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2x Google Home Mini for $74 @ Harvey Norman


My first time posting. Saw it in the Harvey Norman catalogue..

2 for $74 Google Home Mini

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman

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    Any chance u can upload the whole catalogue

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        Has $48 for google mini

        • could not find the 2 for $74 offer but got the $48 for 1

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          @Peccadilloes: Must be only selected stores the 2 for $74

    • I was eyeing on the Fitbit Charge 2, HeartRate + Fitness, looks like $67 each!

      Someone said there would be a One in front of the price cutoff, but currently listed price is $134 in HN catalogue.

      If so, there is a better deal than the GHM, after all, by this trend, Google may pay you to install one next year.

      • Yeah, me too!
        Can tntman please post a picture of that?

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    Damn that is a good deal! I know you need to buy two but for 37 bucks each you can’t complain with that!

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      Have one wrapped unopened for $54. Deal is $20 for an extra one basically for those that have done the same.

      • I wonder if you could return it unopened and then buy two at the special price. I imagine many will be doing this.

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      For different rooms - I think having more than one is going to be a thing.

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        Yeah. I bought one for $43 the other day. It seems they have made it so you need multiple in a home!

        • do you really need them?? tell me what you like about them…

      • You can assign different speakers or tvs to individual google mini for default playing. So helps if you use chromecasts in bedrooms

      • Even better is multi-room audio.
        "Play {song} using all speakers"

      • I have less than one.

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        What do you do with these?

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    Officeworks will be sold out very quickly ;)

    • -2

      They won't price much bundle deals, such as '2 for'…

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        Funny this came up i was working today (at OW) just noticed a few boxes of 2x Google Home Mini bundles with a big red sticker stating Strictly not to be sold before 1 Jan 2018, You never know might be able to price match them after all. :)

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    Lol @ the Fitbit Ionic. “Save over $30”, but was $56 cheaper than that price last week.

    Great price on these OP, thanks for sharing.

    • +1

      Well, TGG had it for $272 after eBay coupon off a week ago. Harvey is hardly normals.

  • $67 for a fitbit charge 2?

    • Nah, there’ll be a 1 in front of that for sure.

      • +1

        Currently going for $134 - expensive bottle!

        • +1

          If you’re right, I’ll be buying one!

        • @aja12:
          It's $167 each…. not a bargain.
          Hardly Normals beg to differ on the definition of a bargain.

          However, it comes with A FREE BOTTLE !!!!!

    • -2

      Charge 2 not Charge HR 2

      • Is there a Charge HR 2?

        • with Heart Rate monitor

        • @asa79:

          There is only new model Charge 2 which includes heart rate monitor. Check the specs

        • +1

          @Riker88: Did anyone get it for that price?

    • Maybe it's 2 for $167? Currently $134 on HN's current catalogue, so if it's 1 for $167 would be crap. 1 for $67 would be bonkers.
      Plus there are 2 in the image.

  • +4

    JB Hifi will price-match right? I've got a stack of 85% cards here, hoping to be able to pay $31.45 a mini.

    • +2

      Oops getting late here … I read that you had equivalent of $31 Mil of JB HiFi cards. Now that would be some dedication to OzB. Could probably buy JB for that too!

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    Why not just sell $40 each instead. They will make more money and it'll still be a lot cheaper than other sellers.

  • Anyone in western sydney want to share?please message me..

    • Let's do it

      • +14

        Get a room! 😀

        • Giggity.. oooohhhh yeeaaah!

        • +1

          Happily married

  • This is great. Will buy one for me and one for the parents.

  • +3

    Hmm do I need 2 more

    • are these useful if you dont need it for automation (i use xiaomi's homekit instead) or music?

      what else is it useful for?

      • +1

        I use it for:

        • Timer
        • questions
        • news
        • alarms
        • light control
        • controlling/turning off my tv (via chromecast)
        • weather

        All of that can be done on a phone, but I'm usually lazy, in bed or cooking.

        • Was going to give you crap but then again asking questions while cooking would actually be helpful.

          Be good if it could read you out a recipe!

        • +1
        • +1

          @serpserpserp: hahaha I get that, most of my questions are around when the next bus is/how long it will it take me to drive to a location when I'm getting ready

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    Did anyone get one of these with their pixel 2?

    • +1

      Yeah I got one with phone Telstra sent.

    • +1

      Yes, plus some Aiaiai pipe earphones.

  • Anyone in Melbourne north near Broadmeadows want to share?please message me.

    • Hey I live in Roxburgh Park, happy to split it.

      • Sorry mate, i already split with someone.

  • +17

    Crazy. In 6 months time Google will be paying you to take one of these home!

    In all seriousness, I bet google doesn't make much money on these home minis but they know it'll hook ppl into the google ecosystem

    • +8

      They want to know how many people who buy 3 ply toilet paper also order curry at least once a week, the sick bastards!

    • +2

      Amazon echo will be out in 6 months, Google is getting in early. Like Microsoft did with the Xbox sell it cheap so everyone has one.

    • +4

      You’re correct. I have an iPhone and Siri is useless compared to google assistant within google home. Actually making me consider changing to a google pixel just for integration purposes.

    • +2

      If you aint the customer, you are the product.

      • +1

        Welcome to the internet

  • +6

    All the poeple that have bought them for christmas presents… hahahahahhahaha

    • +5

      Yep,i got 6 of them 😭

      • +2

        damn man.. you spend too much. I would probalby spend that much if I got that much back in return.

      • +1

        That’s like the cheap equivalent of receiving lynx gift packs from everyone in your family 😂

  • +2

    anyone want to split with me? keen to get one but not two.

    • SE Vic?

      • No I'm based in Sydney CBD.

        • Oops; a bit of a hike that. I am sure you will find a taker at that price though.

          Merry Christmas!

        • I'll split with you

        • @pifts:

          Awesome…are you based in Sydney CBD? I'm in Erskineville

        • @johnthepg:
          I am based in Sydney CBD and interested. PM if anyone wants to split.

        • @johnthepg: Im in cbd as well. PM me if still up for sell.

        • @Shmzhu:

          Hi mate, still interested, couldn't PM you.

  • What's good about the mini?

  • +7

    first time posting

    Hmmm who posted this


    • +11

      That was tntboy

      • +3

        Good one!!

  • In inner east of melbourne if everybody wants to share. Feel free to chuck me a message.

  • +3

    I was in the Auburn HN store.. they had plenty!! Well stocked up..

    They also had a sale of 30% of all lens in stock… there are some good deals on Fujifilm 35mm F2 and 50mm F2 WR lens.. :)

    Just a heads up

  • +1

    Brisbane southside if anyone wants to split.
    Arrange to meet at HN McGregor?
    Message me :)

  • I am still wondering apart from controlling a chromecast, and playing music etc, and asking it random things, is there anything that's more super useless or must have for this?

    • +2

      Must have if you have supporting home automation devices.

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