap TV for HDR, as no wide colour gamut. makes me glad i got my sony x800D last year which actually has far better HDR and wide colour gamut. Sammy can rip off customers - pays to do research first (OzBargainer trait)

        • @interfreak: Thanks for the review link. Such a great tv price and the review seems very decent for the price except perhaps off-viewing angle.

          The review mentions no local dimming though, while the specs for the tv's above do state micro dimming - UHD dimming, which I believe is their version of local dimming?

        • @adrianhughes1998: There’s a number of things this TV does better than your Sony. Yes, HDR is average (not crap), but there are so many other important factors to picture quality. Only the upper mid range - high range TVs do HDR properly. Yes, it does pay to do research instead of posting links to articles for the wrong TV model. If you do proper research, you’ll find that this is a very good all round TV which is excellent value at these price points.

        • @aja12: hmmm only seems on the overall scores on Rtings.com that the Samsung is a bit better at TV shows and being used as a PC monitor.

          as the OG comment on this thread pay a few hundred more for something a little better. depends on one's priorities which i totally get. better contrast for the Sammy and blacks but doesn't get very bright for HDR and motion blur/flicker is worse. in fact, side by side with all the other aspects of the two reviews, the Sammy is worse. i paid $750 new for my Sony last year as a comparison. i also see you had the X7000 which is dogs-balls compared to the X8000D.

          for the price its at, its decent for a big brand TV. people can choose whether to splurge more for better picture quality.

    • Thanks for your sage advice folks!

    • What’s much better for not a bit more?

      • What’s much better for not a bit more?

        It's always the case isn't it. There will always be something a bit better for a price.

        Just buy what's good now and upgrade again in few years.

        • One of the best comment i ve ever seen on Ozbargain.

        • +2 votes

          Can't agree more. We made mistake buying 50"Japenese made plasma by Pana for 4k in 2009 as it was top of the range. price dropped so much- that in 3 years it was less than $750.
          Bought other TVs after that but nothing as close to that price. Hype last for years or two and then they normalise

        • Totally agree, man! I asked the question because the suggestion was made by Tythefly86 without any examples. This is an excellent deal, but people are still here trying to shoot it down.

    • Which 65" that is 10 bit n has hdr thats below 2k?

    • +1 vote

      it is always easy to make statements like " you could get something much better for not a bit more". Any examples?

      • I am struggling to understand. "A bit more" means "a small increase", so "NOT a bit more" must mean "a large increase" or "a lot more".

        So Tythefly86 is actually saying "you could get something much better for a lot more", which is plainly obvious. And here is something much better for a lot more: http://www.lg.com/au/tvs/lg-OLED77W7T-oled-4k-tv

        • When someone says "not a bit more", they mean "not more", as in the same price.

        • @IamEzza: So "a bit more" is the same as "not a bit more"? But "much more" is the opposite of "not much more"?

        • @alvian:

          No "a bit more" is not the same as "not a bit more"

          Some people might say it like "not EVEN a bit more" or "not a dollar more"

          The original question means "What TVs are much better for the same price?"

        • @IamEzza: LOL I was still a bit drunk and I'm pretty sure I meant you could get something better for only a bit more money. Maybe like $700-800 range. I can't be bothered giving examples, plenty of people have already. Sorry for my terrible English in the first comment.

        • @Tythefly86:

          lol, maybe you are now hungover? :P
          alvian was asking about aja12's question, who asked "What’s much better for not a bit more?"

        • @IamEzza: I was the original poster who said "not a bit more", how is that not relevant?

  • Only a Ozbargainer would quibble over a few dollars but they are listed as $1498 and $598 (rather than $1495 and $599)

  • Great deal.Thank you!

  • Too bad no 55"

    • 65" to big?

      We paid $1500 for a 44" back in the day. 65" for $1500 is tempting and a big upgrade.

      • I hear you. We just got a 55" a couple months ago. Tempted to upgrade to the 65" and put the 55" in the bedroom.

  • 43 is great for the bedroom. Thanks op.

  • Far from a complaint and a genuine question, but what are the better alternatives?

    How much are the lack of HDR specs going to hold you back on this?

    Want to upgrade the man cave with HDR for the Xbox one X but this would be the main living room TV for Plex and Foxtel.

  • Stupid question, is 3d TV a thing of the past? I've seen so many deals posted here but none have 3d capabilities.

    • I was thinking the same thing, yeah never seen them lately.
      We have one, don't mind some times as we have lot of 3d blue ray movies.

    • Had one for years, never used it, not once. Bought an OLED yesterday, no 3D, Ill miss it…

    • 3d TV a thing of the past?

      Yes. Projectors still have the feature for now.

    • 3D and curved screens are gimmicks, hence why they have died out. 4k and HDR on the other hand actually vastly improve the user experience (as do smart TV's).

      • i agree. Samsung only has one model in Europe this year i think that has curved screens, and they dropped manufacturing on the curved ones. all because no-one wants them, and good cos it is a gimmick.

    • 3D displays are a thing of the past, but films shot in 3D and released in 3D Bluray are not. They still release at a premium price.

  • No local dimming and poor motion handling with judder on 24p may be an issue for some

  • I think a tv like this will be prefect for parents etc motion still will be fine 100hz vs one Sony 70" is 50hz soo wouldnt be a problem.

    Also if you are buying Tvs this close to boxing day I would get the counter staff to put on receipt "refund the difference if tv is a boxing day special" to save even more money.

    • +5 votes

      "Also if you are buying Tvs this close to boxing day I would get the counter staff to put on receipt "refund the difference if tv is a boxing day special" to save even more money."

      Is that a thing? JB are known for doing this?

      • Trick of working there at the time !!

        I did that last year when I worked at JB and yes it did work I got $600 back. I would do it just in case to save your ass !

  • wondering if the 43" would be a good replacement for my philips 40" 4k monitor - which is completely flawless but im looking to integrate a TV + monitor solution for my study/den?

    • Please don't! this is an entry model 4k tv. HDR is unnoticeable for any difference as it doesn't have the brightness, contrast or wide colour gamut to show anything better. The Philips 4k monitor is actually better than this TV other than smart features of course

  • For a casual gamer (xbox one, switch) and someone who wants to watch Netflix and blu-rays, I wouldn't be dissatisfied with this set, would I? I currently have an almost 10 year old NEC (LOL) so I guess anything would be an upgrade. Seriously thinking about it!

  • Does anyone know if Harvey Norman would price match these? I still havent used my amex cashback..

    • As long as its the same series I wouldn't see why not, either contact their chat and show them the website or call up a store and ask.

    • Tried to price match just now at my local Harvey Norman and they said not a chance. The Good Guys have said they will.

      • You mean JB-TGG-HI-FI will match their own price? Gotta love mergers where they have people running back & forth between
        the same company.


        • My JB didn’t have stock which is the only reason for going elsewhere and TGG staff even had a laugh that they were the same company and didn’t know about it.

    • I don't see the same model from HN website.

  • Android options

  • Very good price for branded 65".

  • Does anyone know how the Good Guys price beat policy works? I know if you buy it from them then find it cheaper you get 120% difference. But what if you try and match the price if you're buying to today?

    • Update, called them, they would match it but not beat it as its such a good deal

    • Purchase from TGG then immediately show them JB ad and get 120% difference back?

      • Done this SO many times. Always works for me.

      • Do you have to complete the transaction and pay first then show the ad afterwards? Will you receive the difference in cash or store credit?

        • Sorry for the late reply - I literally walk in, pay whatever price they advertise at, no haggling (the higher the price the better as you get 120% difference..) walk out, then walk back in and say "Hey, I just thought I'd check the price online and turns out one of your advertised competitors has it for x price. I'd like to take advantage of your 30 day price guarantee". Depending on the value, you'll either get the difference as eftpos giftcard or store credit.

  • Good to see the 43" comes with 2 x UDB.

  • I bought this two weeks ago from jb at 2000 whyyyyyyyyy

  • I know this is a personal preference thing, but what size room would you typically put a 65 inch TV in?

    We are moving to a new place and I think the room will be 4x4.5 meters. Just concerned this would be too big, but the price is amazing.

    • It depends on how far back you sit.
      Of course, if you're a tennis umpire, it won't be a problem.

      • Basically sitting at back of the room and TV at the other end

        • Wow… you must have super vision.
          I have a 55" and sit just over 2m away. You might want to consider an 85"… but seriously, you'll have no problems with the 65" in those room dimensions. You will have to move the couch a little closer though. :)

        • @starionx: Wow- okay- thanks for the tip.

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