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Origin Energy Offers 28% off Electricity Usage Charges and 15% off Natural Gas Usage Charges for One Big Switch Customers in NSW


The deal is not available on Energy Australia's website. You have to call them at 132461 to get it. I'm not sure it is available everywhere in NSW. Other states have different offers. I'm not sure whether you need to join One Big Switch first. You may try.

28% discount off Origin’s Electricity usage charges for 12 months if you pay your bills on time.*
15% discount off Origin’s Natural gas usage charges for 12 months if you pay your bills on time.*
Solar Feed-in Tariff of 9c per kWh exported (on top of any Govt Feed-in you receive)
NO exit fees, no lock-in period
Not available to the general public
Limited time only
To take up this solar offer, please call 13 24 61

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  • Yeah Malcolm Turnbull is delivering….not

  • How does these compare for tariff rates?

    • Origin has a new tool on their website where you can upload your recent electricity invoice and it will tell you whether you are better off with them or not.

  • Good deal? Is there a way to signup using email or facebook messenger?

  • I wrote this piece which may be useful if you want a look at the larger picture of discounts, etc.

    Disclaimer: I am not associated directly or indirectly with any energy supplier.

    • That's the reason why I only use this website for comparisons…

      • If you live in Victoria, you should be using this one:

        For all other states, the website you mentioned is the one to use.

        Saying that though, it's important to remember that these government websites only show plans that are publicly available.

        Any privately negotiated deals (such as One Big Switch, various consumer clubs or even a deal you haggled yourself) will NOT appear on these websites.

        They are definitely the best place to start your research though. The one from the federal government is very good but the Victorian one is 'next level' stuff and truly outstanding! :)

    • Good on you @twosixfiveoh

      People need to stop obsessing about the headline "percentage discount".

      This number in isolation is completely and utterly meaningless!

      It's CRUCIAL people look at the base rates of each plan when comparing prices.

      Each provider will have different base rates and usually those will even wary between the different plans from the same provider!

      The vast majority of Australians don't understand that and as a result fall for what is nothing more than a marketing gimmick. The ACCC should have really banned this practice and force all electricity companies to have a 'comparison rate' similar to what you can find with mortgages and credit cards.

      Until they do so it's 'caveat emptor' (buyer beware).

      Our founder was invited to give a lesson to a group of high school kids to help them navigate the maze that is electricity prices.

      The high school is in Queensland (which is where we are based) but the information is relevant and accurate for anyone in Australia who is able to choose their electricity retailer.

      Here is a video of this lesson:

  • In my experience onbigswitch offers are never anything to write home about. I'm always able to find better deals elsewhere and no longer bother looking at their offers. Too much of it stays in their own pocket by way of overriders and commissions.

    • They have media partners (Channel 7 and NewsCorp) so everyone gets a cut. Thereby, the discounts on offer won't be too astounding.

  • Always look at the end price; usage and kw hour price.

    I found Q Energy 15 percent was a better deal than origins 25off. It we was better by a long shot.

    Need to do the maths


    We are with EnergyAustralia, they apply different discounts (e.g. -15% when you pay on time, …)

    I compared with other providers, the base price is always 28c/kilowatt.

    You need know how much you are really paying at the end (at the bill).

  • We were with Dodo, which were the cheapest (by a whisker) here in Newcastle, NSW.

    They sent us a price increase notice last month, to come into play in January.

    We have switched to Energy Australia, which offer a 22% POT discount on a 2 year contract.

    A 2 year contract!!! Are you kidding?? Nope!

    Why such a silly option? Because they fix the charges for those 2 years!

    Bonus: If their rates fall, so do ours on the fixed rate.

    After doing the figures from our last bill, this new plan would have cost us just $8 more before Dodo's price hike. It'll save us $35 per quarter after the price hike in January. Even more should they hike the rates again in July.

    As others have said, there is a lot more than just a percentage off figure.

    Power retailers are bastards!!

  • 28% off is not really a discount if the base rate is 40% higher to start with

    Any Ozbargainer worth their salt would need to be doing very detailed calculations before choosing an power or gas plan, you need to compare daily supply charges, per kwh charges etc etc for your specific distribution area

  • Amaysim offered me a $250 discount as an existing mobile customer ($125 upfront and $125 after 12 months). After applying the 35% pay on time discounts the peak is 28.38c per kwh, with a supply fee of $1.05 per day. Off peak 18.80c and 10.72c supply fee all after 35% discount with GST included. This for NSW. The supply fee is about 50 cents cheaper per day than what I currently pay but cents per KWH around the same but a couple of cents higher for off peak.

    • Rather than just NSW you should state which distribution network you're referring to since there are 3 in NSW, Endeavour Energy, Essential Energy and Ausgrid.

      edit: I've just had a look. I'm in the Endeavour Network. Amaysim exGST peak is 37.7c and controlled load 1 23.6c. After the 35% off thats peak 24.51c and controlled load 1 of 15.34c exGST. Origin Energy is peak 27.09c and controlled load 10.45c and after 28% discount is 19.50c and 7.52c exGST. That means after discount Amaysim peak is 25.6% more expensive and for off peak 104% more expensive for usage charges. Though that Amaysim includes 35% off supply charges too, but doesn't have solar tariff. So Amaysim might be suited for someone with a energy profile of low usage. And the $250 discount is the sweetener. I wish Origin offered something like that too!

      • Distribution network for me is Essential Energy. They have a 17 cent FIT on their solar plan but only 25% discount.

        • I am with Ausgrid.
          Amaysim is more expensive. Their shoulder and off peak is a lot higher than Origin.

    • Origin's rate is 21.455 cents gst inc. on all usage and 8.28 cents for controlled load 1 after 28% discount.

  • If anyone gets an Energy Price Fact Sheet please make it available somewhere. If I can get this I'll add it to the Australian Electricity Prices spreadsheet so that you can actually compare it. Sheet here:

  • I live in QLD and my only other option is Ergon. Should i switch?